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Europa Trader -Trading behind the scene

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by UOFree, May 9, 2010.

  1. UOFree

    UOFree Guest

    Since there is many ways of trading and running a shop I think it might be good for some players to get some tips and tricks on maybe making a lot of gold and get a lot of supply.

    This is Part 1 of 3 that will give you some ideas on trading.

    First you have to decide wich kind of trader you want to be, if you don't have the gold to start x-shard trading then you should not start with that right away.

    * supplier / random item sellers *

    Selling items to other traders or selling random items you get from monsters, champs or events is a great way of starting out and slowly build up an bankroll to work on your goal. if you know that there is a demand on certain items you should try and get those items because they will always sell fast and you will be able to get some steady buyers of some of your items aswell. You can easily balance your profits if your looking for fast sales by offering the items that are in demand for a bit higher price than normal and drop the price a bit on items you might not sell so well.

    Also if you see many people selling the same items at bank or on vendors you might think about not getting those items but there is always exceptions to this like resources and PoFs and so on. Items that is always needed will keep selling so thats also a good place to start out on your project.

    if you look at the worth of frostwood boards you might consider selling the boards if you have a lot, but if you donate them to Vesper Museum or Brit Library you can get more gold for some of the items. (Talismans are always good sellers) + you have a chance of getting owned by no one talismans.

    Try and get a vendor inside the luna walls it doesnt matter what your selling its still the best place to sell items.

    if you have a few friends playing with you, you can all go hunting and split the money from the sale of items. But you need to be able to trust the players since some might say they didnt get anything from a boss because they want to keep item for themself. same as you need to trust the person selling the item that he will split with the rest.

    Also try and get a big network so you have a lot of people to contact if you need items or if other players needs items. this way if someone needs an item you can ask around and get a price from the seller then tell the buyer that you can get the item and add a bit for yourself.


    * Buying and reselling *

    If you have some gold to buy up items to sell for a bit of profit you need to focus on items that are in demand and that will sell fast. Else you get stuck with the items for some time and you might end up not making any profit if you had the items for a few days because aslong as you dont sell and item you dont get money to spend on other items. So you might lose out on trades because you dont have the gold, and you might end up selling the items you bought for the same as you paid just to get rid of it.

    NEVER buy items for yourself, if you want to get some profit then you shouldnt spend gold on yourself no matter what. You can do that later when you have enough money to spend

    Don't just buy an item because it seems cheap, some items doesnt sell well either because everyone has the item or because there is no use for it.

    There are items you can always sell like SoTs the ones for certain skills like Taming, archery, Stealing, stealth, disco, tactics and so on. There are always impatient players who will buy those.
    White Pearls are also good for reselling because there will be high demand for some of them since there arent many selling them and they are needed for a few things.

    * X-Shard Trading *

    This is the most rewarding but also the hardest part of trading, you will need to do a lot of reseach of each shard so you know where to go for the items you want.
    The asian shards are always good for most items but at the first look around luna you might think that its either expensive or doesnt seem like that have a lot, just remember they place a plot in the middel of nowhere and open a shop there to sell items. So Luna is not used like it is on some of the other shards. You will have to run around try finding shops or get runes of the floor in Luna or New Haven.
    For those who has played some years, these shards will remind you about the old days, shops at Brit, yew, Trinsic, moonglow moongates and around the towns aswell.
    On some shards you can even find some of the good shops in the middel of the Swamps, this is also because many players on those shards doesnt like xsharders. So be carefull stepping into gates people make, you can always ask for rune and put it in runebook to see where it goes.

    Asuka - Shop near Serpents Hold Bank, has a lot of different items at good prices - Has a great shop with 12 different PS and SoT vendors (also good shard for BODs)

    Wakoku - Has a few shops around the land have to go around looking for them but its where you will find the best bargains.

    Sakura - One of the most visited asian shards because of its many shops and the wide spread of items. Great shard for SoTs and PS

    Hokuto - Good shard for Replicas, boss drops and arties. But since most of their traders are buying up items themselfs to move on to US shards you will need to keep checking vendors a lot.

    For all shards goes that cheap Heritage and Soulstone fragment Tokens can be gotten at 150-300K and 350-600K

    What I always recommend is that you have 200-300m before you go xsharding, you will find that you have to spend 30-40m on tokens. then you will need to make that in profit so you should go for items you can atleast double your money on. So best items are SoTs, PoFs, BODs for PoF, CBDs, White Pearls, Talismans. A few Boss drops. just remember that an item that cost 45m and sells for 55m will give you 10m profit but you spend 45m to maybe get 10m. while SoT might cost 200-500K for an 1.0 and you can sell for 1m and then if you spend 45m on those you would get more than just the 10m profit.

    You might also want to consider where you want to sell your items because some shards have higher prices on some items like PoF some shards you can get 300K per PoF or 1,5m for CBDs.


    * Prices *

    Most people will say that its the buyers who decides the prices, well its not.
    If you really want to know a lot about pricing you need to know a lot about it on all shards. If you just want to focus on your own shard then you will find out that you might miss out on a lot of gold since some of the traders from other shards comes to your shard to buy up your items that you might think are at "normal" price but they might see it as cheap.

    Any items that are in demand and that is not being sold on any vendors you can set the price on, might be a bit more than what a person at a bank will pay for it but it will sell because its in demand and people will pay the extra money for it. Same as with the new items that comes out with some publish. champ drops are priced high but an trader knows that it will drop after some time because more and more of the items comes on the market. So the first sales will be at a high price because of the demand.

