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Fairy Feast Quest II Fiction

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EM Mystique, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. EM Mystique

    EM Mystique UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Oct 13, 2010
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    A new evening was ushered in by hosts of twinkling stars and the soft sounds of night creatures rustling in the forest. Dew drops were being distributed across plains and meadows to glisten in the growing moonlight. Rustling leaves and a gentle breeze helped to settle the daylight creatures into their evening solitude.

    Through the stillness of the dusk came a ruckus and tirade that scattered birds and crickets, tossed leaves and grasses about like confetti and scared off a pair of grazing fawns. Titania hobbled through the forest twigs and branches poking out from her hair and gown. Oberon had once again been up to his wicked tricks.

    Was it not bad enough that he had turned a human into an ass then proceeded to make her fall in love with the hairy beast?! Now he turned her own forest hide away against her making the trees and nests throw their branches and poke her wings! How Dare he be so brazen to play his bewitching spells on Her! They had come to an understanding the last time he was so insolent. Now she was to have revenge.

    Storming to his Fairy Circle and barging in unannounced and unkempt her seething appearance only produced a deep belly laugh from the Fairy King. Her ire stirred deeper she demanded he release her forest from his spell and restore the order of the Night. Laughing uncontrollably he waved his hand releasing the spell but his court was still mocking and laughing at the Fairy Queen.

    Turning on her heel she ignored completely his beckoning and proceeded straight to the humans Council Hall to meet with the one called Rose. The secret meeting would teach Oberon not to cross the gentle, sweet, even tempered Titania. She would indeed show her mettle and tell the humans how to best the King’s Epic Quests. He was so certain he had the humans for time and eternity, this time he would pay for embarrassing her!

    Meeting with an elf was somewhat close to meeting with a Fae, in that they both had pointed ears and enjoyed nature, but the lack of recognition for the superiority of Fairy kind on the part of most elves proved to be a bit of an obstacle to overcome. None the less Titania sent word to Rose Blaque via a young fairy named Gossamer.

    Flittering and fluttering through Yew and off into the lands of far off places the little Fairy raced, stopping to play on the way, to find Rose and deliver the message from her Queen. Trailing pixie dust in rainbow colors in loops and swirls Gossamer finally found Rose kneeling by a bed of roses tending the fragrant blooms. Remembering her assignment she landed on the blossom close to the nose of the elf maiden causing her to jump and sneeze in one fluid motion. How graceful even for a sneeze, thought the Fairy.

    “I have a note for you.” Gossamer said in a sing song voice unscrolling a magical parchment mid air.
    “Oh my! An invitation to meet. How interesting. I will meet her at once. Thank you, little friend.” she said standing. “Let her know I will meet her straight away.”

    And with that they both were off in different directions.
    Shortly after Rose arrived at the Counselor’s Hall the doors flew open and ushered in on a glistening array of color and petals the Fairy Queen made her grand entrance. Her herald, Gossamer, announced the arrival in her most authoritative voice possible. Given her stature and the squeak she flaunted it sounded more like a cricket’s chirp than a royal procession, yet it did accomplish the task of making the Queen’s presence known.

    Once the fan fair was completed, Rose gave a deep curtsey to her guest and invited Titania a place at the long table. Refreshments were offered and declined swiftly, even though it was not a Fairy Feast the Queen was still a bit paranoid of drinking or eating unusual items {Oberon was fond of dosing her food with his tricks and potions}.

    The business at hand was the second quest demanded by Oberon. He was certain that the Humans would never be clever enough to guess what devilry he had concocted for his own amusement. Titania, however, had overheard his plot as he spoke to his herald Puck. The sly little imp was to find where the Golden Fleece was held and seed the area with pesky creatures ripe for the goal of tormenting and distracting from the true task at hand.

    With the information in hand, Titania made hast to deliver the news to Rose.
    If Oberon were to ever discover her scheme he would indeed turn back on his promise to release the party guests. It was imperative he Not find out. This was the second quest, only one more and this nasty affair would be completed.