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Even More Dear Toon

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by ATIV7220, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. ATIV7220

    ATIV7220 Guest

    From soupandquackers on previous Dear Toon Thread:

    It wasn't you dadio dog, it was that other dog that was with us, you and rainwater cat were quite cooperative. No hard feelings..​

    No hard feelings. I feel a little silly now considering my rant, but Trish made a good point that it's good to be reminded that everyone doesn't know what we know - and feeling silly should be part of every toon's life. :gee:

    Oh, and now I know what "I haven't found it yet" means.

  2. rainwatercat

    rainwatercat Guest

    dear random in the da office tonight,

    thank you for being all the things i hate in a random rolled up into one toon.

    telling me how to play (using lots of "yes", "no", and "huh?"), using "good grief" at every possible occasion, shrugging when i didn't pick a gag you liked, clapping and bowing for yourself, and generally trying to act like you knew everything a thousand times better than i did.

    first off, someone who is a 97 and only has level 4 gags for 2 gag tracks (and 2 level 7 gags...both gray) has more things to worry about than telling a 126 how to play. second, do you really need to use "toons of the world unite" every couple minutes? in an office c that really adds up. then near the end you started in with "i only have a few minutes". why even get on the elevator for a c (which you were only able to do because of timer lag of the elevator)?? and then, after all that, and very near the end even, you bail.

    i am fully aware you are probably a kid, but still...

    sorry for the long rant, but this toon was unbelievable. i will NEVER get on any elevator with this toon again. because of him i ran out of level 6 gags well before the end and had to use a gag unite. :(
  3. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Dear Disney,

    I hate you for taking away XD. The friends lists on the toons I need to work the most are blank most days and evenings, having relied on XD for other multi-account contacts, who - like me - reserved SF space for their alt account toons.

    So thanks to you my pig will never get to max law - he's needed his first non-laff 14k for TWO MONTHS, and toesies has been running half-facs for no invasion because without friends she cant work her sound up in invasion factories, and ditto LOM and HIS sound.

    Shall we also look at Holoduck who is on 8900 for cash for two months, dumb dog in need of a DA for a month, and now kert who needs mucho merits and JNs? It's not about the ability but about the lack of friends to coordinate with. I have 12 toons. My various friends have 6-18 toons. We arent on them when we see eachother and it just stinks - THANKS TO YOU.
  4. Elga

    Elga Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yeah, maybe spend a little less time promoting Hannah Montana and work on DXD! Thanks Disney!
  5. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Who? rolleyes:
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to do any more NR random VP runs. I plead temporary insanity. lol

    Dear dog in my VP:
    Thanks for ditching us! At least you were kind enough to say "I need to go," before you left. Not even an apology...sheesh! At least the other toons (who were all, by the way, well over 100 laff with excellent gags) were thoughtful enough to stay and, oh yeah, win! A 7-man is no problem. And if you don't want a Flim-Flam SOS card, well, you can get rid of it after we're done! I understand that something in RL could've come up, but you could at least have said "Sorry!"

    And from the same VP:

    Dear pig:
    Wowza. I've never met another toon that talked as much as you did. You said, "We did it!" and ":)" and "Yes" and "Yay!" and "We can do this!" through...the...whole...VP...including...the...pie...round.
    That was an unbelievable display of someone managing to use SpeedChat through an entire VP, from standing on the elevator to dancing at the end, while still managing to play somewhat competently.
    I feel for your fingers; they must be pretty sore after that workout!
    Oh, and usually, dancing at the end of a VP, when there are no more cogs to fight, is a good indicator that we DID, in fact, "do it." But I appreciate you reiterating that fact.
  7. Dear tiny twin brown monkeys in the DA last night,

    I have no idea how you guys can have 126 and 122 laff and be so ignorant when it comes to fighting cogs or managing a DA!! I was even more shocked when I saw that one of you were maxed in law!! Obviously it wasnt your first time in the DA. I cant tell you how many times you both chose TU when one or two of us were down by like 3 laff points. You tuned when we were down by 6 laff pts while your friend pulled an ele on the 11s and 12s. We were out of fogs and you both pull eles on the 11s and 12s. I was about to finish a puzzle and you come busting in and trip it before I could hit the switch and then guess what? You pull and ele!!!! No level 7s for you!! As we were dancing, I noticed you both had died. Now how did that happen! That was the longest, most frustrating DA I have been in in a long time. I'm glad Sandi was with me so we could vent together! I was out of sound and almost out of big gags before the 4th floor because of your stupidity!! Then to top it off, there was no invasion and despite Sandi and I saying over and over "lets catch the next one" you two just run up there and engage the cogs!! I had to quickly call an invasion and was sure you were gonna kill them before I could get up there and you probably would have if Sandi hadnt been there!! I know I have played with one of you before and it was fine. If you were trying to get experience points to get all zeros, get a bldg and be stupid there. You guys were going out of your way to make it a long, hard DA. Is that how you get your kicks?
  8. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Dear light blue dog in the coin mint,

