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Europa Market Anagram

Discussion in 'UO Europa Events' started by Europa Market, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Europa Market Anagram

    Europa Markets First Event 24th September 2010

    Sponsored By - Bag Ends Luna & Umbra Fort Trading

    Location - Start off at Europa Market & Ends at Europa Market

    Time 8pm - 10pm GMT


    First Prize 5 mil gold
    Second Prize 3 mil gold
    Third Prize 1.5 mil gold

    Whats Required - this event is a none fighting event BUT you will need to go places where Nasty Spawn may get you so is advisable to bring a hunter rather than a crafter, a mage, swords, archer anything that can hide or kill we would recommend

    You will have 9 places to visit so please bring a char that is able to get from A to B

    Packs with what is needed to complete this event will be provided along with the clues to find what you need.

    At each of the 9 Places will be a Member of the Event Team with a Letter,

    Collect all 9 letters then un muddle them to make the correct word.

    First three people to complete the Anagram and get back to the Market plot and hand over their un muddled word will win the prizes,

    What we Ask - As this is our event all we ask is you have respect for the Event Holders and Event Team, any crude or hard felt words will not be tolerated and will end up with yourself being excluded from the event.

    Look forward to seeing you at our event and hope you have as much fun as we have.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.