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(RP) Excavations and Considerations...

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by KodozPGoH, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. KodozPGoH

    KodozPGoH Guest

    Kodoz grumbled as he walked into the small staging area that was set up at the excavation site. Of course, both of these terms were over glorified exaggerations. The staging area was little more than a shack, and the excavation site was more of a hole in the ground that they were desperately trying to keep from having it overtaken by the encroaching swamp but…either way, these were the names they were given. Kodoz had found he’d mellowed a bit with age; not quite as quick to anger as he once was. Though he hardly felt the age in his body, his spirit had grown weak and weary for a time. Tragedy after tragedy had heaped upon him until he was threatened by his own collapse; Sickness, death, and warfare all around had beaten him down. He’d entered Brittania an arrogant, sarcastic youth. He almost exited it as a weak, frail man. He clenched his fist a bit at the memory of his darkest hours, the things he’d contemplated, the pathetic attitude he’d held…He was no longer that man, and he never would be again. He’d rekindled a fire that had burned within him brightly in previous years, and now it was a roaring blaze. Galen Kodoz Tiberius had learned, and while he preferred strength over speed these days, his mind was quicker than ever. And he saw the coming storms on the horizon. And the only way to weather the storm was to properly prepare the shelter…

    He glanced over the reports from the miners and the carpenters, seeing they’d uncovered a new room in the underground complex they’d found. They hadn’t been able to shore it up yet, and as such, the swamp was fiercely trying to reclaim it. There were requests for more of the wood from the Yew area, where the trees that had survived Adranath’s spell of decay were extremely tolerant to the corrosive and deadly swampland. He made a note to add that to the list of items for the caravan. Though Paws had sunk beneath the swamps long before Adranath cast his famous spell, Kodoz pondered whether or not perhaps Adranath had tested it here first. He mused that if only Lord Crawworth hadn’t perished in his Ilshenar expedition, perhaps he’d know…but these stray thoughts led nowhere. He thought over the rumors about Paws, that it had been a leper’s colony of sorts, and he certainly couldn’t discount that theory. They’d not found any evidence that it was a bustling city, and the lack of interest in it’s remains showed that not many cared anyways.

    He idly wondered what Thom would make of all this, but the excavation site had been previously abandoned after the near fiasco resultant from what they’d found in the locked grave. Luckily, the creature had been sealed away behind a heavily built door. Hopefully the swamp would retake that thing…Kodoz could hear the thing moving at times, and it was an unnerving sound. He’d had to pay quite a bit to get these workers to assist in the excavation, and even then, they refused to do so without a protective force. And that’s where he came in. He’d hired them himself, certain that something important must lay beneath in the ruins of Paws, but he wasn’t sure why. Now that they’d uncovered a new chamber, maybe they’d have something. He’d of course report the findings to the Emperor, per protocol…But he wondered if he should have gotten permission first. Not that it likely mattered in the least, as he was sure that Thom had gotten at least a half dozen reports from the espionage agents. No way would they miss something in their own backyard.

    His thoughts drifted back to what at once seemed like an eternity ago, and also just yesterday, when he was Emperor himself…Though his current title of Emeritus afforded him quite a bit of leeway, he’d made his intentions clear that he was under Thom’s leadership, and supported him. He hoped that Thom did not see this as anything subversive. He’d still not met with Thom after he had requested such at the meeting with Queen Dawn…That interaction had not been entirely to Kodoz’ liking. Some of her answers seemed thrown in anger, suspicion, and a few even seemed to be sniping comments. The strain of her position was great, but Kodoz couldn’t help but be worried that perhaps there was more there than met the eye. If she kept a council within the government, it would’ve been easy to listen to the rumors coming from such a thing…but she’d closed herself off, and taken all responsibility on herself. She was a fine military mind, a daring warrior, and an incomparable general…But what was she as a Queen? Kodoz still wasn’t sure he knew.

    He was interrupted when a cry went up amongst the miners, and he stalked forward, his heavy steps easily heard, and despite themselves, a few of them flinched at his approach. In his heavy blood red and midnight black plate armor, Kodoz knew he was an intimidating sight. And many still were rooted in the past of stories about his quick temper and even quicker blade. It served it’s purposes at times, to be regarded with apprehension, but here it had no place, and he could only sigh. His sour attitude changed when one of the miners had rushed out of the newly excavated room, covered in swamp muck but holding a corroded box that he had pried open. Inside, in pristine condition, was a rune with extremely intricate engravings upon it. This was no normal recall rune; Kodoz could tell at once that this…this was something special. Something unique. It appeared that his meeting with Thom would have something for him to bring to the table as way of apology, if he had gone out of line as he suspected he might…