    Now, I have nothing against a Brrrgh toon who wants to use the Coin mint to get their LOM items from Robber Barons. I use it myself to get that gold tooth when the time comes. However, if you're going to do so, then GET A CLUE. When it's apparent that sound isn't powerful enough to do the job, don't whip out a freaking Aooogah on a set of lured 10's and 11's. When someone says 'Let's all go for the same cog.', they aren't just saying it to hear themselves talk! 'I need a toon-up.' No DUH! That tends to happen when you attack a level 11 with a cream pie by yourself. People aren't going to be keen on helping you if you're more of a liability than an asset in a mint.

    Mountainbeary and Bluebeary McBurp
  9. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    :yell:I would like to add that these guys acted as if they were five years old. They had no idea how to stratigize thier gags, and the puzzles you tripped had me ready to scream. I was so scared that they would kill the DA before we got there. Like Susan said, I begged them to wait for the next one, then just jumped in there with them with which would give Susan a chance to call an invasion. That was a nice call, Susan!!:bowdown:
  10. It is kinda funny now!! It was reminicent of the that long necked green monkey Elga and i ran into. I cant tell you how much I appreciated you jumping in there with them to give me time to call an invasion!! I'm very glad you were there with me Sandi!!! At least we will have another story to laff about in our next DA!! Hint Hint!!:thumbup1:
  11. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Dang Cat with Double Cat-sound Name! I hope you enjoyed your little prank at our expense. And I believe you even had your accomplice delaying the blue bear and me until you glitched past and defeated the clerk in the DA tonite. How small must be your souls that you cheat people in a game like this. I hope we reported you in time, and I will be sending an email to Disney in hopes of getting you banned. Hope you rot somewhere hot!!!
  12. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Dear Tubby Thunderdoodle and Chicago Duck,

    Thank you for an enjoyable DA this morning. I got my last level 12's, Tubby got the last of his 8900 notices, and we had a blast along the way. Win-win for all, and many thanks for taking us in! We encountered a couple snobs that morning who wouldn't go in with toons less than 115.

    Mountainbeary and Bluebeary McBurp
  13. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    "Dear Guest,

    Thank you for your report of bad conduct in Disney's Toontown Online. We
    strive to keep Toontown a safe and enjoyable place for kids of all ages,
    but occasionally a trouble-maker tries to spoil the fun for others. We
    will review your report and take any necessary actions to maintain the
    high quality standards of Toontown. "

    Such is the response you receive when reporting a toon for bad conduct on a Sunday night....
  14. Hey Marge, do you remember color or laff level? I'm wondering if that cat from the factory has promoted her evil self to the DA? The one people kept getting burned by in the factory was rust colored and over 100 laff.....maybe like 110. I will certainly want to look out for them!!!
  15. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Can't remember the color exactly, might have been rust, I was thinking orange, but definitely right around 110 laff. I remember the name for sure though, the accomplice was a light brown dog with a "small" girlsname and some last name generated by the name selector. They used chat between themselves. Why anyone would help a toon cheat like this, and waste all of the time and gags and not even get the notices is totally beyond me, but I've never understood how the villians in all the movies and comics get their henchmen either.
  16. Well, I certainly hope they do something about it. If it is the same toon she really has problems and needs to be dealt with. Hopefully she has been suspended at least and will think twice before doing it again. Not that she will grow some character by being suspended but will be worried about getting caught again. Isnt there a limit to the times you can be suspended, esp for the same behavior? A friend told me that if she was suspended one more time, TT told her they would cancel her account.
  17. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    I'm hoping that I'll get a real response from a person today, and that this was just an automated, we got your message, kinda thing. I would hope that if someone keeps getting suspended for the same thing over and over they would ban them altogether.
  18. Dear greedy dog in the CCG CFO run...

