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Fall Festival

Discussion in 'LotRO General Discussion' started by Docholiday, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    What's on everyone's wish list for the new festival??

    For me the two horses are top priorities with the new festival one and the special drop from the Haunted cellar.

    Outside of that there's some cool hats and cloaks.

    What about the rest of you?
  2. Seleene

    Seleene Guest

    What does the horse from the cellar look like?

    I'm not sure what I want from there. I'm still trying to find a Kinship to join. I have one in mind, but it never seems like anyone is on. At least who it is you're supposed to contact. It's an all Elf Kinship.
  3. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    I have a couple shots up on my blog, but here's a decent one, the festival horse is the one not a mule :) This one is from the horse races.

    As for the other one, it is a rare drop from the chest in the basement of the haunted burrows - here's a shot of it.

    As for your kinship hunt, what server are you on?
  4. Seleene

    Seleene Guest

    I like the dropped horse.

    I'm on Brandywine. Just looking for an all Elf Kinship to join and one that will allow me to play other characters until I can get all the TP I need to unlock the stuff that I want.
  5. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    I have a couple alts on BW that I haven't played in a while, but for kinships I can certainly recommend Cor Pethroni which is run by the LOTRO Reporter guys. Good group of folks, casual, helpful, and just a fun bunch to hang out with.

    I'm sure there are other kins that are great, but that's one I know personally.
  6. Seleene

    Seleene Guest

    I goofed when I said that I was on Brandywine. I'm actually on Landroval. I still can't seem to get a hold of this Kinship. I just need to ask one question and don't want to register on their forums just to ask it.

    O also don't want to leave this server/character since I bought the riding skill on her.
  7. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    :) no worries - finding a kin can be hard, have you tried in-game mail to one of the officers?
  8. Seleene

    Seleene Guest

    I actually applied to a different kinship. Shadow Company they are called and from their description they seem like a fun group of people.
  9. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    cool, good luck! and certainly keep us posted if you need help finding a kin as I'm people have other suggestion as Landroval's a pretty populated server.
  10. hatwise

    hatwise Guest

    I've been hamming up the Haunted Burrow on all my toons, and no luck on the steed yet. :'(

    At least it's fun and fast!
  11. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    I've been doing it daily on my 4 toons - just got it on my Warden on Saturday, seems quite random.