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Episode Twenty-Four: Ho-hum

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, May 9, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Episode 24 is up. Ho-hum

    I'm in the middle of trying to get a server going after the controller back-plane died. So, it may be a few days before I get anything decent up. Hopefully this will amuse you a little.
  2. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

  3. Mad...why are you NOT writing for Stratics? Your *expletive* is funny as *expletive* and deserves high praise.....Jack's too....you guys together could be gut-busting hilarity in the extreme sense.
  4. Jack Tallow

    Jack Tallow Guest

    Together? have you lost yer damned mind? There is no way.... no WAY.... I would join such a slack-jawed do-gooder as him. The mere thought of it requires massive dosages of alcohol to kill the bile that arises. Plus, do you know how much my reputation would suffer in Buc's Den if word ever got out? I'd be laughed out of town.

    That being said.... I can only answer for myself... I was asked some time ago to be a stratics reporter. I politely declined. I have little, if any, interest in the goings-on of trammel and malas. Most of their festivals center around things such as "little fuzzy kittens and butterflies". My idea of a fun festival would be "punt the Kitten", points for distance and technique (bonus points awarded if the kitten is on fire at the time). Also, I write what little I DO write is for my own amusement mostly. I post links to them because if I don't I wind up with a mailbox full of "You're writing again?! Why didn't you post it?". I am glad some people enjoy my idiocy.

    So, to answer your question.... I am not a reporter because frankly, my dear, I just don't give a damn. I am much ahppier lurking at the edge of events making snide comments and taking things totally out of context. I edit, crop, add caption, and VIOLA!! an amusing anecdote is born. Maddwg prefers true stories... well, mostly true. Most of what he says about me would make Pinnochio cry. My STORIES are actual rp stories from the past (See Dahakon) but my comics are just my nightly forays. The events are real, but some of the screenshots are taken totally out of cojntext. Call it artistic license. Which brings up a damned good point....

    To answer the question honestly. (If you're looking for a punchline, it's not here, this is the honest reason). I like to write what I WANT to write. I like the challenge of making good screenshots and adding amusing storyline. I LIKE making RP stories. Let's face it, my situation as a thief really sucks. I know this. But that's why I write about being a thief. It's HARD to make it seem amusing (I get mad too). I just don't feel challenged about watchign soem event and reporting it as it happened. I like to create, not recreate. There'san old saying.... sometimes monkeys die.... well, it's not a very good saying.

    Yours truly (well. most of it was true)
    /Cap'n Jack Tallow

    Beware, for I wield "IdiotBane"! Vanq Shovel of *WHAM!* and *dig-dig-dig*ing!
  5. Clementine

    Clementine Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Trammel life is ho-hum!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At some point, I may consider applying with Startics. I actually have things planned that I need to accomplish first. I'm not sure I could write things as well as the current staff does. I think they are great! Sure, I can spin a tale when the feeling hits me but to do it and report on a specific event is a totally different thing. Also, I know very little HTML. I'm the technical geek. If you're pc bursts into flames, I'm the guy to see. If you want a pretty picture with birds chirping in the background, go upstairs to the art department. Heck, I tried to load UOJC and it toasted my UO.exe! Good think I'm a geek, easy to replace the exe file. Yesterday I replaced the scsi controller backplane in a server; easy stuff. Try to format a document, EEK!
    The Jack and I thing: ROFLMAO at Jack. But he is right. I think the reason we mesh is due to our differences. He's and old timer and I'm not. He considers himself a 'bad guy' while I'm a 'good guy', reality probably puts us both in the neutral zone. We both have a very twisted sense of humor and similarity pretty much ends there. If someone died beside us, his first instinct would be to loot them while mine would be to rez them. Depending on who that person is he may give the stuff back and I might kill them again. All of our 'meetings' have been totally random other than our Challenge and will probably continue to be so. We may schedule 'events' now and then, but otherewise Jack and Maddwg have very different agendas.
    We both love making fun of people (especially ourselves), the Maddwg term is mockerage. If you dish it out you better be willing to take it. All of those things that Maddwg calls himself are things people actually called him (Trammie~goody-goody~care-bear~PAS loving~newb). I just adopted those terms. That's reverse-mockerage, LOL.

    Viva la Kooks!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Trammel life is ho-hum!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    It just depends on who you hang with. Everywhere I go I have fun, usually. It may not be what I expect but it will be fun. Who would have thought getting killed 10 times in 30 minutes would be fun? It was! Especially when Jack and I were on the steps to a house begging the people inside to come out and kill us and they wouldn't. I have never laughed so hard in this game. If you go to Tram/Malas/Ilsh/Tok just turn off the serious. Of course, it really helps if you have a horse that is as insane as you are!
    If you're goal is to pwn everyone and everything you encounter, own all the uber stuff and win the game; then I'm the wrong guy to talk to. LOL I talked about the 'taunter' in my story. The taunter grew bored waiting on me. Umm, that's the problem, you make your fun. If the only way you can have fun is dependent upon me, then you are screwed. I'll go where I want when I want. If you want to go too, EXCELLANT. If not, go on and have fun.

    I just thought my story was ho-hum. LOL

    Chaos is my friend.
  8. Jack Tallow

    Jack Tallow Guest

    Aye, MAd's right, ya make yer own fun. If it's in fel pvp'ing, then there you go. If it's dungeon hunting, then more than likely yer gonna be in trammel. My biggest problem is I get bored quickly.

    As far as Mad and my situation.... every hero needs a villain (or anti-hero, if a proper villain isn't available). Every villain needs a hero. It jsut so happens that our paths cross frequently in-game. I can't afford a real hero as an arch-nemesis (he would probably get serious adn just squash poor jack), so, had to pick a fellow kook. It's more liike the "Dudley Dooright vs. Snidely Whiplash" kind of thing. Speaking of which, I need to make a char named Snidely Whiplash, just to hunt MAddwg down with and beat his lousy had into the ground for pk;'ing me at the gate...

    don't get a big head cause you amde the list, do-gooder! That was a fluke! A freak Accident!! I wasn't wearing my trammel proof underwear! DAMN YO MADDWG I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE~!