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factions on great lakes

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Decker, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Decker

    Decker Guest

    fluffy started it so lets try to keep this one positive lets get out our ideas and impliment them
    so heres is what i porpose as the newly apointed governer of fellucia

    The Aramis Convention

    Article one
    enemy factions will not use nor hide each others traps!

    Article two
    faction enemys will not rez kill a enemy, we will allow said enemy to get out of the battle to reequip, re arm and resupply, enemies that are freshed rezzed and run back into the battle are and will be considered targets, fresh rezed enimies seen reequiping on the battle fields will be concidered valid targets, so leave you death robe on and leave the field/area of play re-equip and then return
    thus ends the squabbling of rez killing if you dont want to get rez killed don't rez on the battle field

    Article three
    each and every faction can, will and should use what traps and guards they have available with out fear of ridicule. it is part of the game learn to play around it.

    Article four
    use or supposed use of third party applications you know who you are so if you use them or not its up to you but fight with honor, no more trash talking or accussing others with here say just get rezzed and try again everyone can be beat its up to you to figure out how.

    Article five
    each faction on great lakes will appoint one of thier faction members to the newly created faction council. this council will meet and herby govern faction play on greatlakes and make sure treaties are followed. they will be resposable for the postitve promotion of factions, creating peaceable faction faires for recruitment, inter-faction tournyments for prizes and bragging rights,, and bringing sactions against those who would not follow charters put before them.
    the faction council member should not be the commanding lord of a faction.

    Article six
    duels for towns. Duels for towns will be called trails of possesion and a commanding lord can challange another commanding lord to single combat for the rights to hold all town sigils. Guarding them uninterupted by the losing faction. Futher more the trails of possesion can be broken down into 8 fights for each individual sigil by commanding lords appointing a champion to fight for the town.
    Duels will be on foot, uninterupted by friend or foe, not to exceed a 20x20 tile area, bagballs or empty barrels will be used to map out the duel area. should the duel be interupted that person or faction will have sactioned brought against them by the faction council.

    well there it is we may all sqabble a nd fight with each other but in all we are a community with in a community and we need to grovern ourselfs cause noone is helping us resolve issues so its time to start doing this ourselves what do you all think. is this doable cause i think it is. alot of us have at one time or the other faught along side each other before we have fought against each others and this is what bonds us the most. so lets make this faction boards more postitive and get more people to play with us. fights would be better if they were four way fights

    decker the black
  2. 1needy1

    1needy1 Guest

    Decker lovely thoughts but go back to Tram and discuss possibilty of starting a tram faction guild.Man this is Fel its begiining to look like kindergarden show here:danceb:
  3. the grog

    the grog Guest

    well what i think of rez killing is crap if yer rezed near the fight you are going to heal up and jump in some times not in that order thay raid i die i rez i die agian my fault for rezing in a place thay can get me now as for the thiefs most if not all can steal in stats i hate the rings and junk for that stats only mean someting to mages dexers and trap removers if its a raid expect rez kills we all know when soe one rez in town or near the fight thay are geting ight back in
  4. Arabella

    Arabella Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 8, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Great Idea !!! Hope others feel the same way!
  5. Cardell

    Cardell Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Article 3 is doo doo. TB base and traps are unbalanced and will forever get ridicule from me. Until they are fixed of course.

    Article 5 is kind of pointless because, lets face it, you cannot represent people who do not recognize you as their representative. Conan is in SL, and there are some Minax who put alternates in SL to grief us and will not abide by any agreements we make. If you want to set up tourneys just make a post. Tell ppl to put there name, faction, guild, icq, template, and how much they have to pay to enter. Then set a time to start it.

    Duels for towns is kind of silly. The whole point of factions is to fight for towns. If you want to duel for towns sometime pure mage or pure dexer well put up our best for ur best but like I said before. Any agreements made between us will not be followed by people who do not recognize us as there ally. We have plenty of them in SL that are really Minax or in Conans case, just a foreign ****** bag who wants to fight us with out going into stat.

    Article 2 is pretty weak. Although I'm down for no res killing there is no real way to determine who is still in the fight or who is not. So, we can just tell our guilds to lay of res killing for no reason and hope they follow it.

    Oh.. and the name sucks.
  6. Nonel

    Nonel Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jul 29, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Cardell mostly hit it on the head. You can have these treaties between guilds, but you cannot expect to make it faction-wide.
  7. Decker

    Decker Guest

    hey just an idea
    trying to get positive on these boards and not this guy doed this this guy does that kinda bs. i want us to have four factions going and maybe just maybe gms will take notice and tell the devs hey fix it for those guys who play it cause right now theres like maybe 50 of us who play when i started defending tb we had like 250 in the castle and streets it was crazy, i was playing my crafter black and decker and my station was back in the forge with other crafters my tremp then was
    100 mining
    100 smith
    100 talior
    100 caprtenter
    100 tinker
    100 parry
    100 mace
    my job was to make and repair armor we hd a team posted to stop others from getting into the smith shop i never saw the sig room then i stayed t my post re equiping people ( no insurance then) thieves would not only bring in aids and pots but iron and leather we would smelt down looted goods and reforege them into what we needed it was a blast 24 hours of straight guarding hehe
    those were the days