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Faction Fiction: Of Knights and Thieves

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Lore Denin (GL), May 25, 2010.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
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    Recap of the first meeting between Commanding Lord Denin and Nonel Topd, guild master of the Minocian Partisans Resistance

    "My forces are moving by sea and we plan to attack Minoc in two days time. It will be a hard pressed battle, one I am not sure we can win without the help of the Minocian Resistence."

    "Don't get more wrong Lore, we detest the scum that occupies the town and we are working in less conspicuous ways to make life hard for them but tell me, why should we support you? Are we to simply trade one jailer for another?"

    "You have my word, when the True Britannians recapture Minoc from the Shadowlords, we will commit all our men and resources to rebuilding the Town. The town government will be restored and the Finance Minister and Sheriff will not be selected from my ranks but citizens of the towns choosing.

    I am in this war to help the people of Felucca. To help them remember what it was like to live lives of hope. Lives free from war and terror. Liberating Britain was the beginning of that dream, freeing Minoc is the next step in realizing that dream. I need your help, and the help of the Partisans, The True Britannians can not do it alone.”

    "So in this dream do you make it only rain twice a week and keep the temperatures above freezing so as not to make our toes cold? I am sorry but I learned long ago when someone offers you a flying ship, it usually sinks!

    Yes, we are the organized resistance of Minoc, and I understand that you need our support to win this battle but our ranks are filled with people with lets just say less then stellar reputations . You can't tell me as soon as you have Minoc under True Britannian control you won't be throwing us all in jail."

    "You have my word Nonel that will not happen. The people of Minoc have suffered for far too long, we are not interested in digging up old warrants or starting witch hunts over crimes committed years ago. It is not the citizens of Minoc who have failed Britannia but Britannia who has failed to protect the Minocians. Once Minoc is freed, the people can start to rebuild their lives free from past mistakes."

    "Don't get me wrong. Part of the rebuilding of Minoc will be the restoration of Britannian law and order. No one, not the lowest ranking soldier nor the Commanding Lord himself, is above the law. The citizens will begin with a clean slate but this is not an offer of immunity from the law. It is important that members of Minocian Partisans Resistence understand that supporting the True Britannians will not grant them any special privileges. What I can promise is that in the true spirit of Britannian law and the Virtue of Justice, any citizen accused of a crime will treated with compassion and given a fair and unbiased trial in the High Court of Yew. I very much doubt Lady Minax or the Shadowlords would make such an offer."

    "A person claiming to be honest, giving an honest response. That's unexpected." Nonel paused for a moment before continuing as a sarcastic smirk played across his face, "You really believe all that crap don't you. I might be a fool but you almost have me believing it too. Almost, but what your really saying is, if this little plan of yours works and we are able to liberate Minoc, You will be keeping an eye on us."

    "Not exactly but if you want to look at it like that then yes. The law must apply fairly for all citizens of Britannia. If we are to restore virtue to this land, it must begin with holding out men to that standard or else we are no better then the armies we battle and all those who have given their lives for our cause have given them in vain."

    "Well then, I think we have an understanding." Nonel reached out with his hand giving Lore a firm handshake. "Even if you are completely full of it, at least you have the courtesy to lie to my face. Honestly, how much worse could things get for Minoc. I just hope you don't make a fool out of me for trusting in you."

    “That makes two of us, if we even live that long”

    "Oh and one last thing, a gift for the Commanding Lord. A small token of our alliance that you never forget what you have promised the people of Minoc and what we are capable of if betrayed."

    Nonel reached out and dropped a beautifully crafted ankh necklace into Lore's hand.

    "Thank you Master Nonel, I am honored by your gift and your commitment to this alliance. In fact, I have...”, Lore reached up to find his neck bare and his ankh pendent missing.

    "Have? I believe you mean still have...” Nonel responded with a mocking grin, "Oh and keep an eye out for criminals, I hear this part of town is overrun with thieves. The citizens of Minoc will be grateful to have the keen eyes of virtue watching over us. I feel much safer already. Til next we meet M'lord."

    Nonel departed with an exaggerated bow, leaving Lore alone with his thoughts. Though his face betrayed little of what he was feeling, holding back the laughter was one of the hardest things he would ever have to do. Lore knew from that moment that he was going to really enjoy working with Nonel, he just wasn't sure he could let on as to how much."
  2. Ghost of Gramps

    Ghost of Gramps Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 7, 2008
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    Excellent tale. The dialogue is well placed, putting one there as if listening to one side.