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Event info help needed

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Flame (DrR), Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am trying to piece together all the details of the Moonglow event. I am firstly looking for everything Inu said and if pos the translation.
    Secondly I missed what was said after we were thrown out of darkglow and there was some discussion between Kronos, the shadowlords, dexter and the timelord etc.
    Many thanks to anyone who can help with my search.
  2. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    Here´s what I got from the SLs.

    Shadowlord: Pitiful humans
    Kronos: Stay back, fiends!
    Shadowlord: Why do you resist so?
    Shadowlord: We are eternal
    Dexter: Master!
    Shadowlord: We are patient
    Kronos: Don't listen to them!
    Shadowlord: We are stronger
    Kronos: Don't let them through!
    Shadowlord: Listen to us
    Shadowlord: We mean you no harm
    Melissa: Kronos!
    Shadowlord: Yet resistance will be punished
    Kronos: Hang on! The worst is almost over!
    Shadowlord: Why do you fight?
    Shadowlord: Let it go
    Melissa: Kronos! They're too strong!
    Shadowlord: Let it go
    Kronos: Just keep going! Help will be here soon!
    Dexter: Yes master!
    Shadowlord: Free yourselves of your burdens
    Shadowlord: Or die
    Melissa: I'm... I'm...
    Kronos: Melissa!
    Dexter: Don't...!
    Shadowlord: Peace is with us
    Melissa: I can't hold it!
    Shadowlord: Rest now
    Kronos: Melissa NO!
    Shadowlord: You will know our strength
    Melissa: I'm sorry!
    Shadowlord: Excellent.
    Shadowlord: You.

    Shadowlord: Mage.
    Kronos: Back away! Back I said!
    Shadowlord: Die.
    Dexter: Master!!!
    Time Lord: From the shadows ye came...
    Shadowlord: Interference?
    Time Lord: And to the shadows ye shall return!
    Shadowlord: Your connection with the ether is weak, take heed.
    Time Lord: Vas An Mani Hur Tym!
    Shadowlord: Noooo!

    Dexter: Urhh...
    Dexter: Master?
    Dexter: ... Melissa?
    Dexter: No
    Dexter: NO! NO!!!
    Dexter: Corp Por!
    Sutek: Stop it boy!
    Sutek: You can't go back in there, they'll eat you alive!
    Dexter: But I ...
    Dexter: Let me go!
    Sutek: Was that?
    Dexter: ...
    Dexter: Hey! Are you alright?
    Sutek: Oh for the love of...
    Dexter: Do you know him, Master Sutek?
    Sutek: Doesn't matter, he's bleeding pretty bad.
    Dexter: We need a healer!
    Sutek: No time.
    Sutek: I'll take him myself.
    Dexter: Master?
    Sutek: Guards'll be here soon. They'll handle the rest.
    Sutek: Dexter?
    Dexter: Sir?
    Sutek: Get out of here
    Sutek: Go back and find Kronos' notes, you need to hide them
    Dexter: What?
    Sutek: I said GO!

    Shadowlord of Hatred: We have returned.
    Shadowlord of Hatred: Join us, follow us. Or perish.
  3. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    Aaaaand what I got from Inu:

    Inu: *frowns*
    Inu: *jumps*
    Inu: *laughs*
    Inu: *hops*
    Inu: *cackles*
    Inu: *cackles madly*

    Inu: Roguish eye-offending
    Inu: Mewling half-faced
    Inu: Mammering gull-catchers
    Inu: Half-faced mammets
    Inu: Grizzled folly-fallen dewberries
    Inu: Spur-galled hempseeds!

    Inu: Doom
    Inu: Dooooooom...

    Inu: The world is round

    Inu: Yes?
    Inu: No?
    Inu: Nooo
    Inu: Maybe...
    Inu: Maybe.

    Inu: What're *you* looking at?!
    Inu: Don't you see the hole?
    Inu: A machine, a very very big machine!
    Inu: Spleeny!
    Inu: Rudesbies
    Inu: The lights, they flash! It burns us!

    Inu: Ymay onguetay isway onfoundedcay!
    (My tongue is confounded)

    Inu: Utbay ymay indmay isway earlcay!
    (But my mind is clear)

    Inu: Istenlay otay emay!
    (Listen to me)

    Inu: Hetay arknessday illway engulfway usway!
    (The Darkness will engulf us)

    Inu: Hetay ordslay ofway adowshay illway elldway inway ourway eartshay!
    (The Lords of Shadow will dwell in our hearts)

    Inu: Estructionday earsbay ownday onway usway!
    (Destruction bears down on us)

    Inu: Imetay itselfway allshay ebay entray andway orntay!
    (Time itself shall be rent and torn)
  4. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    thanks some great helpful info.

    Did the coversation between Dexter and Sutek take place in Darkglow or Moonglow as I thought it was all in Darkglow but
    suggests otherwise.
  5. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    I nicked that log from some other forum (for private use, so I didn´t take note who originally posted it; Thanks to whoever did). So no idea.

    But I agree, that quote suggest it takes place outside. Maybe the first part is inside, as Armageddon didn´t work outside? Then again, The Timelord probably could pull it off anyway.

    If I remember right there was no talk in Darkglow that night, just bloody madness. I may have missed it, but then I couldn´t move much anyway.