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Event Question

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mord Mhor, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Mord Mhor

    Mord Mhor Guest

    Last few days i have noticed that the Vanguard have been delt with pretty quickly. Am i the only one who thinks the spawn doesn't really get going if they are delt with quickly?

    (trammel side only btw)

    Seems like the early days of the brit invasion.

    Also do they spawn anywhere other than Papua, Nujelm and Cove?

    Heard earlier reports that they were also spawning in Serps, but have been checking this for days and nothing.
  2. cheerfulx

    cheerfulx Guest

    They only spawned in Serp's for a couple of days, don't know why they stopped. It seems to me that a few people have gone back to Vanguard killing after a bit of a lull, 5k points is'nt to shabby for a solo kill i suspose, well, beats the boredom of collecting snake skins anyway.
  3. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    i appologise for being a total novice here but how does killing the vanguard give u 5k points?
  4. Mord Mhor

    Mord Mhor Guest

    As of Pub 53 going live on Europa the second phase of the spring clean hand ins will take effect. Chaos shields and Obisidon blades may then be handed in at 2500pts per item.

    As regards Serps still no Vanguard.

    Also I am a little weary of killing Ophies. To date the guild have dispatched approx 900,000pts worth.

    We our a little concerned we may provoke another Ophie invasion and experience the same rough justice as Ricardo.

    "Free Ricardo"