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Exploited weapons?

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by ClanBeviin2, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. ClanBeviin2

    ClanBeviin2 Guest

    On the Ahazi server at least, there have been warnings from SOE about exploited weapons and that using/selling/crafting them is a banable offense. We have been warned that if we think a weapon is illegal to contact admin and they will look at the weapon and let us know. We are also warned not to equip them. My question is: How do I know?

    I know that the weapons I'm using now are not illegal, since they are all reward weapons, but if I'm looking for an upgrade, naturally I'm looking for the best I can get. What things should I be looking for that would lead me to believe that a weapon has been exploited? I would hate to buy and use a kickin' gun only to be banned for what I didn't know I was using.

    What does an exploited weapon "look" like? :gun:
  2. Penti

    Penti Guest

    From what I've "heard" its stupidly high dps thats the giveaway? If these weapons are being sold expect them to also be stupidly high prices sold by stupid people.......

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.