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Faction OMG says it all!

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by MRS. UO, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. MRS. UO

    MRS. UO Guest

    I would like someone to explain to me how the factions are able to stay in the game when they are overpowering:spider. I was at Yew gate tonight with my husband killing the OMG guild which is factioned into MIN on Lake Superior. Their speed hacking is LAME, hope that gets fixed. Not the only problem! My guild was mostly blues attacking reds and so OMG brings out a blue cross-healer who is constantly going gray. In order to take out the reds you have to kill the cross-healer. Attacking the gray was getting us guard whacked. What is going on there? Is it because they are factioned? A cheat? Please Explain! Thanks...

    My thoughts on factions should be that being able to wear the suits entails more then just killing opposing faction members. I think their should be more of a balance of the work put in to get something good out of it. Instead it seems these guys get suits without any effort and are able to harass people on multiple shards due to the ease imbuing has brought to making suits. If you are going to be in factions there should be more then a 20 min penalty of stat. Faction players should have work to keep their stuff. Killing opposing faction member for the point system didn't work to well because it was exploited. I would like to see quests or something that required continous attention.
  2. icm420

    icm420 Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I can't make an educated guess on what happened without a few details..

    Were any of you using summons on this guy? This is the most common way to get guard wacked as a blue attacking a blue, **** even as a red attacking a grey I have been guardwacked for saying all kill with a summon or a pet. If you say guard me they will attack the guy after he hits you, this has issues of course...but gets around the guard wacking.

    He was cross healing so he was a mage I take it.. it is possible this is some bug occuring from magic reflection? I was pretty sure they fixed this but in all honesty I havn't played my scribe mage in about 3 months so I don't know. But it had been flagging the people who had magic reflection on as the criminals since they were able to reflect the spell being cast, seeming as if they "struck first" when in reality they just reflected the spells the other guy unloaded.

    Then you have to consider that mayb he wasn't actually healing anyone ( I wasn't there I don't know) and was simply polymorphing or something to appear grey to get you guys to flag him.

    The only thing I know for sure is that if you say all kill and attack someone in guards, even if they are grey to you, YOU will get guardwacked..Not sure if this is a bug or if uo just loves the guard wacking system.. But it happens to me a lot especially with pixies and just the other night with my dreadmare. (luckily it let the dread live but smoked me :/ )