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FAQ - All Skills

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Beren, Sep 12, 2001.

  1. Beren

    Beren Guest

    Warrior Skill FAQ

    Below is the FAQ for gaining the skills associated with the UO Warrior. Please try and remember that raising skills should be fun and not a race to see how fast you can become a 7x GM Warrior. Start your Warrior with 50 Healing and 50 Magic Resist. These are probably the hardest skills to raise although Resist is pretty easy to get to 50. You may want to choose another skill besides resist if you are looking to get a “newbie” item from some other skill. Make your highest stat Dexterity, this will allow you to gain skills faster. Some players will even start with 10 Strength. Although I would recommend at least 20 Strength for newer players.

    How do I GM Tactics, Macing, Fencing, Swordsmanship, Wrestling?

    With the changes brought to us by Publish 16 the old methods of raising weapon skills are no longer effective. In order to gain you must be able to hit your opponent, and their melee skill must be in the same range as yours.

    Sparring a Guild Mate that has similar Tacts/Weapon skills is a good way of gaining. The "Pits" in Jhelom is another option. If you decide to try Jhelom take lots of bandages, a few hundred gold, and a weapon that causes minimal damage (i.e. a Wand if your a macer). Depending on your skill level hire the following Npcs:

    30-60: 6gp wrestlers
    60-75: 8gp wrestlers
    75-90: 7gp fighters
    90+: 8gp fighters

    Try to avoid hiring an NPC wielding a macing weapon, they will destroy your armor and lower your stamina. This means you will take more damage and swing slower, meaning less gains.

    What other monsters can I fight to GM Weapon Skills?
    Fighting monsters to gain weapon skills is also very effective. Its also much more enjoyable and profitable. Here is a list of monsters that can be fought to gain skill, depending on your skill level, and where you can find them:

    0-30 (skill can be bought up to 28-32 if you find the right npc)

    Birds, mongbats, cats, boars, pigs, dogs, cows, goats, sheeps, rabbits, chickens, snakes, slimes
    Any forest almost anywhere, near minoc/yew moongate, outside delucia.


    -Hinds, llamas, horses, great harts, ridgebacks, (tamed/released) bulls, eagles, gorillas, mountain goats, timber wolves, giant rats

    Moonglow (right outside of town on the South and Eastern sides). Delucia has lots of great harts and bulls north and east of town. Around minoc moongate there's a few great harts and bulls as well. If you find you're out of targets, bulls can be good for gaining, but you'll probably make a lot of tamers mad. Ridgebacks can be found in ilshenar's central area, the easiest way is the compassion gate, then south and through the cavey entrance and up. There's usually a lot of tamers busy with them though.


    -Skeletons, liches
    Any graveyard, but I like Yew since it spawns *only* skeletons. Just beware of any bog things or plague beasts if you fight in Trammel. Yew crypts in Trammel is also good. You should only fight liches of course if you're just training another combat skill(and got high resist), but i found i gained pretty good on them at this level.



    You can go to a swamp, like the one beneath Compassion, the Trinsic swamps, or the Destard swamps, but you can also go to Lvl. 1 Despise (I prefer there). No need to worry about jukas, ratmen, plague beasts, and bog things. Also the cold blood title spawn(when it's at it's lowest level) in ilshenar/felucca/lost lands has tons of lizardmen.



    Head to the Destard swamps on the North-West side, lure a few ratmen away and fight them 1 by 1. Also, in ilshenar, north of sacrifice, there is a medium size rat fort, you'll probably have to drag a few away at a time there. You can also go into the cave where the spawn is smaller.


    The orc dungeon, lure a few of them away and attack them. Spawning orc camps around delucia or the orc forts near cove and britain also work well.



    Covetous Lvl. 1 or lvl 2, just have to watch out for the occasional stone harpy, lvl2 doesn't have any stone harpys though. In ilshenar there's also a harpy nest north/east of the spirituality gate, be sure not to have negative karma or you'll be swarmed by pixies!


    -Harpys, stone harpys

    As said above. Stone harpys can be found in the same place, they've got slightly higher combat skills but hit much harder, so they might not be a good choice.

