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[Selling] [Exceptional] Armor Suit/Great Lakes

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Kratos Aurion, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. I know I've had this suit up a few times in the past few months but haven't had anyone become extremely interested in my asking price.

    I thought I'd try it one more time with a new, lower, more accurate price listing.

    Asking Price is 35m

    the entire suit is "A (armor piece here) Made by RedDevil" (dyed tokuno black by one of the previous owners; it's actual property is valorite)

    The suit includes 7 pieces;
    -Platemail Helmet
    -Platemail Tunic
    -Platemail Legs
    -Platemail Sleeves
    -Platemail Gorget
    -Platemail Gloves
    -Heater Shield

    RedDevil is a local legend to Great Lakes. He was one of the first few GM smiths to the shard and hosted the first successful auction house which at the time was in felucca. It was a very bold attempt at community gatherings in those days and was highly successful. His house (fel tower) is decorated in SEER items/rares and is currently owned by one of RedDevils close friends.

    If anyones interested, shoot me a PM and/or respond in the thread here and I'll try to get back to yuh as soon as I can. Thanks :D