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Evil Never Dies! (Fiction)

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    In the deepest darkest hall of Hytloth a golden armored woman is waiting for the reports on the excavation she orders months ago.The doors open and one of the daemons walk into the room.

    -"M'lady , the archaeologist is here to see you."
    -"Finaly!", she replied." Let him come."

    The man walked inside the barely lit room , meeting the person who hired him and his team months ago for the first time.Unlike all the daemons that surrounded him the person was not like them. She looked human. It was even a very beautiful woman with blood red hair and dressed in one of most pretty golden armor he ever seen.

    -"Report!" she said.
    -"I'm sorry to say but we have not found any evidence of this entrance you asked us to find.I don't think it exists."
    -"I have seen it",she replied. "Years ago, when i was a child."
    The archealogist shaked his head and replied : " We have searched every inch of the island, if it existed we would have found it by now. Maybe it was in a story you heard when you where a child.Or in a book. It sounds like a myth this Abyss."
    -"It was real ! Snamuh." And her eyes turned black as the darkest night.

    The archealogist took a step back . Knowing that he was not dealing with a normal person.How would he get out of this place ,where it was crawling of daemons.Maybe he could chaneg the subject and talk his way out of this.

    -"What is a beautiful person like you doing here in this dark place?"

    He thought by himself that charming the woman could help. But the answer was even more surprisingly.

    -"This is my home." the woman replied.
    -"Your ...... home??" he stutterd.
    -"These are my only family after the humans killed my race hundreds of years ago.I am the last of my kind."

    The archealogist stepped even further back realizing who he was working for all these months.He now knows that if this place exsist she wanted to find, that she would only needed it for evil.

    -"I know who you are!" the man yelled in fear at her. "You are that Dark Angel! But they think you are death after the explosion you caused in there shop. You used blackrock to kill dozens of innocent people! Oh my God ! I need to tell the CaT's you are still alive ! Let me out of here, i won't work for you anymore and i'm taking my man with me."
    -"You are not going anywhere." She waved her hand at the two daemons at the door. "Kill him and give his corpse to the hellhounds." She orderd the daemons.

    Kicking and screaming the man was dragged out of the room.Only moments later the silenced returned to the halls.

    -"Grimm, find me a new digger who can find me the entrance to the Abyss.
    Tonight i'm going back to the upperworld."
    - "Yes, M'lady" said the daemon while he bowed to her.

    Meanwhile in Luna.....

    A huge battle is going on between the evil forces of the Shadowlords and the citizens of Luna. Mages,warrior,bards, tamers and all man woman who can fight to defend there precious town. Shadow wyrms attacking from the sky and shadow fiends on the streets of Luna. Supported by powerfull Arctic Ogre Lords who are smashing around at everyone who comes close.The Lady Dawn is leading the group of people trying to safe there town. A mighty dragon Fayaxion was a big help against the overwhelming forces.

    At the north gate some of the Cat's gathered to help in the fight.Aiding the wounded with spells and bandages.This battle was one of the worse kind the Frarc's had seen in years. Even the ones the fought in Trinsic years ago.
    Just at the moment the Frarc's wanted to go inside Luna one of there own walked up to them severly injured.

    - "MJ , are you ok?"

    The bard shaked his head.

    -"There are too many of them! They are all over the place.Some are even immune to my music."
    -"Stella can you heal him please?" the knight asked his aunt.
    "We need to defend this town MJ , even if we have to Sacrifice our life for it. We have to fight with Honor and Valor and do whatever we can. Have faith in the Virtues. They will protect us all. We will win!" The knight smiled.

    Even he knew this will be a long and difficult fight.

    While he walked into the streets of Luna leading his Cat's he stopped and looked up towards roofs of the buildings in the street.

    -"Is something wrong brother?"
    -"Somebody is watching us from the roofs" Frarc replied.
    -"No,i'm sensing someone who i not felt in months.I can feel the bad karma."
    -"Are you sure? There is alot of evil here, maybe you feeling this wrong. DA is death!"
    -"Is she? I wonder.We never found her body."
    -"We have no time for this brother.We deal with this later. We have to help the others.
    -"Yes, lets go!"

    The battle continued in the streets of Luna.

    On the rooftops of Luna the golden daemon is watching the battle between the forces of the Shadowlords and the humans and elfs.Shadow Wyrms that are flying close to her head don't even seem to bother her. A shadowly figure appeared next to her.