    - NPC warriors
    Either hire one or fight them in the jhelom fighting pit.

    - Ogre lords
    Despise lvl3, some rune libraries have specific rune to this place. Best for archers though since they hit so hard.

    - Earth elementals

    Shame Lvl. 1, or if it's camped there you can go to Lvl. 2 or 3. There's also some places in Ilshenar, in the desert outside the gargoyle city, around the rocky place north of gargoyle city(get there by honor shrine, walk up and into the cave entrance), the rocky place south of the gargoyle city(it no longer has ore elementals) and in the ratman cave mentioned above(3 tiny spawn spots with only 2 earthys each)

    -Bone and skeleton knights

    City of the Dead in the lost lands, or if you can get a few friends you can head over to Deceit Lvl. 2, a.k.a. the BK room


    Several things work above GM. NPCs still work, but while easy, the gains are very slow. Rotting corpses are very effective, especially if you lure one up to the humility shrine in Ilshenar and use the ankh to cure poison. They can also be found at the bottom of covetous. With a little manipulation of the spawn a wall, like the infamous bone wall can be created.

    Golems can also take you fairly easily up to 115. Anything else that has a strong melee should also be effective.

    Parry is a little harder to GM. It is important to understand the parry skill before becoming a GM Parrier. The chance to parry a blow is based on your parry skill as well as the type of shield you are using. The higher the base AR of a shield the more damage you will parry, but the less often you will parry a blow. So using lower AR shields use the parry skill more often and will raise your skill faster. Bucklers are a very good choice to GM Parry.

    The formula for chance to parry is:

    chance to block = skill - base AR * 2

    Just about any creature will give gains up into the 50’s. After that fight hard hitting creatures like Bone Knights and Earth Elementals until you get into the 80’s or 90’s. Fighting more than one creature at at time will also help speed gains. Gains will slow down at this point. Fighting Cyclops, Stone Creatures, Dull Copper Elementals, Titans, Deamons, and any other hard hitting creatures will get you to GM from that point.

    It does not matter what type of armor you wear while working parry.

    If you are in a hurry to GM Parry the fastest method is to fight a group of Harpies at the same time. Try and get a Stone Harpie plus at least 4 regular Harpies on you at the same time. A friend to help you heal is helpful but you can do this method solo.

    You can still GM off of Blade Spirits but not as fast as before Blade Spirits were changed. You will need to fight several at the same time.

    Healing raises fairly quick until you get into the mid to upper 80's. The best way to raise healing is to heal yourself and others as often as you can. Healing gains are mainly based on movement not on the amount of damage healed. Apply a bandage anytime you take any damage and move around in-between heal attempts.

    Once you get into the 80's the gains will slow down. Attempting to resurrect a ghost is the fastest way to do this, but it can be done solo by using a magic wizards hat. By putting the hat on and then off again you will have 5 hit points to heal. You can often get a healing partner by posting a message in the healing forum. The ghost can just answer no when the resurrect box comes up.

    There are 3 ways to raise anatomy.
    1. Directly by using the Anatomy skill on Players/Creatures. Set up a macro and use it all the time on other players as well as monsters.
    2. Indirectly from hitting Creatures/Players. Kill as many creatures as possible. Killing different types of creatures seems to work better than killing the same thing over and over again.
    3. Indirectly by using the Healing skill. As with healing, apply a bandage any time you can. Anatomy can be GM’d at the same time as healing as noted above. There is currently a little Anatomy “trick” that can also be used. The idea is to get on a boat and apply bandages until you get an Anatomy gain. Immediately stop the boat, lock your healing skill then continually apply bandages (using a Magic Wizards Hat works well). Using this last method is the currently the fastest way to GM Anatomy. Some players report getting gains of greater than 30-40 points of Anatomy in one spot.

    Magic Resist
    Magic resist is a very important skill and you should try and get it as high as you can. If you want to fight the hard creatures or PvP you will need Magic Resist. Magic Resist is also a difficult skill to GM. With the removal of powerhour and the implentation of control slots on summoned creatures makes resist much harder to gain.

