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Face of Mankind

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dalton4902, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Dalton4902

    Dalton4902 Guest

    Would you be interested in playing a game where EVERYTHING in the world is COMPLETELY 100% player driven? From the politicians that create laws, the the police department, to the military, gangs, mercenaries, large trading corporations, everything you buy and eat, all of it is created and done by the players of the game.

    In this world, there are no traditional "levels" as in most other MMOs. It is a First/Third person shooter with a wealth of intrigue, politics, power, money, and much more to be made and conquered. Everyone starts out with just their skill, and you must use your skill to gain in favor and ranks. All ranks actually do for a player is make them more known and grant them a bit more pull in their own faction, and some outside influence as well once higher ranks are achieved (which there are only 7 ranks to begin with). To gain in rank, you must be promoted by another player of higher rank within your faction. Your skill in combat, leadership, and political and speaking capabilities will determine everything about you.

    Another HUGE bonus about this game, in my opinion, is because of the fact the world is completely player driven, most of the game population actually RPs their character. You really can't help but do so once you actively join in the community.

    I do not work for these people, but I felt I had to advertise the game, because I want to see this game reach the success rate it deserves. It has launched in the past and due to publishing difficulties it closed down. Now the game is being relaunched, and I truly hope it is a huge success. This is just one person trying to give a little extra promotion to a game he loves.


    Read up on it, and look for me on the community forums. Hope to see you there!