    There is absolutely NO NEED for you to take all the treasures, especially when there are other toons that are at 18 laff (me). Thanks for being so greedy and making me go sad while you were at full laff. FYI...had you been stomping goons, as you requested to do, there would not have been so many goons for me to stomp. And when I would stomp one, you were right there to pick up the treasure. Why do you think I was stomping them? Duh...cuz I was low on laff myself. I hope you got something really wonderful in that unite!

  19. kingsgal

    kingsgal Guest

    Allright dogs with the same name, the mints are not the place to train level 1 and 2 trap. And when lure misses, don't keep throwing them. You refused to tune me up after level 1 and 2 trapping all 4 level 10 and 11 cogs, and for some reason they came after me. I hope you get fleas.
  20. rainwatercat

    rainwatercat Guest

    dear duck toon in the mml playground in nr,

    i do understand the want of anchoring a toon in nutty river, but did you have to be so loud about it? there are better place to have your toon talk to itself (like at your estate or in a building). instead, i had to listen to you quack to yourself until all my business in the pg was taken care of (which took a bit).

    i'm going to be nice and not report you this time (because you were using a known tt no-no to stay anchored...and i don't mean jamming your keyboard).

    though considering how long you kept it up, i wouldn't be surprised if someone else has already reported you.
  21. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Dear Mr. Hollywood Whatever in the NR VP this morning, I'm really wondering what prompted you to stink a Cold Caller 2 as soon as he entered the VP. All he wanted to do was see if his pumpkin head would stay on, and you had to go and throw a "You Stink" at him to get our morning going. Thanks a million!

    PS - We're rubber and you're glue, it bounces off us and sticks to you!
  22. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    LOL! Very funny Marge!

    Dear dog in CEO last night. We weren't going to let you die. Just because you were down 10 laff doesn't give you the right to withold gags and whine for a toon up. If it wasn't for that 128 laff bunny taking pity on you, I would have sent you back to the playground with bells on. You were the most useless piece of work I've come across lately in TT. You did nothing but stand at the snack bar, even though you had over 70 laff, while the rest of us actually fought the CEO. Your type really makes me wish we had a reward that could zap your useless arse back to TTC.
  23. Now that is unfair. You have played with a 5 year old before and never even knew it. I don't know how many times I walk away from my computer in a factory, mint, or DA and let my 5 year old son run with ya'll and work gags. No one ever complained about his ability :). Heck I even got told he played better then me a time or 2. LOL.

    Anyway most 5 year olds aren't at advanced as mine so pttthhhhbbbbbbb:lick:
  24. rainwatercat

    rainwatercat Guest

    dear stratics toons earlier today at the off river cj,

    omg that was fun! :thumbup1: i couldn't bring rainwater cat with me (because she needed more notices), but i had fun with my toon chain. :) it's the first time i played with some of you, but it was alot of fun. i missed last sunday's runs, but i am going to try to make it this weekend (if i can get her notices by then lol--she is going right now and will be a bw 27 lol).
  25. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    I apologize profoundly if I stepped on anybodies toes or insulted anyone. I guess what I meant was not how a child would play this game, I was thinking about kids teasing, not listening to grownups, yada..yada..yada. I have played with several 5 year olds, and they seemed intelligent and able to really contribute to the circumstances. These two seemed to act as if they were the only two there.:sad3:
  26. groovybear

    groovybear Guest

    Dear Toon who told me I stink,

    I really enjoyed being told I stink today by a random in VP. Just because I am a sad little telemarketer and you are a Mr. Hollywood. Does not mean I stink. I have 111 laff and my gags all maxed, so thanks for the laugh.

  27. Nah you didnt. He was just kidding. And he IS right.....his 5 year old DOES play better than he does!! I think I have told him that a few times. Quite a bit quieter too!! I can usually tell when it happens cuz 'Enry is usually always squawking or telling us what he is eating!! When he gets really quiet I always suspect something!! Little 'Enry takes afta da Momma!! But those toons were something!!

