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Factions and PvP

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lord Achilles™, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. I would like to see if somehow faction fighting could become the only form of PvP. Honestly, the gate fighting is ridiculous, attack; run into a house, hide behind a house, or hide on the gate...Lame. Anyone wanting to do a spawn now to get any of the new things, has to worry about the ghost cams, and can't even enjoy doing a spawn. I think that all PvP should simply be factions, you want to PvP join factions, now a days you hardly lose anything, so you go into stat for a little bit, all the Dev's would have to do is maybe turn the timer down a bit. No more red's, you don't even go into stat as a red like the old days (factions do), red's are usless; you die as a red and dont lose hardly anything your not in stat and you come right back to fight R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. At least if it was all concentrated into factions, you would have Trammies and PvP/Factions all as 2 more seperate problems to fix. Instead of having PvP balance issues, and some factions issues, and some PvM issues then what happens is you fix something for the gate PvPer's and something in factions gets messed up big time and the PvM gets messed up a little, or Vice Versa. Make it all one thing and focus your attention on fixing it as a whole instead of trying to make all the smaller aspects "balanced". I don't know to me it seems like if thought through this would be the easiest way to at least form 2 groups to balance, the PvP/Factions and PvM.
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Are you saying miners get to mine in fel unaldulterated?

    All non faction players and fight and hunt freely in fel?

    Why have fel at all?

    Way to go cuttting out half the game there guy!
  3. I would like to know the last time you killed a miner, or a lumberjack....

    And your right, what is the point of fel ? Anyone that PvP's knows the only places PvP happens anymore is at the spawn locations and at a gate, and some faction fighting. NO WHERE ELSE. There aren't guilds set aside to kill the miners, or to do anything but the things I have just mentioned, so how exactly would that kill half the game ? And I posted the thread for ideas on what kinds of fixes would need to happen to help adjust the current sysytem because the current system is broken. The gate fighting, house hiding, ghost camming makes it so no one wants to come to Fel and participate in anything..
  4. Draxous

    Draxous Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Only way I agree to this is if EVERY character in Ultima Online has to be a member of a faction and that faction fighting is opened up to every facet.

    Otherwise this idea is terrible.
  5. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Jesus H Christ what a carebear trammie....

    Please, by all means, destroy what is left of the corpse of the only part of this game that I love anymore...

    Just wait a while OP, i'm sure there's more pixel crack coming your way to soothe your poor nerves. The hurt from the asswhoopin you probably just got at a felucca spawn will dull in time...

    And I ****ing hate Factions, they ruined the only thing left in UO that I enjoyed. PVP without statloss.
    Now if I want to stay competitive, I'm forced to join the joke that is Factions, play a little, then sit out for 15 mins because I died to some lame tactic that needs fixed.

    See DEVS!?
    See what type of Trammie-hold-my-hand mentality you create with these stupid decisions you guys make?!


    /end rant
  6. And you must be one of the few that sits at a gate or in there house, or camming a spawn, I am certain ive been playing the game longer than you and been involved in PvP longer than you, that said. Take a good look at your PvP you arent coming up with any new ideas to improve it, your not coming to the table with any thoughts on how to get more "trammies" to fel. Your completely comfortable with sitting at a gate all day, hiding in your house coming outside to fight only when numbers are in one side or the others favors. I still 100% believe reds should have a stat loss, same as faction, at least it defines a winner in a battle. Other than die, rez, repeat. But you all come into the thread saying horrible idea, with no fixes. I cant kill miners is the only thing constructive thats been posted. I only play UO to PvP but if you truly like to PvP then you should take a look at the thing you love most because its garbage the system is broke. I couldnt tell you the last time I signed on becasue of the unbalance in all aspects of the game.
  7. BakeryGnome

    BakeryGnome Guest

    HOW DO I GET OUT OF MY FACTION!!!!!!!? I cant dbl click the faction stone....to get the resogn option.....is this a bug?
  8. wfreeman3

    wfreeman3 Guest

    I would like to say that PVP on Great Lakes is a joke. The only place to find so called PK's is at the YEW gate or a group that shows up at a spawn in response to a ghost cam script. The so-called PK's at the YEW gate are all the house owners around the gate with the majority being stealth archers that are very accomplished in the hiding skill. They get one red to get a player to chase them into an opening where multiple stealth archers are waiting to dismount and AI them. With the current system these so-called PK noobs don't carry anything on them, so when they occasionally die they just res and repeat without any penalty.

    I remember fun of the old days when you had to go out in the world to get resources or bring up skill and had to keep on the watch for the real PK's. When one of these PK's died they not only lost everything on them, but the also had to deal with skill loss.

    While I think the skill loss was a bit sever I think some kind of penalty must be brought back. One possible solution would be that REDS could not use the insurance system. I mean this is a true TRAMMY benefit. If this was implemented then maybe we could get rid of the whole player separation of FEL/TRAM and bring back the excitement of PK's. I also think only the thieves should be able to use hiding and stealth skills.
  9. Dragkiris

    Dragkiris Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you were hoping to find real pvp at the Yew gate your a little to optimistic. Yew gate just entails red stealth archers waiting for someone to get out of GZ and a bunch of noobie blues waiting for someone else to flag on a random red that walks by first.
  10. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I do all my resource gathering in fel. In fact i regulaly log out my pvp char near where im planing on doing a run and if I get messed with I bust out and make them pay. this "to me" is a,lot of fun and IS pvp.

    Ghost cams are easy to contend with but, you will need a guild. They have a guild and so you must as well. You have 1-5 players regularly use the abiliys the game offers to clean out the cams and they have that much less chance at having it work the way they intend. Excorcies and reveal/kill every day. Not just before a spwn but every day! You have to relize for the guilds doing it it is a job.

    Gate fights to me is a taste of pvp. Its where new players get to "try it out" beyond that I dont see it as much fun.
  11. kaio

    kaio Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    lul, smells like flamebait....
  12. Again, I will say the purpose of this post is to get the uninvolved involved in some way to help fix the PvP and Factions. All the posts you read are to fix candles and give us slimes that dye our arti's. Not too many from the PvP community come out to try to give any form of suggestions for fixes to the PvP, and the more we go without saying anything the more we continue to fall to the waistside of the Dev team. Any that PvP's cannot come in here and say that they way fights go down is really that "fun". Possibly because there are so many people that haven't played in a time when there wasn't insurance or when reds received perm stat loss. But the spawns arent fun to go to unless you have a big guild with at least 5 guys that know how to PvP. Spawns should be a place not only to get arti's but should be a place where your nervous that a red guild could come anytime to disrupt you from the spawn. But, the fact that they can just rez, and repeat without any losses of any kind is stupid. The fact that they cam is stupid, and if your not in a guild a spawn should be a spot to meet some people or gather with some people to get ready for the red's you know are going to come. Back in the day when you used to bring up skills in Deceit Skele room, I used to remember waiting for the reds to come and give everyone a fight in the dungeon. Spawns should resemble the same thing, but they don't. Combine that with the unbalance in the skills and it equals a loss in all forms of PvP. Factions are broken yes, but the system is a good system it just needs work. But its a great start point to get people more involved in PvP, with the introduciton of some arti's and actually getting something from all the work you put into PvP. My question I would then ask would be what is your favorite thing about PvP, why do you do it ? Thats where they need to start the fix for it. including fixing the sever balance issues of templates.