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Even Though I....

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Cody McCourt, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Cody McCourt

    Cody McCourt Guest

    I want to say even thuogh I got a couple rares and some semi-rares and a large house plot size from a player leaving,I miss him dearly,he was a good player.we had about an hour of fun time.he beleived my story after checking quickly and realized I wasn't lieing when I told him my new player and why I don't see like one story.the only name of on of his characters I can think of is Micheal Angelo.he was on the Pacific Shard.he weas nice and friendly.he wanted people in uo to live and he also wanted to show the new generation of UO players what it's like and how to avt towards other.even though he probably won't see this,probably wasn't a stratics user I want to say thanks.you really gave me a good UO life and a great start.I will show your kindness to others and if I am ever leaving the game,even though I doubt it,I would then on that occasion do as you did,only instead throwing in my rares and other items.those etheral mounts and stuff from sunken ships...

    It may not be as much of a displaye or collectionm as even 3-year players I've recently met but it's even better becuse of kindness and nicenss in it.it's better.those powerful people with good armor that call people noobs because they say something a certain way or talk in an accent and place it in game,wich would say,"NOOB!that isn't all that rare stuff.not very good at all.your a NOOB! because you don't know good items from thes epowerful ones that I collect!",Because first off they are special treasures to me and second off they probably don't have alot because they are probably bragging about it and the only rare items are the ones they killed mongbats and saved up for and that htey caqrry around with them and show.that would be all probably.so to this kind vet that quit I jsut want to say one thing.thanks!