    Now I have done factories with another nameless toon's 5 year old knowingly and that WAS reminicent of those two toons in the DA!!! But at least then, Daddy was there trying to control the situation. Something about a wedding cake on level 4s and 5s and this toon yelling into the keyboard!! Too funny!!
  28. Dear orange dog in TTC PG,
    You get the award: First "risky" for Trapper McWolf!
    Woo-hoo for you.
    I didn't know that standing and talking to friends was risky.
    Also, thanks for informing me that I stink. I must've forgotten to shower.
    -Trapper McWolf
  29. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I remember when i was 45 laff points and two toons killed my toon but not giving me a toonup. I needed the key for Daisy Garden's. But oh Well with some help from some nice toons I got the key to Daisy Garden's. Now my toon is 109 laff points
  30. Dear Toon that jumped off the elevator in the CJ just right now leaving 6 people on the elevator and 3 of you in the lobby,

    We won. Were you afraid to 1 short? It took us some teamwork (and a couple unites) but we won. Thanks for making the run more exciting for us by causing us to go even shorter.

    Dear Toon in the CJ that insisted on stunning the cogs before even finding out if you had any bonus weight,

    Because of your insistance on stunning the cogs, I went to the scale. I would have thought that even with 9 cogs out there, you could have got at least 1 bonus, or at least minimized the amount of evidence thrown at people while we scaled. Next time, please dont insist on stunning the cogs and go where it looks like help is needed. IMO, we were already short, the evidence round would have been over in less than 5 minutes if we had done a stunless run.
  31. Electroflap

    Electroflap Guest

    Is this the same dog that has the name that shouldn't have been approved?
  32. Frankly, I don't remember the name, but you and others were with me at the time. So probably.
  33. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Dear stupid tan cat,

    When you're in a building with only 1 other toon, and both of you are too small for the building, your only chance to have a hope of succeeding is to WORK TOGETHER! If there's a dangerous cog in the group, ATTACK IT FIRST! When the other toon says, 'Let's all go for the same cog.' and 'Go for the strongest cog first.', a response of 'OK' means you're going to ACTUALLY DO IT! When you get to the last floor, and there's a freakin' level 8 facing you, and there's only 2 of you with level 4 gags, GO FOR IT FIRST! Focus on a cog, and destroy it! Constantly attacking the other cogs does nothing but weaken them and leave all of them standing to attack you, which we both discovered as I doubt you survived when I went back to the playground.

    Sergeant Sootyface
  34. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    When the big cog cannot be taken out with the gags you're carrying, toons should hit the weaker cog first. Assuming the cog doesn't dodge the hit, this will ensure one less cog attacks.

    Of course when a panicked toon you're with goes willy nilly and throws at anything...
  35. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    This one was throwing at everything in sight, then switching to sound when another cog came out, and neither cog could be taken out with the first hit. Despite my pleads to attack the same cog, she refused. You weren't there, so please do not presume to apply your brand of tactics. Quite frankly I'm getting sick of your constant 'expert opinions'. The building could have been won if she'd simply worked with me and used the tools we had on hand, and that is the point behind my vent, which is what this thread is for.
  36. I cannot begin to say how absolutely SICK I am of these cheating toons who are too lazy to learn how to do the puzzles in the DA and instead insist on glitching around them. The last 3 DAs i have been in have been with cheating toons that are so inept they cant even get the glitch right. They triggered 4 of the puzzles by coming thru the wall early and tripping it or causing a toon who was not cheating to freeze and trip it. I have the puzzle done and low and behold a toon floats thru the wall and trips it before I can hit the button. Then of course whips out a cream pie. The last puzzle was tripped by a glitcher and the toon actually working the puzzle thought she had tripped it and kept saying over and over "sorry", "huh?" and "What in the world?". It was obvious that she didnt trip the puzzle cuz she was second in line. She couldnt understand how she tripped it!!! Well, she DIDN't. If you arent gonna play the game, quit. Don't cheat your way through it, especially when you are with toons who are actually able to do something you obviously are not capable of doing. Even if you get the glitch right, some people like doing the puzzles and others just dont like cheating. If you are going to cheat, go with your friends. Man, I cant wait to max law..........I will never, ever have to do another DA with randoms for the rest of my toon life!! Happy thought indeed!!!!:thumbup1:
  37. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    That's good advice presuming that each player can take out a weaker cog with just one gag, ie, one player per cog. Otherwise, your best bet is to get rid of the power cog, even if it takes 2 turns to do it. With a level 8, 2 cream pies will do it. But that's presuming that there are cream pies. If one has lure and the other can kill a weak cog with knock back bonus, that works too. But that's presuming someone has good lure. Even then, it's a judgment call.

