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Events, Party's and Guilds

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Guest, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As of late I have noticed newer Guilds or Alliances trying to run some Parties and Events.
    A lot of times these events drown fast on the forum and go unnoticed, which is a pity. So I tried to come up with a list to make your party more enjoyable for all.

    When planning an Event take some things into consideration:

    *choose your Location wisely. Yes, there are nice player built taverns and places in Felucca but its also Red country. You may want to consider your own house or Guildhouse if you want to have the ability to ban people from the event and then there is lots of nice public areas and even some houses other players offer to rent out for no or little charge for your Party.

    * keep an eye on any other ongoing events/game scenarios...if moonglow is blowing up that weekend, don’t expect anyone to come to your event.

    * try aiming for a weekend since most people are off and can sleep in.

    * send one of the reporters your invite so they make it a news event ...give them all the details, scoop, times, items required, games, everything you have. That will also put you on the main page of stratics (not everyone reads the forums)

    * You can also contact one of the many radio stations that do UO; you will find more information about them on the forums.

    * make sure you have plenty help (friends) online to help you, better more then not enough since one will always be a no-show.

    * Plan on marking and dropping runes and or books.

    The Party:

    * How about making it a theme party, Scavenger hunt, or some other kind of contest. Contact your local Rune library if you need any help with locations.

    * don’t just give stuff away, but make it all fun and games

    * Invite only is tough to do, I would suggest dropping runes and books and the night of the party have gaters designated to gate people from the most popular banks.

    * Prepare all you can before, if you plan on serving food or those scavenger hunt baggies etc

    * you can also make cute little souvenirs or keepsakes of your Party, simply use one of the many engraving tools and decorate baggies or cakes or even weapons and spellbooks.

    * Invite one of the Atlantic Stratics Reporters to get you coverage and take lot of pictures and make a "Party report" on the forum. Make sure people see how much fun everyone had and what they missed!

    If you plan on promoting your Guild:

    * try to get one of the well known Guilds to help and Sponsor your event , not by giving gold but by giving you a reputation.

    * Someone dedicated that will be able to fill everyone in about your guild.

    * don't spam any links or expect people to go to any links to check out your new guild, it’s against UO's TOS and most won’t go there anyways because they are afraid of hackings

    * The better organized you are in stuff like that the better picture you paint as guild master of yourself.

    * you will always have critics, they will be there to mess with your event , will be in felucca to pk, will be trying to join the guild and scam or just bug you on the forums...laugh them off , don’t get pissy; show that you are a true leader and can handle any situation.

    I hope this will help [​IMG]
  2. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Those are excellent ideas! You must be some kinda genius or something! I kinda wish I had thought of making that post... then folks would be sayin: "Gee that Sam is some kinda genius!" But... I guess they wont be sayin that now.

    Thanks for the tips!

    Safe Travels, Sam