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Fangs of Fenrir (F^F) Seeking New Members

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Nicholi, May 16, 2008.

  1. Nicholi

    Nicholi Guest

    Glad to see the forums back up and running, even if only temporary ones. I wanted to let everyone know that we're currently looking to rebuild our old guild. We used to have a pretty fair member count several years ago but during the major changes and expansions a lot of folks left including my brother and I who founded the guild. Wasn't to try other games, just an extended holiday if you will.

    We're playing full swing again and, as I said, rebuilding the old guild. F^F is a PvM guild though we have been known to dabble in PvP when boredom strikes and we feel like slapping each other around or having in-guild tournaments or jousts. At one time we were heavy in the RP scene unfortunately the number of people who still RP has dwindled quite a bit. We still do so when we find those who reciprocate. I'm currently working on rebuilding the website for the guild and will have it together soon. In the mean time, I'll give a little backstory on us.

    Myself ("Nicholi M'Drake") and my brother ("Duke Hast Mich") have been playing since the late 90's and are fairly experienced players. Before we started the guild the first time we often ran about as a duo attempting to "solo" everything that moved. Back before the days of Tram, that included reds. :D We realized quickly that it takes a good number of folk to tackle the really fun stuff in Sosaria, and Fangs of Fenrir was born. We setup a charter devoted to helping every 'newb' we came across and holding open hunting parties to delve into some of the darker parts of the realm.

    Since we've returned, we've beefed ourselves up quite a bit more and tried to attack the world as the 'dynamic duo' once again. Granted we can do more, but we miss the large hunting parties. We want to hit the larger spawns, treasure hunt and the likes again.

    Our guildhouse is located one screen south and about 10 screens east of the yew moongate on trammel (by the ingame compass). Feel free to drop by and tag the message board. If you're interested in joining a PvM guild devoted to whippin some monster... well you know.. please contact me via icq at 60316679 or email at [email protected]

    All types are welcome. New and veteran, dread and glorious. If you'd like to just go spawn crawlin with us, we're open for that too. Nothing beats a good mass hunt.

    Nicholi M'Drake
    Guildmaster - Fangs of Fenrir
  2. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back to UO, Nicholi and Duke! Best of luck to you with recruiting members into your guild. May I suggest that you give some consideration to perhaps forming a factions arm to your guild? I just took a peek at the factions kill point rankings for Baja [http://town.uo.com/factions/factions_5.html ] and it looks like all four factions on Baja are starting to fill up. And, as you may know, factions are supposed to have some significant/critical involvement in upcoming events.

    Stratics has a Factions forum (listed under the General Forums), if you think you want to do it and lots of friendly folks willing to take a shot at answering any questions you might have.
  3. Nicholi

    Nicholi Guest

    Excellent information. We did some faction warring back when it was first published and had a fair amount of fun even though a fair number of exploits were hindering things a little *cough*npcguardsinbritatcastleentrance*cough*

    I didn't know they were going to be bringing factions into play event-wise. I'll have to look into that. Thanks Tina.
  4. Nicholi

    Nicholi Guest

    Just thought I'd update. Website is coming along and we've moved our guildhall. It now stands at the Brit/Yew/Skara crossroads. We also have a vendor outpost standing next to it. We're of course always seeking players new and old to sign up. If you'd like more information on the guild, feel free to ICQ me

    Nicholi M'Drake
    Guildmaster - Fangs of Fenrir