    Finding out what Market Value of an item is, takes some time but if you put in the time and effort to learning all that is needed you will be able to know if a price is to high to sell your items at. You will need to look around your own shard, what people pay normally for the item. what vendors has them at and if the vendors sell them at that price. Aswell as you need to know that for all shards so you know the accurate market value and not just on your shard.
    there are also sites where you can search what items are for sale in luna and other places. If you just want to see what is for sale there just type in "weight" then you will get a list of all items that has a weight (wich is all except a few old vendor deeds)
    (PM for the URL for the best site for this)

    if there is no other sellers of certain items that people might want, try and focus on those items and find a price you can live with. The items will sell if players want them and they cant get them elsewhere even if some people think its priced to high.
    Your the seller and your the one doing the work, so if they dont want to pay what you want someone else might. This doesnt mean you can ask 50m for a Char. Transfer Token if nobody else is selling it, but since market value is 20m and if nobody else is selling them you might be able to ask 22-23m but if your happy with a fast sale at 20m then you will make buyers happy and they might come back for more.


    2nd Part of this will be posted next week here in this post. if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them here or PM and i will try and get back to you asap.
  2. UOFree

    UOFree Guest

    This is Part 2 of 3 that will give you some ideas on trading.

    * Look into the future *

    One of the great things about Trading is that you can predict wich items will be worth more and less just by keeping yourself up-to-date on publish and rumours.

    Keep checking forums and everytime there is a publish read about it and try on test center to see what new items or old items might be in high demand after its added to the game.
    Also listen to rumours that is going around about changes that might come or events in the future that might give rewards.

    its pretty easy to predict what items will be worth less and less in time since at the begining new items will be worth a lot because they are wanted then it will slightly drop the more that are for sale.
    If items can break they are needed each 3 months or so. PvP items might be 1 month. but aslong as they can be PoFed and repaired they arent something that will keep being in demand.

    In the end its all about how much time you want to spend on this, since it can change a lot so each time you take a chance.

    You can also just look at what items sell really well and is always in demand they will keep being in demand, so you can buy up as much as those items you can and sell them after some time for more.


    * Investing in Rares / Event Items *

    This is one of the ways you can make some profit long term, if your fast at buying new event items you can sell them for a lot more later on.
    You can find out easy wich items will be wanted since there are some that are more in demand than others.
    The fewer there was given out the more worth the items are, if its wearable and doesnt have a shard tag then you can get a lot for those items.
    Weapons and armor with mods are always something thats worth getting.

    Sashes are not some of the great items that are the huge sellers because there is so many different sashes out there. Shoes, hats and so on are better sellers.

    If you just like collecting rares that you want to sell later, stay away from the ones that has been duped. There are sadly still duping going on but more moderated than it was years ago. So you should keep your focus on newer event items if your looking for something to make a lot of money on. Since the rares are not really changing prices.

    Also some event items are worth a lot on Asian shards since they don't get that many items so they go to other shards and try and get them. You can sometimes get 2-3x as much as you would get anywhere else.

    * Reputation *

    You can build up your own reputation by doing different things depending on what you want your reputation to be.

    There are always good and bad sides to whatever you pick, many people might tell you that a Scammers/exploiters is a bad trader but those are the ones that are likely to sell their items really cheap. While you cant really trust them in any high-end or bulk deals without using a broker.

    Greed is also not a great reputation to have but most greedy traders might have a lot more items in storage than other traders, So they will also get a lot of sales on different items because nobody else might have them and if people want the items they will pay the prices.
    But greedy traders are not liked by common players who works hard for their gold to get the items they want.
    but they dont tend to pay much for items and sell for high price so thats also why some people dont like the greedy traders.

    Being a kind trader and give away items or money might seem stupid but its one of the great way to get a network of contacts and buyers. And if you make a lot of money or the items your giving away was free then you will find out that maybe if they need something later on and have gotten a lot of gold they will buy from you or sell you some items cheap.

    Trust and reputation is not the same, so even if you have a great reputation might not mean everyone trusts you, just remember trust is earned. Work for it if you want it, when you lose trust its very hard to get back.
    But your reputation if its great it will be one of the first names people referer others to when they are searching for items.


    * Tips on how to make gold with little work *

    There are different ways on making some gold without having to spend a lot of time on it.

    If you like to do IDOCs (House Decays) then you can find them and try and get times for when they will fall wich is 6h55min after its changed from Greatly to IDOC - can be up to 7h15min but also more if there are some shard issues. But if you get times you might know some people on your list that you can make a deal with saying they get times and location and you get some of their loot. - So even if your not online you might end up getting some items.


    Have others do the work for you, if you know a group of people who likes to hunt a lot you can tell them you will sell their items for them if they like at a small fee wich you can take from the sales.
    This also works in other ways, I remember just after Christmas at Rares Festival on Great Lakes that someone from Europa wanted to sell all his Winter Stag Items, so he handed me the items instead of I bought them from him I took them with me to Rares Festival sold them for him and when I returned he ways 250m or more richer. while I took my fee and made a bit more since some people ordered the items who paid more than it was later sold for.
    But if you know you can sell the items for people and they will get more if you sell it for them they might want you to sell their items instead of wasting their time selling it themself. But this also depends on your reputation or if its your friends.


    Have runes for all shops big or small is also great if someone needs items but cant find them you can check the vendors and see if anyone has in stock and charge a bit more than they want on their vendors.


    Join factions, kill monsters that gives you silver coins. Sell them for a good price.


    Buy regs, scrolls, resources from NPCs in every town in fel because its cheaper then resell it. also can fill up your vendors fast with stock.


    scroll binding, collect all PS people drop mostly 105 or 110s if you collect all of them you might get a lot of 120s in a short time.


    3rd Part of this will be posted in 2 weeks here in this post. if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them here or PM and i will try and get back to you asap.