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Eye of the Dragon

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Daenyra, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Daenyra

    Daenyra Journeyman

    Oct 17, 2016
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    The Eye of The Dragon

    The air is moist and tropical the aura of the Island seems to speak to me as I approach. The few trips I have made here seem to draw me back more and more often. Jaden has told me of tales of the Island but as with many tales and folk lores the true happenings seem to become distorted the more that hear the tales the more they change as they are repeated. My first trip here I feared the place, felt there was a darkness here but was it darkness or just fear of the unknown. As my ship floats into the shore I can see the remains of a building that once had stood here. So tales of this island are true at least to the part there had been people here at one time. This time coming here to bring the markers for the ship race I can smell what seems as if the smell of something burning. Perhaps someone was now settling here. Preparing myself for running into a visitor I begin to make way to the smell, the smell seems to come from the ruins. Walking into the opening of the jungle where the building had once stood I can tell that not long ago the fire had been burning under the kettle within the ruins. As I approached the kettle the smell seems to be enchanting and mesmerizes me, as my legs become woobly and everything around me seems to be spinning, all the memories of the trips before that I had made here seem to be coming back to me. What a Euphoric feeling, the island seems to be an addiction. I just can't seem to get enough of. Noticing from the center of the Island, from the jungle she appears not as a stranger, I remember her, from the depths of my memorys locked away, " Valyra, I have come back and the plans are set. "

    As my mind drifts off to my first encounter with Valyra, it began right here sitting around the boiling caldron the air thick with the smell of nightshade. The words had been implanted in my mind to only be remembered during my indulgence of nightshade. Here that first night Valyra spoke the words to me " Neira has awakened the darkness inside you, the anger the fears the violence you hold back. I know your anger child do not try to hide it from me. I practice the dark magics and I can see the darkness in your soul. You think you have hidden it well but its plain as the nose on your face." as she stoked the fire and added more nightshade to the kettle I was becoming dizzy yet sat as she turned back to me with a scouring look she preceeded on " that Governor, the one from the islands below here. You know my child she angered you when she said at the meeting with your King they were forming Dragon Hunts, as well you know the bond you have to the Dragons and the people who call them Family. So tell me do you honestly believe it is darkness to be angry at someone threatening to murder your family?" " That Island is a dwelling for assasians, Murrdderers yet you hide the feelings of resentment towards them and go eat from there kitchens, drink from their cup. Do you not think girl, they are drugging you making you passive forcing their beliefs on you..." As I try to stammer the words " No , no they are my friends Enoch would not poison my soup ...." Huffing and turning back to the fire Valyra shakes her head disapproving of my defense of them. " My child go then prepare them and send them to me, send them into the mouth of the Dragon. This Island will appear as the head of a Dragon upon your map, only those with the heart of a dragon will see it, the fin on the head of the dragon will appear at the north east side of the map the horns at the north west side of the map and the open mouth at the lower end of the Island, The Eye of the Dragon watches Jhelom, and the mouth is open ready to breathe fire on them, this island will watch and protect Destard, your family. All those who hold your heart dear will find the eye of the Dragon and return to you to help you. Heed my words I will test them those who come here. I will know those with ill intent...."

    As the smell of the nightshade lessens brings me back to my present thoughts " the event to restore Skara has been planed and a benefit has been scheduled but I want no harm to come to my friends and I want to help Skara", Valyra scowls and returns to stirring the concohcsion she is brewing, her rituals seem to consume her as she slowly begins " Child do you believe me as evil? I could be if you wished, I only draw out what you muffle, emotions inside that needs to be spoken and acted upon. I have been appointed to find the true protector of all Dragon, good and evil. Just as the King is King of all of his Kingdom, those who are good as well as those who are evil. He protects them until they commit a crime to be punished for, rarely does he condem them to Death. Yet when need be an execution is preformed " Yet the King himself does not dirty his hands with such a task, neither shall you, if you become a true protector of Dragons, Jaden was to soft, weak, she allowed her feelings towards mankind to cloud her judgments. Dear Child I have chosen you, the Girl with the heart of a savage, who can be kind and empathatic yet cold and ruthless when you need to be." Smiling at me she says " You Dear Daenyra have the heart of a true Dragon and hiding behind a title as governor are stiffling yourself, use that position and bring Honor to your Family" pausng watching the expression on my inebriated face she finishs with "build an empire and use what is before you as stepping stones. Bring them to me as i filter the ones true to you, bring them to the Dragon."

    Handing me what seems to be a pipe, she shoves it to my mouth, "here take a puff of this and all will return as before you came here once it wears off, you will not remember being here and life will return to what appears normal to all others. Until the fires of the dragon inside you bring you to me again." waving her hand, motioning me to go " now off with you, give me those markers and climb back aboard that ship. By the tme you reach Skara you will awaken from your state of mind and go about business as normal" . " Now scoot"

    Waking up aboard my Ship at the docks of Skara my head seems to hurt ever so slightly and i just feel exhausted. The Inn here has made good coin from me lately and I am ever so thankful its near the docks. *thinking* "those trips out to sea just seem to wear me out afterwards"

    Locked Away in the Depths of my Memories,