    -"For a daemon with no emotions you seem to enjoy the slaugher on the streets."
    -"Every human that dies is a victory. It don't matter how they died and by who."
    -"We could use a powerfull ally like you Dark Angel."
    -"I only serve my Master. I will kill humankind in my way."
    -"We could kill you easely daemon!"

    The Dark Angel did not seems to be impressed by the Shadowlords threats.

    -"You can't kill me.No one can. Pure evil never dies!"

    The daemon dissapeared from the roof, leaving back for home.Who knows what diabolic plans she still had up her sleeves. And after a long fight, Lady Dawn and her followers took back Luna with pushing back the invasion army of the Shadowlords.


    To be Continued
  2. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    -"Why can't i remember where that entrance was Grimm?"
    -"It's been so long ago M'lady,it will come back to you."
    -"I need to remember it now. If i could only force it to come back."
    -"Can't the seeress help you? Afterall she showed you your future. Maybe she can also show you your past."
    -"Thats it.Go get her Grimm."

    The daemon bowed and went to get the seeress.

    A hour later....

    -"You wanted to see me." said the seeress."Your future has not changed since the last time we have spoken to each other."
    -"I am not interested in the future, i want that you show me my past."
    -"Your past? Why do you want to do that? Its not without risk digging so far back into your memories."
    -"I did not ask you here to debate with me, can you do it?"
    -"Do it and take me back to the day i stumbled into the Abyss."

    The seeress eyes turned white and raises her hands above the dark angels head.

    -"Close your eyes D.A. and tell me what you see." Said the seeress.

    -"I see a little dark angel girl running down the halls of hytloth. Its me. I am laughing and playing. I walks into a room with other dark angels.My parents and other relatives.We have no fighting skills and have no magical powers.There are not many of us.Children are only born every few hunderd year. I am daddy's special little girl. I ask them if i could go outside to play.They told me to come back before the sun comes back.I run through the corridors of Hytloth and bump into a daemon.It was Grimm.He told me to be carefull and too watchout.I told him i am not afraid. That i am afraid of nothing.He looked worried.I run outside, past the temple to the north.I'm falling into a deep hole. I am surrounded with lava. I'm in the Abyss.I am walking around.There is a group of fire ants infront of me.The fire ants see me and charging to attack me. Some sort of blade is flying trough the air.Its killing the ants.Something big is approaching me."

    -"What are you doing down here little girl?"
    -"I fell into a hole. You are a gargoyle and you can talk!"
    -"You are smart for a little child! What is your name?"
    -"I am almost a adult ! I am almost 150 years old! Why would i tell my name? I don't know yours."
    -"My name is Belthazor.So now you tell me your name?"
    -" I am..... Oooooh whats that? Can i have it? Its pretty golden."
    -"Its too collect herbs with."
    -"Don't lie to me, its a weapon! I saw you trow with it and it came back!"
    -"HAHA, you can't be fooled. I need to take you back to above before anything else attack you.
    -"I am not afraid, i can take care of myself just fine."
    -"We have to go now.

    After a short walk trough a volcano they reached the world above.

    -"You go home now, the sun is almost coming up."said Belthazor.
    -"Will i see you ever again Belthazor?"
    -"You can never tell anyone where you have been.I don't think we can ever meet again."
    -"I want to see you again! I don't have many friends!"
    -"No,don't cry. One day you will understand.Don't loose that good heart of you!"

    The dark angel wiped her tears and ran back to Hytloth.

    -"Hey, you still did not tell me your name!" Yelled Belthazor. But the girl ran so fast she did not hear him anymore.

    -"Seeress, you better get her out of this.I know what happend that day when she returned." Said Grimm."It was the day the humans attacked Hytloth and killed alot of daemons and all of the dark angels.They had no chance to defend themself.We tried to stop her to go into the room with her parents.She even trowed a balron trough a wall who tried to stop her. She had so much rage, anger and hate in her heart. She would never be the same as before.We saw in her what a prophecy in a ancient book predicted.A powerfull golden daemon that leads us into victory in the war against the humans.That day we took her to our master."

    The seeress removed her hands from the dark angel.

    -"M'lady are you ok?" asked Grimm.

    She opend her eyes and looked with black eyes towards Grimm and said:"I know where the entrance is.Lets go."


    To be Continued