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Event - Oceania - Zip!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please explain ?!?!
    whats going on... since the patch there is nothing.
    Cant cast Armageddon
    Nothing but the tent and cannons out the front of the gate, no npc's

    Havnt seen anyone even remotely interested in going in there since before the last patch. Its like a ghost town.

    Im sure there are other shards like this as well. And yet there are other shards that can continue with the story and finding out information. Yet the rest of us have been left with a void.

    So whats going on ?!?!
    Is this spose to happen ?!?!
    Is there something wrong ?!?!

    Can you please list your shard and what you have and dont have.
    Would like this to be addressed (even though that may be impossible)
  2. Great Lakes is still stuck with the original spawn we have never moved on. The only change is that we have not seen a shadowlord since Tuesday. We also have tents and cannons but not the NPC's. I

    This is getting old and fast. It is not even worth going there anymore. Most of the time Moonglow is a ghost town.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ditto on Catskills.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    aye, and i forgot to mention that we havnt seen the beserkers, even though we DID do the supposedly right thing in order for them to spawn.....
  5. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    i think they tossed out the event update without making sure things were working properly..and then bailed for the weekend..i dont expect anything to change until monday
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We do see berzerkers sometimes on Catskills.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Still booming on LS lot's of people still in moonglow no NPCs at the tent.

    Still killing the normal spawn and berserker daemons.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    This has nothing to do with the topic (though I don't understand these lulls we have in nearly every event), but my daughter is mesmerized by your Elmo. She was sitting here while I was reading the boards and now keeps attacking my screen every time she sees him. [​IMG]
  9. 1) Baja hasn't had any shadow lords since Tuesday AM.
    2) Never had bezerkers (someone say there was something we were supposed to do?)
    3) Tents and cannons at the rift.
    4) NPC's at the rift, but they are mute.

    This small shard mostly gave up on Glow days ago. Thx UO.. wonderful event.. really!

    LORD Yalp of Zento, CTDM
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    On Chesapeake I see only Fettid Essence, Dark Wisp and Fallen Warriors......
    I havent seen a ShadowLord for a few days and have never seen any Beserkers.

    Not sure whats going on at all right now.....did we not do something when we didnt know what to do at all? Was something lost in the 1 minute rollout? Is the Event broken ? Where is any of this info located.... I see nothing in the events or quests boards.

    I hope all Shards find a way to figure this one out....
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Looking at most events since pub16 they die of old age lol!not from hard work [​IMG]
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm just betting that because I had the weekend off and I'm on call Monday night they will do some event MOnday..... never fails..... either that or they will wait till next Saturday when I'm at work
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sonoma is the same..original spawn only (except shadowlords), no beserkers, tent and cannons but no npc's [​IMG]

    What are you "supposed" to do to get beserkers??
  14. Chango Pelon

    Chango Pelon Guest

    LA never got the Demons. Seems only LS got the goodies?

    And using the weekend as an excuse is not fair. All last week people have been asking why some shards got the advanced spawn and not the majority.

  15. Redxpanda

    Redxpanda Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 6, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Pacific is still going strong. We kill off wisps, fetids and warriors and up pops a couple of bezerkers. Wash Rinse Repeat....

    It's been going on like that since tuesday when they shadowlords stopped spawning (they would usually come after the bezerkers).
  16. Chango Pelon

    Chango Pelon Guest

    After the Shadowlords spawned and we killed them, we got the same three originals again. Maybe this week we see something different. Not that I am a masochist eagerly waiting a smack down from them. :p
  17. I agree saying we haven't heard anything because it is a weekend is not a good excuse. We have been asking for answers for several days now and heard nothing. Not even a we are looking at it or a simple post to tell us we still have something to do. It is getting old, really old!
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I agree saying we haven't heard anything because it is a weekend is not a good excuse. We have been asking for answers for several days now and heard nothing. Not even a we are looking at it or a simple post to tell us we still have something to do. It is getting old, really old!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Once again I'll reiterate that an answer, even a simple 'I don't know', is better than no communication. I would have been fired for not doing my job.
  19. Are these berserkers the same thing that we fought a couple of years ago with the Fred and Bob (Frederico and Roberto) thing?

    If so, I wonder if some shards had defeated them and so they aren't involved now....

    Of course that doesn't explain the blank maps on some shards. Nor the lack of understanding in the "choose your side" thing. This just appears to be another grand mess.