    The fastest way to GM Resist is to have several mage friends summon Daemons on the shore while you sit on a boat. Attack the Daemons and have them cast on you until out they are out of mana. You will need several healers to survive the mana dumps. Remember, summoned daemons have been vastly improved, you won't need nearly as many as people used to use. 1-3 should give good gains.

    For those of us who would prefer to raise it with normal game play try the following.

    Cast Fire Field and run through it. Don't just stand in it, run back and forth. For this to be effective you will either need to be in a guild or in Felucca.

    Almost any magical creature will give gains in this range (Liches, Airs, Waters, Fires, Daemons, Elder Gazers, Orc Mages etc.) Fight as many of these creatures as you can.

    This is when things start to get hard. You need to have magical monsters casting spells on you continuously. The tougher creatures (Elder Gazers, Daemons etc) take too long to kill and gains from these are very slow. Their mana runs out before they are dead and you spend too much time finishing them off.

    The best creatures to fight at this stage are Bone Magi, Rat Magi, Evil Mage Lords, Wisps and/or Reapers. Bone Magi are possibly the best. They have a low number of hit points and cast lots of 6th and 7th circle spells. There are two main areas where these spawn. Deciet and the Graveyard in the Fire Dungeon. Wisps can be found in many areas, a good Reaper spawn can be found north of Minoc.

    Once you get into the 90's try and get two to three Bone Magi (or whatever creatures you are fighting) casting on you at the same time. This is the most efficient way to raise resist, since you need lots and lots of spells cast on you to raise it. Allow the Creatures to get low on Mana, kill them, and get the next ones that spawn. Continue this until you GM. Expect gains of 0.2-0.8 at this level. You may get skunked every so often, just keep at it and you will get to GM.

    Rat magi are also effective, there is a set of Ruins in ilshenar near the Sacrifice Shrine where two of these spawn. I GM'd resist on one of my characters fighting these. I was able to do this fighting a single Rat Magi most of the time.

    Thanks to: Beren, Vidala, Seas, Stoneduck
  2. Beren

    Beren Guest

    What are Stats and how do they effect my skills?
    The 3 stats are Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

    Strength effects both your hit points and the amount of damage you do when using a weapon. Strength also determines how much weight you can carry. Your Hit Points are determined by the formula HP=(Strength/2) + 50

    Dexterity is directly related to your stamina. Your Stamina determines your weapon swing speed. i.e. the higher your Dexterity/Stamina the faster you can swing a weapon.

    Intelligence is directly related to your mana. Mana is needed to cast spells.

    How do I raise my stats?
    Your Stats will raise with normal game play, if you are trying to raise your Stats fast use the following method. The fastest way to raise stats is by using the “Sea Saw” method. To do this you must be at your skill cap of 700. The idea is to “Sea Saw” between 2 skills that will raise the stats that you want to raise.

    1. First you will need to lock all of your skills.
    2. Choose a good stat modifying skill to raise and another skill you don’t want to keep to go down.
    3. Use the skill until you have raised it to a base skill of 10. Then set it to go back down and choose another stat modifying skill to go up.
    4. Keep raising and lowering these skills until you get the stats you want.

    You will be able to get any stats you want within a few hours using this method. When you are done don’t forget to set the skills you still want to go up up and some skills to go down. Try not to get frustrated once you reach your Stat Cap of 225. You may lose some strenght or dexterity when you dont want to. Just keep at it and eventually you will get the stats you desire.

    For strength use either Arms Lore, Herding, Wrestling, Lumberjacking or Mining. For Dexterity use Snooping, Music or Lockpicking. Snooping a released pack animal results in no karma loss. For Intelligence use Spirit Speak or Item ID.

    Beren of Baja
    My UO Pages
    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

    Edited by Beren on 10/17/01 05:31 PM.​
  3. Beren

    Beren Guest

    What is the best Warrior Template?

    This question gets asked countless times. The answer is: There is NO one best template! The best template for you is the one that fits your play style and the one that you have the most fun playing. Below I will give my thoughts on the most common skills used by Warriors that may help you choose a template for you.

