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Eulogy for Clainin, Royal Thaumaturgist of Britannia

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Lore Denin (GL), Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    In war there are victories and losses. No one leaves a battle without a scar. Maybe its a physical mark, a wound but more often its something deeper, a scar on the soul. It could be the sadness of losing a friend, the horror of knowing what you are capable of doing to another or the loss of innocence after witnessing such a gruesome event. For each person its different, how we experience things, how we react and how we bear the burden.

    A soldier becomes numb to many of the horrors overtime. The sticky red mud caked on their boots from blood soaked ground, the frozen faces staring past you in death, the putrid smell of corpses that once racked their bodies with uncontrollable nausea all become barely passing annoyances.

    Yet as numb to the horrors of war as we become, we are never safe from the scars of the soul. The deep wounds that never truly heal.

    The Death of Clainin reminds me of this all to well. So pained am I by his loss that my hand barely has the strength to move across the page to continue this letter..….

    Clainin was true soldier of Britannia. I remember meeting him when he was the brilliant, young apprentice of Nystul. Rumors surrounded the young mage even then of his gifted magical abilities, exceeded only by his compassionate heart. When the first Court Mage left the land, it was Clainin who ascended to the position of Royal Mage. Many were skeptical that he could not handle the vast responsibilities at such a young age but he proved more then capable and carried the burden with the maturity that far exceeded his years. Clainin has saved the kingdom from disaster on countless occasions. We will always be in debt to his service and many of us owe him our very lies. Never will you be forgotten, Clainin, Royal Thaumaturgist, Court Mage and Britannia’s fearless Protector.

    If soldiers carry scars then maybe so do Kingdoms. Britannia will forever feel the loss of Clainin and those of us responsible for his safety will carry the burden of failure to our graves but it is the example that Clainin leaves behind that gives us hope for Britannia's future.

    Who will be the next brilliant young mage to ascend to greatness? Who among us, will match the rare combination of power and virtue Clainin displayed in his selfless service to Britannia? That is the challenge that lies before Britannia today. A challenge I have no doubt Britannia will meet and bring to bear against the treacherous shadowlords.

    In war there are victories and losses. We will bear this loss, greatly saddened but undeterred in our mission to end this vile threat. The loss of Clainin has not broken us, but strengthened our resolve as a people that will lead us to ultimate victory over Evil.

    Lore Denin, Commader of the Order Guard and True Britannian