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Factions on Europa?

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by DDesire, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. DDesire

    DDesire Guest


    Being a returning player etc...to keep it short so I can get to the real "story" :p

    I wanted some fun outside of the PvE with my tamer, so I rolled a warrior and thought I'd check out factions and get some PvP fun, Minax sounded cool so Minax it was...

    After bashin golems for several days I decided to try out some pvp today just for the heck of it.
    I went to Yew not knowing anywhere else to look for a fight, and I saw a couple SL and one CoM.

    I just jumped into the action wanting to try my horrible build out :p
    I wasn't totally sewage against the SL guys but I still had to run alot cause of my currently low healing.
    Not getting anywhere I decided to try the CoM guy out.. now this guy was a beast, I have gone stupid on my build
    and got legendary anatomy,tactics, swords and GM lumber but even so I was only hittin the dude for like 15dmg
    but he couldn't kill me neither and I just jet like crazy when my health got too low for my low healing to keep me safe. after awhile he got frustrated and stopped chasing me :p
    Before I returned to the gate I saw another minax player fightin some SL, I jumped in the fight and the SL guy died :danceb: yay.. I thought..
    the Minax guy however went like "Sorry I don't even know him" and rezzed the guy.. I thought well ok maybe they had decided on a 1on1 fight ( I don't see the point tho being in factions and around yew gate )

    Now I returned to Yew gate and I saw the same guy from earlier the CoM mage just standing next to another Minax player... So I just walked up and told him my dmg sucked on him :D, he said yea go train, and some **** about speed? I was like yea I need more dex..
    Anyway, he attacked me again and I got away again and while this was goin on the Minax player was just standing there.. the next time I got back to the gate and the CoM player got me to low health, guess what? the Minax player killed me..
    I was like the **** is going on? :wall: why are guilds cross factions all buddy buddy and butt buddies it seems like? why not stay out of factions and do wars instead and be allies with your butt guild?

    The hell should I do to be able to just enjoy some pvp when I want to, but at the same time be able to have people from same faction back me up or vice versa instead of gettin killed by them..

    Minax and CoM are like this on Europa? should I look into other factions?

    thx :p
  2. People on Europa are prolly only in factions for the arties, come to Great Lakes and enjoy some of the best faction fighting this game has to offer :)

  3. Law of Hell

    Law of Hell Guest

    I am the mage you are talking about, was it fate is mine right ? yes it was :)

    the thing is you see, no one will help you if you cheat, running a speedhack is not tolerated, i told that to the minax guy who btw is a friend of mine, he didnt say anything, you came back and at low health you just ran away so quickly i just didnt see you go, then he got the proof that you indeed speed and he helped me kill you ( well not help rly not that i rly needed it but what the heck your running a pretty effective program here ).

    If you run a speeding program, dont expect any help or support from any other player :)
  4. DDesire

    DDesire Guest

    yea it was you.
    That's just BS ruining a new players reputation with no proof at all.
    Plenty of people kill me everyday not my fault you couldn't keep up with me, I play in KR client I can fraps when I jet away from you.

    Just cause you cant' kill a new player does not mean they're cheating... :coco:
  5. Splup

    Splup Guest

    KR client works pretty much like speedhack so expect to get more "speedhacker" comments. With KR client you outrun 2D users pretty easy. If you are in a guild put "KR Client" or something to you guildtag so some may understand that ur not cheating.

    The PvP community is very small on Europa, so everyone pretty much knows everyone, that's why some factions ally against other factions etc. But usually ppl inside same factions don't kill each other.