    Keep in mind that many are working new Halloween toons now, so there are going to be unmaxed gags being used. Otherwise, with a level 8, don't you think he would have taken out the cog with a maxed out cake?

    It comes down to taking out power cog vs small cogs. Which is better in the situation depends on gags, cog levels and laff points. If you have 6, 5, 4 and 4 to contend with and your strongest gag is whole fruit pie, then your best bet is to take out that 6 unless someone has dependable lure. Reason is because its better to take your chances with (5,4,4) trying to hit you than (6,5,4). Less chance of getting hit and if you do, less damage. But with 6,4,3,3, then yeah, take out both 3's, because then you're down to only 2 cogs (presuming both have whole fruit pie).

    Oh and I'm sure Mountain Man knows how to play and was making the best possible choices based on knowledge and experience.

    I too have had my share of players who won't use common sense when playing. They hit a different cog each time. Worse when I have lured and they insist on waking them all up instead of focusing on 1 cog. Not only do they get hit and start begging for a toonup, but then I also get hit and I have to keep reluring to reduce the damage. Those players obviously haven't learned how to play yet and are the ones that really need to get knocked upside their heads for not following guidance when it's given. Of course, they're the ones that fall victim to natural selection when it comes to counting toes on a regular basis.
  38. Flippers

    Flippers Guest


    The topic was about two toons working together in a situation where their gags are moderate. Also: in DG tasking when people even have cream, it may be only 36 points. AND the cog easily steps aside.

    If it takes two turns it means you have three hits at toons instead of maybe two. And if this is a "power cog" you may be talking about 12-15 down in laff per toon at once per turn. You can't afford that.

    Hit big cog first with 2 cogs present:
    first turn: 2 cogs attack second turn: 2 cogs attack third turn: maybe a cog attacks. Maybe a toon panics and uses a feather? Fourth turn: at least one goes sad.

    Hit smaller cog first:
    first turn: 1 cog attacks second turn: maybe one cog attacks (only one to aim for if the random doesnt hit PASS) third turn: depending on gags there may or may not be a third turn

    When you're faced with a toon who's gonna trumpet or something unpredictable, and your cream pie is good enough to take out the smaller cog with it, do it. You'll be glad you did. If they aim for the smaller cog, match it. You'll be glad you did.

    Overall the best strategy when playing with a random is to let them pick first. If success relies on both hitting one cog together, see where they go and follow. It's certainly a least of evils.

    EXCEPT if they aim for the power cog and you know together you cannot take it out in one turn but your gag can take out the smaller one. Hit the smaller one. The random toon has just prepped the big one for you both to hit it and take it out in the next turn.

    Remember this? I posted it last year on the old board.


    I didnt expect the top toons that day for buildings, but after maxing her throw and squirt first, Kertruffle went from TTC to the end of MML in one day, primarily soloing buildings (as high as 3 levels) with two gag tracks in Docks and DG. I didn't run two toons (solo means ONE) and I wasn't given any easy breaks. Kert only needed and got help for the factory for Zuccini (which she sounded) and the key to DG from buildings on Polar. I learned that day that the least damage comes from having the least number of cogs available to attack you. That's the key to surviving a building as the underdog.

    Anyone can take or leave my info, but taking it or trying it could be to their advantage. If there's anything I've learned which can make it easier for others and give them less agita (sp) during a random run, then hey that's what counts. It's not like I'm publicly correcting anyone's typos or anything is it?
  39. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    More like proclaiming to be better at the game than everyone else and criticizing the play styles of others in the context of that belief, in the form of publicly calling out someone's vent on the board, namely mine. So you defeated a bunch of buildings one day. Good for you that you have plenty of time to play to do that, but that doesn't make you better than everyone else.

    For the record, had you been there, you would have noticed this toon refused to pick until I did. When I picked, she chose the other cog. There is no 'one size fits all' strategy for this game. You have to make choices based on what's presented at the moment, the gags you have on you, your laff, and how strong your team is, along with what you personally consider to be acceptable risks. Not everyone is going to have the same views you do. I should not have to carefully analyze my posts to this thread to ensure their conformity to anyone's given set of 'rules'. Period.
  40. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    Hey Sally! Now, I have to admit that I just cannot do the puzzles. Well, really I don't even try except for the basic ones in A. But it's because I don't feel like I really know what I'm doing. I never glitch around them, and I sure don't get mad if someone trips one when trying to do it. When I have tried to help and tripped the puzzle, I use a 7 to get us out of it. Would it be better if I just not go at all to the offices unless I'm sure I know how to do a puzzle? If it is just politically incorrect to go if you can't do the puzzles, then I'll stop going and just do bldgs or A office unless I'm with TF's who don't care. I've been going hoping to learn it and get it through my head, but maybe I'm supposed to know it BEFORE I go. I know your point was the glitching and triggering, but maybe I have missed one of those "rules."
  41. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Can anyone else make sense of this?

