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(RP) Exodus Stage Right

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Maddwg, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Maddwg

    Maddwg Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Lord Dupre had requested that the shard help him with a task.
    One or two people showed up.

    Lord Dupre is a fellow paladin, so I have a diffilcult time refusing support.
    However, I'm always uneasy around those that support the rulership of Cantabrigian and those that followed.
    I remember a Sonoma jury finding Cantabrigian not guilty by reason of insanity for crimes against the people.
    I also remember me sentencing him to imprisonment at Larry's Insane Aylum and Bait Shop.
    I doubt he likes living in that mobile home with Larry and his brothers, Daryl and Daryl.
    So, it should be easy to understand my nervousness around supporters of his.

    Lord Dupre gated us to Exodus' Night Club and we fought our way in.
    It took a while, but we eventaully made it to a backroom with some weird blocks in one corner.
    Lord Dupre smacked 'em and created a hole.
    Falling thruogh the hole we found ourselves in a large area with many rooms.
    The rooms had no entrances but had destructable walls.
    Each room also hasd three of Exodus's followers inside.
    The walls were much tougher than the creatures.
    We broke down a wall that led us to one of those rooms.
    That room led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    Which led to another,
    ad nauseum.
    I felt like a wrecking ball.

    Finally, we cleared the entire area.
    During all this time, some weird lag monster ate many of the people from our force.
    Oddly, I wasn't one of those.
    Lord Dupre then informed us that we weren't done.
    To prove him correct, Exodus himself arrived in the flesh.

    Now, I despise Exodus.
    Not 'cause he's soem evil dude. Our world is full of evil stuff and people.
    I hate him for the freakish, bizzare, cxreatures he brought to Sonoma.
    He might as well have brought F-15s or RPG's.
    The things he left here don't belong here.
    Humans, Elves, Dragons, check.
    Gargoyles, kinda weird but okay.
    Dwarves, halflings or hobbits would be fine.
    The mechanical garbage he left is unforgivable.
    So we killed him.

    It took a while and several people died.
    They were all rezzed, so no permenet damage.
    I died once and DragonSnack followed me down the Dirt Nap Way.
    I was rezzed and DS's ghost followed me right back into the fight.
    He's awfully brave as a ghost.
    When Exodus died many people got special scrolls.
    I wasn't special enough.
    I guess I didn't do enough damage to him.
    The hour of wall bashing didn't count.

    Back at Dupre's camp he let us all copy a book.
    A book.
    I are special after all.