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(Player News) Establishment Review: .... Insert Your Own ....

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by El of LA, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. El of LA

    El of LA Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Mar 23, 2005
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    Hello Lake Austin!

    I promised Tamais I would start a series of articles on "The Establishments of Lake Austin." Some of you may remember I used to do this on a regular basis, but if you don't, here is the way it was done!

    On a monthly basis I would highlight the "Establishment of the Month" and if a new Establishment: Bar, Vendor House, Event House, Auction House, or other creative outlet (sometimes MAZES!) were created, I would report on them on a timely basis as well. So, I'm back up to my old tricks, and, thank you Tamais for suggesting I do this on the shard forum!

    Remember, I'm also doing articles in books every Sunday with news items and plugs for player establishments and other things in the game within the "LA Informer" newspaper. Pick up your own copy at Luna Bank or West Britain bank every Sunday, or get a copy from the vendor at the establishment I'm outlining below! There is also a mailbox there that you can leave your information in, and a copy of the newspaper locked down on the front steps!

    Here is a sample of an establishment review, and for lack of a better option, I will use my own establishment for the example!

    Veritas Inn & Bar

    On the plains East of the Luna Wall Gates lies a house nestled just North of the crystal glade that lies in wait for the unwary traveler to be waylaid by a Crystal Elemental. As the second house East and just South of the Gate, "Veritas Inn & Bar" is a safe haven for adventurers, miners taking advantage of the rich ores that lie in the mountains just to the North, and anyone with a parched throat looking for some good ale! The Inn quietly announces itself from above by the Guild Letters of its management, The Order of Truth Guild, O*T!

    Veritas Inn & Bar Map Of Location 3-2018.png

    The Inn is open to anyone on all levels. The first floor is a bar, with a convenient pet parking area, and many activities and games for players to engage with. There is music in a well-stocked Music Box donated by Wild Bill to the old LA Player Center on the first floor, and a stocked Harpsichord with music donated by Basara on the second floor within a large Banquet Hall ready for any group to have a dinner meeting or party in.

    First Floor, Veritas Inn & Bar:
    Veritas Inn & Bar 1st floor 3-2018.png

    While at the Inn you can throw knives at the Mongbat Statue, have an archery contest with the Archery Butte, play darts with the dartboard, or sit at the bar playing Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, or Mahjong, If you are a new player and need to use any crafting tools, there are tools on the front lawn, third, and fourth floor for all the crafts! Public Dye tubs are available on the front steps, along with copies of the reincarnated shard newspaper, "The LA Informer!"

    Get Your Newspaper Here! Veritas Inn & Bar:
    Veritas Inn & Bar Get Newspaper Here 3-2018.png

    Second Floor, Veritas Inn & Bar:
    Veritas Inn & Bar 2nd floor 3-2018.png

    The third floor boasts of a quiet meeting room for guild meetings or event planning and holds a few helpful books and rune atlases for travelers to make use of. There is a warm area with tailoring crafting tools, and a soulforge for player's use.

    Third Floor, Veritas Inn & Bar:
    Veritas Inn & Bar 3rd floor 3-2018.png

    The fourth floor features a pet contest area with seating that allows Lake Austin's citizens to boast about and prove the worthiness of their small hobby pets like Battle Chickens and others. No taming skill is required for Battle Chickens, so it is a game for all players to enjoy and participate in. The Inn, run by the Order of Truth Guild, O*T, ran Battle Chicken events at their village in Zento, Europa Shard, over several years and it was a popular sport on the shard!

    Fourth Floor, Veritas Inn & Bar:
    Veritas Inn & Bar 4th floor 3-2018.png

    The Order of Truth Guild invites all players to come visit and stay a while. They hope that the establishment will offer a nice gathering place for people to come to, socialize in, and enjoy games at! See you there!

    -- El of LA
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