    Anyway what I said is correct. If it takes 2 turns to knock out the power cog and neither can take out the weak cogs alone, then you do the power cog. Here's why...
    Power cog first:
    1. Both players hit the power cog. All cogs attack back (with hits and misses per usual)
    2. Both players hit the power cog again. It explodes. Rest of cogs attack again. Since other cogs are weaker, less damage per actual hit.
    3. Players take out other cogs and dance.

    Weaker cogs first:
    1. Both players hit a weaker cog and kill it. Power cog gets in hit #1.
    2. Repeat #1 until power cog remains. Power cog gets in additional hits.
    3. Final attack power cog. This takes 2 turns. Even with just 1 weak and 1 power cog, the power cog gets in a minimum of 2 attacks with an increased possibility of one of the players going back to the playground (and with the bug, possibly both players). This isn't even touching the possibility of the gags missing on either turn.

    So, 2 turns to remove the power cog with it giving 1 hit -vs- it getting more than 1 turn to attack players, possibly with strong group attacks. Hmmm...

    As for letting a random choose first, I agree that it's usually a good idea to let them pick first, because then you can sometimes make bad choices into good ones. But sometimes you have to lead and hope that they make a good choice that you are hoping for. As I said before, it comes down to the individual situation. Also as I said, I'm sure Mountain Man knows what he's doing.

    When I read her post, I didn't get the impression that she was telling people to not try the puzzles unless they knew what they were doing. I think she'd rather someone try and mess up, triggering the holos, than to glitch. She was saying that some who tried to glitch ended up triggering the holo's, because they messed up while glitching. :)
  42. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Dear Flippers,

    You can't assume you know how someone's run went, nor can you assume how it should've went. You never know what that other toon is going to do; especially if the toon is a random.

    Dear Flippers and Wolfie,

    You're right. He's right. Situationally. And that's that.

    Dear Zippy,

    I never get angry with a toon trying the puzzles. Never. If they trip the holos, so be it, as long as they tried. A good way to get practice on those "red" puzzles is to take a baby 15 laffer to an "A" office. More often than not, you will encounter puzzles before cogs. If you succeed, go "back to the playground" and re-enter. If you fail, you go sad and since you're a 15 laffer, you've lost nothing.

    Dear Stratics Posters,

    This thread, and previous 'Dear Toon' threads, is supposed to be a place to let some steam off after having a bad run with a toon. Let's stop fighting with one another and let people vent. Ok?


  43. Hey there. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The only way to learn the puzzles in the DA is to go into the DA and practice them. I have no problem with someone going in and trying a puzzle and tripping it accidently. I'm the first one to say "no worries" and jump in and help. I have certainly tripped my share of puzzles too. If it is a very hard one and it is tripped by someone else, I will often whip out a level 7 in appreciation for them trying....esp the moving skull one. I hate that one. If they are doing their best and not tripping it intentionally, I would love to sit back and watch them and encourage them. Some of the best times Pinky and I have had were going into the A elevator of the DA while talking on the phone. I helped her work thru them because she was clueless as to how to even start. We would work puzzle after puzzle until she felt comfortable doing them. If she tripped one, we would run and then go back in. When she solved them, we would go back to the playground and go back in. The A elevator always has the puzzles first so fighting cogs is never an issue. We did go in with baby toons though just in case. Also, there is no difference that I can tell between the puzzles in the A elevator and the puzzles in the D elevator. Maybe I'm wrong here but I think they are exactly the same. Then when we would do a DA I would let her work the puzzles and she is really good at them now. The moving skull one is the only one she wont attempt.....and man I can understand that!! I did a DA last night and I was with 3 toons who didnt attempt the puzzles at all. They all stood in the middle and said "sorry I cant" while I worked every single puzzle. I didnt have a problem with that either (I dont mind working the puzzles although I appreciate the speed of the floors without puzzles and absolutely LOVE it when you do the minesweeper puzzle and a path opens up to the switch). The only problem here was if I didnt know how to do the puzzles either we would have had a very hard time. That is why I feel it is imp to learn the puzzles. But really, chances are you are going to be with at least one toon who doesnt mind doing the puzzles. If you just HATE the puzzles, there will be someone else there who will do them so I wouldnt worry about it too much. It certainly wouldnt stop me from going in the DA.