    Most Warrior Templates will be some variation on this:

    • Tactics
    • Melee Weapon Skill
    • Anatomy
    • Healing
    • Magic Resist[
    • Options: Archery, Magery, Hiding, Parrying, Lumberjacking, Taming, Trade Skill etc.
    There are literally hundreds of variations on the above. Below is a discussion to try and help you pick which ones would fit your play style. Please visit the other Stratics Forums for details on the ones not covered here.

    Tactics, Healing, Anatomy
    Not much to say about these three. You should have all of these at GM in your template. 85+ Healing is good enough for PvM.

    Melee Weapon Skill
    You will need to choose one of the three Weapon Skills.

    Advantages- Fast hitting weapons that can be poisoned. Combined with Lumberjacking can cause more damage per blow than with any other skill. Magic sword weapons are relatively easy to find.
    Special attack:Concussion blow, victim’s intelligence is halved for 30 seconds. Note the effects of a concussion blow are not cumulative, once a target is the victim of a concussion blow, they cannot be hit in that manner again for 30 seconds

    Disadvantages- The Concussion blow is probably the least usefull of the special attacks. Sword blows do minimal damage to armor and do not take much stamina away.

    Weapon choice- With parry: Broadswords are better against heavily armored opponents, Katanas for less armored. Without Parry: Halberds give massive damage but are very slow. See the lumberjack forum for ideas on axe selection.

    Advantages- Fast hitting weapons that can be poisoned.
    Special attack: Paralyzing blow, victim is paralyzed for 4 seconds. Once paralyzed, the victim cannot fight back (s/he wont auto-defend) or cast spells, however s/he can still use potions and bandages. The paralysis will not break by any means, even if the victim takes damage. Once paralyzed, the victim cannot be paralyzed again with another special attack until the paralysis wears off.

    Disadvantages- Fencing blows do minimal damage to armor and do not take much stamina away. Magic Fencing weapons are hard to find (exception the Savage Spear)

    Weapon Choice
    -With parry: War Forks for armored opponents, Kryss for less armored. Without parry- long or short spear.

    Advantages- Each blow takes stamina away and does damage to armor. (exception- staves). Over time this becomes deadly in Warrior vs. Warrior fights. Magic macing weapons are probably the easiest to find.
    Special attack: Crushing blow, damage bonus of 50% (max 60 hp’s). Only applies to true maces, not staves.

    Disadvantages- Slower weapons that cannot be poisoned.

    Weapon Choice: With parry- War Mace vs. Armored opponants, War Axe vs. less armored. Without parry: War Hammer or Quarterstaff.

    Magic Resist
    The higher your magic resist the better. If you want to be able to fight the harder monsters or fight mages in PvP you will need magic resist. With the recent changes to spells, resist has become more important than ever.

    Parry is a very effective skill. Parry is very helfpful when fighting multiple monsters at the same time. It is also very effective in PvP when fighting other warriors.

    The chance to successfully parry a physical (melee or archery) attack and the amount of damage absorbed upon a successful parry depends on the type of shield the character is using and his/her parry skill. The AR rating of a shield will determine it’s effectiveness. Shields with low AR (such as a buckler) will increase your chance to successfully parry a melee attack but will only absorb a small amount of damage. Using a shield with high AR (such as heaters and chaos/order shields) allow you to absorb more damage but will not successfully parry a melee attack as often. Your parrying skill will increase both your chance to parry and the damage absorbed.

    As an example, a fighter with 100.0 parry using a buckler will successfully parry a physical attack approximately 86% of the time. However, the shield will only absorb about 10 points of damage her successful parry. By contrast, a chaos shield used by the same warrior will allow him/her to successfully parry a physical attack about 36% of time, absorbing approximately 48 points of damage. All other shields scale in between those too shields.

    In combination with Swordsmanship the lumberjacking bonus enables you to give massive blows. At GM Lumberjacking you get a 30% damage bonus. This is very effective vs. mages and you can kill single monsters faster than many other templates. Lumberjacks have a hard time fighting other warriors with parry, especially mace/parriers.

    Very effective PvM skill. With Archery you can kill just about every monster in the game. Still not that great in PvP yet. Rate of fire is too slow to be very effective. The Archery forum has more information on Archery.

