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[Selling] [Europa] account. 10mill gold and at least 100mill worth of stuff! Cheap 35$

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Rag, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Rag

    Rag Guest

    I quit UO a few days ago. I just want to get rid of this account.
    35 dollars for all this, yes its very cheap.

    I am not a rares collector, but for a solo PvMer i got lots of stuff i think.
    I am not gonna post all the stuff i got, just notable items/charskills.

    10million gold and 1-2 mill spread out accross all the chars

    120 swords
    120 parry
    120 bushido
    120 tactics
    120 anatomy

    - crimson cincture
    - mace glasses
    - jackals collar

    - stormgrip
    - RBC
    - shield FC1 12/14 with 9 damage relfect (you can switch parry for healing and use this shield)
    - leggings of bane
    - nice resist sleeves
    - nice rings with fire resist
    - ornate SSI25 DI 40 HML 57% (payed 4,5 mill for it at Alcestis shop)
    - ornate SSI 15 DI 40 HML 39 and HLL 42 (payed 750k at the same shop, but i prefer this one)

    Max resists except for energy (62 energy).

    A crafter with 120 smithing and 118 tailoring (easy to get to 120 with the satyrtrick), and enough resources to GM tinkering and carp.

    tamer with 120 music and peace scrolls. 80 real taming (with jewels 110, i also have the +taming talisman).

    Other items on this account (NO CURSED ARTIS):
    - about 8-10 hooded robe of shadows
    - about 8-10 umbra robes
    - Ornament of the magician
    - charger of the fallen statue
    - Armor of Fortune
    - hat of the magi

    - Spirit of the totem
    - Ring of the vile
    - midnight bracers
    - green soulstone
    - tokuno dye - BLACK (40 charges left)
    - shadow dancers leggings
    - staff of pyros
    - bronze robe and cloak, copper bronze robe and cloak (vet rewards)
    - japan promotion - tokuno dyes
    - snake skin boots blessed
    - hunters headress
    - Lucky necklace
    - the taming talisman (+5 taming and +10 animal lore)
    - jester hat of chuckles (+150 luck headpiece)
    - sword of prosperity
    - double blessed orc mask, black sandals and sash.
    - 16x18 plot
    - lot of of runic leather pieces (about 10-12) that i bought for 2-4 million at the Luna Shops (mostly overpriced i think), there was even 1 piece i payed 13mill for... (sleeves: 17/23/19/17/7 and LRC10, it was way overpriced i think hehe).
    - loads of crap (marties, heritage tokens, decos, t-maps, resources etc).

    The account is 14 months old.

    Even an idiot can sell all this ingame for a low price and still fetch like 100mill (thats 110 mill with the 10 mill alrdy on this account!). All i ask for is 35 dollars .

    My icq# 433607076
    I only accept paypal, and the buyer pays first b4 getting my account. Am willing to use the Account Access Transfer program, but the costs for this are yours to pay.

    edit: added some items
  2. Rag

    Rag Guest