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Explosion pots in PvP?

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by SPLoki, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. SPLoki

    SPLoki Guest

    I tossed a pot today at a guildmate and it didnt hurt him at all. Could someone clarify the purple potion pvp rules for me? This was on Siege.
  2. SPLoki

    SPLoki Guest

    Noone knows the purple pot pvp rules?
  3. Masumatek

    Masumatek Guest

    I'm not sure on this but perhaps you can't damage a blue with it if they're not flagged on you or you're not red? And perhaps it was because he was a guildmate...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Area effects don't affect guildmates, or allied guilds. Heck if you're blue, I don't think it'll work on another blue unless he's flagged to you.
  5. Wakiza

    Wakiza Guest

    If you are a blue it will only hit people who are red or grey to you.

    If you are a red it will hit everyone accept guildmates and allies.
  6. While not quite the topic, it's related...

    Mel's wine does more damage than an explosion pot....
  7. Adam333

    Adam333 Guest

    Does mel's wine also get more damage with enhance potion items and the alchemy skill? Roughly, how much more damage do they do by the way?
  8. I've never actually used them myself, but have PvP'r friends that will use nothing but them in combat now, so I'd guess that they would be affected by Enhance Pots, or they wouldn't be using them exclusively. All of them confirmed that it does do a significant amount more damage.
  9. Valhakar

    Valhakar Guest

    Just as a FYI, the KR client makes a grenadier VERY easy to play. I took my alchemy character "Al the Chemist" who was role played as a wimpy sickly little twerp. An etheral mount, a button set to use greater explosion/last targer, and all 77 of his hit points still let him throw down a world of hurt. I can only imagine a Master or GM alchemsit on an established character. His g-explosions at 98 skill were netting him 60-80 damage against drakes.
  10. Mel's wine does do more damage, as well as the enhance pot does help...

    HAVING SAID THAT, it's like 5 hp's more for the enhance pot at 50%. To me, there is a better use for that jewelry then using those crappy rings. I'd rather have high DCI 1/3 with LRC or something then bother with 5 hp's more...

    Mel's wine is more expensive to use as well, and only adds like 3-4 damage. I'd just use normal greater explodes.. I mean - when it boils down to it - you only REALLY use those pots in grinder situations to break another guild's grinder, orrrrr if you are house hiding *Cringes* And if you ARE house hiding, you don't deserve to get a kill anyways (completly besides the point haha).
  11. My new alchemist does about 57 damage to himself [​IMG] It seems to be a pretty quick way to kill although it requires correct placement of the pots. Still working on the coordination.