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Ever had one of those days?

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by hen, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. hen

    hen Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Managed to log on today, for the first time in a few weeks.

    Chopped a lot of wood then gave it to my crafter Glug. Pulled a Heartwood runic, first one I've got.

    Then he picked up over 20 gargoyle picks from the floor of the smiths in Luna. (Thank you Lady Black Widow).

    I think I must have stepped in poo or something as my luck today has been great.
  2. Magdalene

    Magdalene Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 1, 2000
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  3. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Heh. Well done, Hen. Mind you, I tend to drop gargy picks now you can't do the use gargy pick/use prospectors tool thing to get a double ore upgrade, as my miners tend to be such big girls blouses they can barely fight off a headless let alone an ore elemental.

    I have never gotten a fletching or carp runic yet ( mind you, haven't seriously done heartwood quests for a long time ) so that must have been dragon poo or something that you trod in to get that one ! :p
  4. CatLord

    CatLord Guest

  5. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    Funny, this reminds me of my 'comeback'.

    I checked my chars and noticed that my carpenter was lacking of some recipes. So my first steps back in Sosaria lead me to Heartwood City and after a few minutes I was lucky enough to get all the recipes - except one. Instead of that I found this peculiar green saw. While looking at it I was thinking: "Nah. If this drops so quickly it must be a fairly worthless piece." Therefore I spoke to the guy crafting next to me and offered him to exchange it for the last missing recipe. Thought I made a really good bargain but a first slight doubt came to me when he began to run around like a madman screaming "I've got it! I've got it!".
    Well, he must have stepped into the same mysterious poo of luck. Poo I just had manufactured.