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Factions Promotes PVP?

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Bama, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Bama

    Bama Guest

    A guild on Lake Superior, the largest ative one I think Joined factions. Untill a couple of weeks ago maybe 10-15 in each faction. this guild fielded 12 people on a saturday morning. They grabbed the sigils and placed tehm at Minax base. With SL COM and TB together and I mean together coordinating fielded 18 people. They could not take the base, it was held for 11 hours straight. Probally the best PvP Ive seen in a while. People were watchign who were not in factions and, it actually got quite a few more to sign up.
    When the sigals were ready to be stolen again it was done at 2am and held through the night by the TB faction guild. No reall pvp when people are asleep, work or school for the most part. When people such as myself logged on that day the town sigils were all recorrupted except for two. Oh well cheap win, but a group of four came after the sigils. instead of fighting for the sigils the TB guild ran the sigils to their house and sat there purple. (cowardly acts should not be rewarded) Not comming out they redid this all day untill their numbers were larger than the invading force, like 11pm.

    What I would Like...new to factions but still have an opinion.

    1. absolutely no private home can be entered while carrying the sigil.
    2. 7 day corrupted timer that either starts or ends on a weekend when most play. No matter what day the sigil is finally captured, if its not captured till friday it still resets on saturday.
    3. either keep the 10 hour corruptor or lower it to 5 hour minimum.
    While in faction area 1 screen around all bases at least all faction members are either unattackable by everyone else, or guards GONE.
    4 if attacked by anyone other than faction durrign a fight Stat loss does not occur. Already tired of one faction guy and four others killing me for stat loss.
    5 When RED and you enter factions you automatically become ORANGE / BLUE, if you commit a murder outside of factiosn you are immediatly placed in stat loss for 24 hours. this prevents the outside assistance from others in town areas and removes the threat of the PK to others. ( if atacked thought thats not murder, murder is when you recieve a count)
    6 BALANCE SYSTEM, do not allow one faction to have more than 20% than the others, place restrictions to not allow membership untill slots filled on opposing factions to fall wihin range.
    7. The new Items SHOULD NOT WORK IN ANY TRAM RULESET AREA, or we will have an influx of tram folks for a few day to create the illusion of Fel growth and once they have thir points POOF.
    8. The sigil timer disrupter, it seems that if they steal it and run to a house by the time you get it back it has reset the timer for you, shouldn't this be if they take it to their base and place it on their post for 15-20 min and guard it. I mean I can steal a sigil walk into the woods and hide for 20 min just to disrupt it , wheres the Pvp in that?

    Thanks for the time and
  2. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:

    1.) I agree with you.

    2.) I disagree, I think its fine the way it is.

    3.) 5 hours would be ok for corruption.

    4.) Then you would just have people asking non faction friends to harm them when they get in a fight. Too many possible work-arounds for this I think.

    5.) Why can't factioners be murderers?

    6.) Numbers are part of PvP. I don't mind being outnumbered.

    7.) Trammies are going to have a hard time using the high end items. I doubt most, if any, will be able to get high enough rank to wear any of the items that are actually worth while.

    8.) Sometimes, just resetting the timer is all you need to do. If another faction is holding the sigs, and I'm the only one on in my faction I will clearly not be able to successfully guard the sigils. My only hope is to disrupt their plans by resetting their timer. If I get the sigils 7 hours in to a 10 hour defense, think they will try to guard the same night? Probly not.
  3. Cardell

    Cardell Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    1) I agree.
    2) Fine the way it is. So many people complain about the timing. 10 hours is not bad. It allows you to reset the sigs when you get on to prevent other people from corrupting and its long enough to actually mean something. When you guard the sigs you should feel a sense of accomplishment. Yes you do have to worry about morning and late night guards. They are not fun but some people do them to avoid the big fights. It's a part of the factions unfortunately but when you get those mid day guards and you have those big fights,,, well you've had one yourself, you know the feeling of non stop fighting. It's a total trip. Also you need to correct your wording. 'Corruption time' is how long you have to hold it in your base. 'Purification Time' is how long you control the towns once you get them corrupted. Just fyi. :)
    3) Lowering it any more than 10 hours will completely kill the big raids and defenses. I'm still a fan of the 24 hour corruption time, but thats just me.
    4) What Lynk said. He's 100% right here. People would exploit this to no end.
    5) You should stay red when you join a faction. The red system has been a joke ever since they took out stat loss. Removing the guard zone is going to ruin the factions (which i believe they are doing for pub 56) and flood the factions with non faction reds camping bases and helping factions by pking the raiding guilds. What they should have done is allow reds to be healed as long as they were not flagged as an aggressor on a blue and keep the guard zone. So reds couldn't pk blues but they could get healed from there guildies and not get guard whacked. They should also remove all the NPCs that spawn inside the TB base so reds don't get guard whacked from inside the base. Then allow fielding in front of TB base.. not the entire town... If you pk someone in your own faction then you should lose points.
    6) The faction balancing system was removed, it was broken anyway. I agree though there needs to be some sort of balancing. Then again, there isn't really an incentive to get the towns since the vendors are all pretty useless. So...
    7) Agreed. Totally. Sorry trammies.
    8) The reseting system is just fine. The ninja and stealthing systems are what need to be looked at. Mainly ninja form and smoke bombs.
  4. Altec

    Altec Guest

    1.) Agree

    2.) Can't fix this either way some people work nights and weekends so no matter what they do here you can't please everyone.

    3.) actually I like the idea of 12 hours might also help take care of problem number 2 as well.

    4.) How about this, instant stat loss for a non-faction member to flag on a sig holder unless that sig holder has flagged on a non-faction member. (I really like this idea!) lol

    5) Maybe something like Idea 4 could apply here in these areas as well.

    6) Agree, I think the only way uo will be able to fix the ranking system is if the go back to a functional balance system.

    7) Well just make OJs attackable in tram lol. But yes I agree but I don't think uo does. Its all about the trammies thats why tamers are the new uber faction character.

    8) Actually I think that a sig should reset as soon as you place it on your post.

    9) Timers on the sigs. I think some people would like to know how much time they have left or how much time the enemy wasted trying to guard the sig you just stole maybe its just me but I would get a kick out of seeing 5 minutes left to coruption as a snach the sig off of its post.lol
  5. Bama

    Bama Guest

    I did not even think of the non-faction reds now helping in new non Guard zone, crap another great insight.
    Thank's for the comments and even thought you guys disagree with me on some items you didnt bite my head off thanks for that.