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Episode Twelve: Doom and Gloom

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wednesday 04/12/06

    Scene One: I had heard that PAS was going to run the Doom gaunglet and I decided to see if I could tag along. I arrived at their meeting spot and was added to Ciara's party. Apparently, they are getting used to dragging me around with them. We gated to the lower level of Doom. Ciara rang the bell and we crossed to the gauntlet area. There were some others there fighting a Dark Father, but very quickly we were all off to the first of the bosses. I only died once, during our first run around the gauntlet. I was knocked off of DragonSnack several times and he would just wander off to a corner and ignore the fighting (and me). When we fought the Dark Fathers, I was killed again and DragonSnack investigated the walls. On our second pass around the bosses, I died once and so did DragonSnack. I was knocked off of DragonSnack five more times. Several times I would get back on and reattack just to be knocked off again! Maybe I should put some glue on my butt? I managed to survive facing the Dark Fathers this time. Round three destroyed my confidence. The Dark Father killed me and a lich lord dropped DragonSnack. I was rezzed and ended up standing in a corner with a steady stream of people in need of a rez. I rezzed numerous people and eventually rejoined the battle. I was dropped again. After getting rezzed I had a hard time finding my possesions and was slain while digging through a pile of corpses. I was rezzed again, found my belongings and retrieved DragonSnack's ghost. While I was fighting a Dark Father someone rezzed DS and I remounted. I took some massive damaged and retreated to heal. Healing next to a pair of rotting corpses is ill advised. I ran around until another wandering soul rezzed me and I went looking for DragonSnack. I eventually found his ghost at the other end of the gauntlet. I led him back and helped finish off another Dark Father. I was tired, so I recalled home and took a nap. I died a lot and have nothing to show for it, other than experience. I'm certain I'll do this again in a week or two. I did not run Doom in the hopes of getting neet lewt, anyway. I ran it to assist a group that welcomes me among them. I just hope they see me as being helpful and are not just enduring my presence. The Maddwg is quite bummed though. Verily, I sucketh.

    Scene Two: I took a nap and awoke to a grimacing ghost of DragonSnack. I took him to Haven and got him rezzed. He was less angry after a few apples but eyed me warily. I decided to check out the dragons. We can always find something amusing in Destard! I recalled to Destard and was happy to see my buddy Brienna (H--K) sitting outside. Realizing I was despondent, she suggested we check out the Prism of Light, together. What a lady! She knows how I do enjoy watching her get killed. We banked any items not needed for the trip and grabbed the 10000 gold to get into the Prism caverns. We arrived and after a valiant effort by Brienna I was able to purchase a ticket to get in. We snuck in the door and made our way past the wisps to make our way deeper. We hit a door and were both killed very quickly, as did DragonSnack. We had to run a very long way to get out to the healer and DragonSanck's ghost was left far behind. After rezzing, I realized that my bandages were on my body and I have no healing power without them. We geared back up and ran in only to die to a pair of Crystal Lattice Seekers. Another rez and back in we go. We slowly worked our way inside usually each exchanging life for that of a Seeker. Alas, my time to adventure was ending. A ghost arrived and after getting rezzed asked for assitance in getting to his body. THAT I thought was funny! Brienna was willing but I was out of time. I parted and returned home. I believe she did try to help that poor soul. Despite the remarkable efforts of Brienna to die as often as I did, I was still in a funk. Maybe a few days off will revive my energy and help me get my humor back. I just hope to see DragonSnack's grimacing ghostly face when I return. I sucketh.


    APB: Maddwg's sense of humor. Last seen in Doom. If found please notify me.

    Thanks everyone at Doom. Brienna, you are a gem. Thanks lady!

    PPS Edit, 4/14/06 In a better mood last night. I edited this a little but I was in a funk Wednesday, so I basically left that in here. When I have a bad day, Maddwg is grumpy. What is so great are the people of Sonoma who are all ways willing to die or help me get killed for my amusement! Maddwg and I salute each of you. Episode Thirteen will be told at the YMCA tonight!
    I promise to keep it shorter than that tale from the Mabinogian I told a while ago.

    And another note/question. I created Maddwg as an old fashioned warrior. Well, that works and doesn't.
    Should I drop healing for that new fangled Chivalry? Or should I just leave him alone. I could have fun either way, but with Maddwg's attitude I think Chiv would fit. Input welcome.