    You are right. What made me so mad was that these toons were glitching around the puzzles and triggering them....even the easy ones. It is so frustrating to finish a puzzle before they can glitch around it but not make it to the button before they trip it. Also, I guess I feel that glitching around them is an unnecessary cheat. It usually isnt a whole lot faster and much riskier. I have to admit there are times that I would really appreciate someone doing it. Last night I was doing a minesweeper puzzle and there was no way I could see to solve it. I ended up guessing correctly but I dont like just guessing. I just take issue with toons glitching around when someone is working a puzzle and is almost done. Esp when they trip it!! But on a different note, if I am the only willing to even attempt to do any puzzle, if I end up tripping it, it would be ridiculous to expect me to use my level 7s because I was the one who tripped it!! If they are going to say "sorry I cant" to every puzzle they should be willing to pull a level 7. Thankfully that wasnt an issue last night because no puzzles were tripped!! Unfortunatly a toon pulling a bike horn on lured 11 and 12s over and over and over WAS a problem.
  44. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    Oh good!! I thought there were more and harder puzzles in the D than in the A, and I don't remember seeing that moving one in the A, but maybe that's just a false impression I had. I just wasn't sure whether it was considered worse to try it and trip it, or stand back and say "sorry, I can't." I end up feeling guilty either way!! LOL! I have to admit I've never been with toons who glitched a puzzle, but I wouldn't like it because it's one less lesson.
  45. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Ohhh Zippy consider yourself lucky. They kill so many runs like Sally posted it isn't funny.

    About the puzzles. If you have room on your account, make a small toon - or grab a small toon you already have - because you haven't got anything to lose on them - and run them in a quiet district to Lawbot HQ and try Office A. In most cases the puzzles are before cogs. Just TP to the PG if they arent and run back in. Ditto when you solve the puzzles. If you trigger the fight then run back to HQ as soon as you've got 1 laff. You don't need more than that or gags to do this.
  46. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    The option to "run" isn't available when you're in a battle in the DA.
  47. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    Flippers - I thought I had read that somewhere, about practicing and running. I'm not sure what you meant about "run back to HQ as soon as you've got 1 laff." So, you would probably trip the puzzle, have to fight that group of skelecogs, and then you could run?
  48. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Flippers didn't say run from the battle. He said run back to the HQ when you have one laff again. Geesh

    It means that once you trigger the cogs, you will fight but go sad, thereby sending you back to the pg. As soon as you gain a laff back you can then go back to HQ and try again.

    Sorry for back to back posts Trish. I don't know how to double quote. I'm sure you will fix it. :lol:
  49. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I see "trigger fight then run", in the street battles you can "run" from the battle, the lack of a reference to going sad gave me the impression he was saying to fight until you had 1 laff point left. Apparently I wasn't the only one who got confused by that. Sheesh. :lol:

    See the "+" button next to "Quote All"? Click that on each post you want to quote. Then click "Post Reply". It will include all the other messages.
  50. When I first started practicing the puzzles in the A elevator, I tripped a lot of them. I would play in a window mode. If I triggered the puzzle, I would just X out (close the window) before the cogs were totally engaged (before they are all lined up), and log back in. I would still be in law HQ and have full laff. I did this over and over and over. When I was training with Pinky, we did the same thing. We would end up logging back in with full laff and still in HQ. Of course if there are 2 of you and one trips a puzzle, the one only has to open their book and go back to the playground. I have NEVER gone sad like this but maybe Pinky and I were just lucky. I have to admit, sometimes if I am bored and no friends are on, I will take a baby toon into the A elevator and just work the puzzles over and over for fun. I used to do this quite a bit before I realized i could take Sally fishing!!! I have never run into the cogs first and I have never gone sad if I trip the puzzle playing in the window mode. Of course, if others have gone sad this way, I have just been extremely lucky. It is certainly worth an attempt.:thumbup1: