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[EVE-vents]: Skittering Skirmish ### EVENT REPORT & BEST NAMED HOPPER POLL ###

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Eleanora [EVE], Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Well having experimented a little there is no longer any need to join a guild for this event. Hope you all have your hopper's ready to go this Sunday, if not don't despair, you still have time and will even have time up until an few mins before the matches!

    The way it will now work is when you register (your character and hopper name) you will friend your hopper to myself, and I will stable it in the blue and red waiting pits on the lower level. You will then proceed upstairs to the viewing area to watch the matches.

    As I pull a pair of hoppers (one from each bay) to the arena fighting area, you will be asked to transfer your hopper to me, which may be done from your upstairs seat. After the fight one hopper will remain and it will be transferred back to the owner, who will refriend me, until the next bout. (the other will unfortunately be a splatter on the ground, kinda like roadkill).

    This procedure will be the same until all bouts are completed and we have a winner.

    Each fight will be able to be bet on, bets for 5, 10 and 25k will be accepted per bout and an atm will be available on site for those wishing to have a flutter. If your hopper wins you will get your money back twice, so for a 25k bet you will be returned 50k. If you bet on the roadkill, then better luck next time!

    Don't forget it is on this Sunday at 1pm. No skill is required to participate, any character can tame a hopper so it should be a fun afternoon. Runes to the arena are on steps of the Emporium SW Luna City and the prizes are well worth the attempt. There will be gates on the day to the venue.


    1st - Oceania's Champion Skitter: Gold Champions Trophy, 2 mil gold, a Soulstone Fragment, a Heritage Token and another item to be decided.
    2nd - Runner Up: Silver Trophy, 1 mil gold and a Heritage Token.
    3rd - Third: Bronze Trophy, 500k gold and a Heritage Token.

    There will also be a prize for:

    Best NAMED Hopper: 500k gold and a Heritage Token

    Be creative in your hopper naming!

    Hope to see you all there!
  2. Ha ha seen a lot of dead skitters about town recently, seems they like to die a bit when training. I know one person who has gone through about 5 of em so far but gets distracted while doing it, then you hear 'oh nooooooooooooo' as another bug splatters on the ground.

    I suspect a lot wont be fully trained lol and it doesn't really matter as long as the one they get to fight first is similarly not trained lmao. It is all in fun and the arena and prizes are now set ready to go. The change to the 'guilding requirement' has made it a lot easier to run on that basis so it should work fairly well, as it has done on testing.

    The betting procedure on the hopper fights is now in place and people will be able to bet 5, 10, or 25k on each match, with a return of 10, 20 or 50k if their hopper wins.

    So even if you aren't entering a hopper then there is still some fun to be had as just a spectator.

    Please note the amendments to procedure above if you haven't already done so.
  3. just wonder r there lots of ppl r training their Skittering Skirmish?

    also wonder r we alow 2 sell r Skittering Skirmish 2 eachother
    cause i have 2 Skittering Skirmish, its quit well train
    n as in the old time uo
    most of our tamer like 2 sell their well train pet or specal colour pet
  4. LOL feel free to buy sell or trade your Skitters !

    I don't mind if people bring along a few and sell or give away any spares they have to others, the more the merrier.

    [EVE] will have a few untrained ones available on the day for people to pick from if they haven't had time to do their own or didn't know about the event until the day.

    I think the only limitation will be one entered the contest by character otherwise everyone may turn up with 5 and we shall be there all day lol. So pick your best and fight that one. If only a few turn up then multiple entries will be considered at the time. Just need to wait and see really as to the numbers attending and wishing to enter a skitter.

    Don't forget to think of some good names for em as there is a pretty decent prize just for the name if yours is selected to win 'best named'
  5. selling well train skittering skirmish
    as i may need go 4 work @ that time...
    as what i mean well train..?
    125 str, dex, int
    phy rs 10%
    GM wres, GM anot n 9x tac
    make any resonable offer plx
  6. Don't forget registration starts from 12 noon sydney time (11am bris) and fights start at 1pm sydney time (12 noon bris)

    Hope to see you all there!
  7. Well, that was a great event, many thanks to EVE. [​IMG]

    In the end, it was a Hopper named ACE, owned and trained by a player named SNOW that took the prize, so well done to ACE & it's connections!

    I presume ACE is still with us, tho the same cannot be said for the other dozen or so Hoppers that were trained and entered in this epic "fight to the death" gladiatorial battle. Some players seemed genuinely saddened at the permanent loss of their little insects (if that's what a Hopper is, lol) but it was a lot of fun for participants & spectators alike.
    Betting on the outcomes of each fight was good fun too, tho I tended to back the underdogs..err..underhoppers...and, as you'd expect, most of my picks have long since been dispatched to hopper-heaven, lol.

    Anyway, thanks again to Eleanora and Eve for this unique and fun event, great stuff!! [​IMG]
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh was wondering how it went, really had hoped to make it - I had 3 hoppers ready for me to choose from and all :p (not that any of them were trained up fully, I didn't have much luck with the mortality rate and training [​IMG])

    Well done ACE and SNOW [​IMG]

    Glad to hear it was fun! Hopefully if there's a repeat, I can make it to that one [​IMG]
  9. To view the full event report and to vote in the Poll for Best Named Hopper, please visit :


    Voting Closes 10 pm Tuesday 29th Jan 2008.

    Prize for winner : 500k & Heritage Token.

    Winners of 3 main prizes not included as we wished to let another contestant have a go at a prize [​IMG]

    Or follow the EVE link from SPELLWEAVE
  10. Ha ha looks like there has been a concerted effort by some to get their hoppers over the line.

    Don't forget posting in this poll ends at 10pm TONIGHT.

    Gee guys, not only did poor willy get totally massacred on the day and went to hopper heaven, even his owner hasn't voted for the poor thing. Surely out there somewhere is someone who can give willy some love?
  11. And the best named skipper as voted :

    U Know Who's - Sleepy (owner)


    Ha ha think sleepy has more friends to nudge and pipped out the competition.

    Well done!
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Congratulations Sleepy!

    (though I voted for Mangy - hoppers kinda looks mangy :p)
  13. thx so much 4 whos ever whos 4 me,
    also thx so much eve have put up this great events,
    n also thx 4 whos ever entry the event, without u, there won't be me...

    having friend in Uo r just great...
    but only 8 vote...
    can't wait 2 meet more friends...
    if any u guy interest 2 go peer or doom
    n don't mind a newbe like me(played 4yrs, n skill still like a newbie)
    do icq me
    icq 457-946-845

    just in case...
    anyone interested 2 buy the champ of event Ace...?