    Magery is extremely useful for a Warrior in PvP. It can also make a PvM character more versatile. The main reason is the added healing ability it gives you. Even with GM Resist a Mage will get off a spell combo that will take you down to low health very quickly. A couple of "In Manis" will keep you in the fight. Without Magery to heal you will end up running from a Mage to heal way too often. It is also useful in healing your friends from a distance.

    Other useful spells for a Warrior are Stat Modifying, Magic Reflect, Paralyze, Invisibility, Reveal, Mind Blast and the Poison spell.
    On a warrior without Eval Int Magery is not used much for attack, but very helpful in staying alive.

    You can have 0 magery in your template if it fits your goals. You can still recall using scrolls but will fizzle a lot. I would recommend having at least 10 magery, although you will still fizzle a fair bit.

    Many players love hiding on their template. It can be equated with the Pause button for UO. It can be useful for surviving those Faction ganks.

    PvM Templates

    Generally speaking you have more options with PvM Templates since every skill does not have to be geared for combat. There are too many options to list every possible template but below are some common ones.

    Classic Warrior

    • Tactics-100
    • Anatomy- 100
    • Melee Weapon skill-100 There is really no need for more than one Melee skill on a PVM Template. Try and pick one keeping in mind the above information.
    • Parry-100. Can substitute Lumber here if you decide for swords/lumberjacking.
    • Healing- >85. After 85 you wont fail to heal very often and can take on the tougher monsters.
    • Magic Resist- The higher the better
    • Magery or Hiding or a mixture.
    Archer Warrior

    • Tactics-100
    • Anatomy- 100
    • Melee Weapon skill-100
    • Parry-100. Can substitute Lumber here if you decide for swords/lumberjacking.
    • Healing- >85. After 85 you wont fail to heal very often and can take on the tougher monsters.
    • Magic Resist- The higher the better
    • Archery- Excellent PvM Skill. Can kill just about anything in the game.
    • Magery- Rest of skill points left for Magery
    Craftsman Warrior

    • Tactics-100
    • Anatomy- 100
    • Melee Weapon skill-
    • Craft Skill-100 (Smithing, Tailoring, Fishing etc.
    • Healing- >85. After 85 you wont fail to heal very often and can take on the tougher monsters.
    • Magic Resist- The higher the better
    • Archery or Parry
    • Magery- Rest of skill points for Magery

    Sample PvP Templates

    The following are some sample templates and discussion by RobRoy. Text in italics are my own comments.

    Red colored templates are more mage killers and blue are warrior killers, but let keep in your mind, every template can kill any other template.

    The nightmare of all warriors, because his weapon skill, which has special abilities:
    - stamina drain
    - crushing blow
    - armor piercing
    Only chance you have is to bring many Greater Refresh potions with you.
    Against mages a little slow, the earlier used Q-Staff is not the weapon of choice anymore.
    Best weapons: WarAxe and WarHammer

    1. The classical Macer

    100 Macing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Parry (can be exchanged with Hiding, more of a faction skill)
    100 Resist
    100 Magery

    2. The Fencer/Macer
    100 Macing
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Resist
    100 Magery
    comments: a very variable template. Mace against warriors and fencing against mages. Only weakness is his lack of some added defense (parrying). Personally I feel having two melee skills on a characters is a waste. You can only use one weapon at a time

    3. The Eval Macer
    100 Macing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Resist
    100 Magery
    100 Eval
    comments: something like the old precasting tank mages. Precasts an offensive spell, arms his warhammer and so combines his firepower in a blink of a second if well timed. With the new spell changes and the precasting abilities maybe the new star of all warrior templates.

    The nightmare of all mages, because his weapon skill, which has one special ability:
    - Paralyze for 4 sec. / no chance of breaking the para
    His weapons are very fast, but, not very hard. So the best defense is to have an armoury above 30 AR (something like chain or plate mail - lets look for the so called light and heavy archer suits, a good combination of AR and dex loss).
    Weapons: Kryss (can be poisoned), ShortSpear and LongSpear

    1. The classical Fencer

    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Parry
    (can be exchanged with Hiding, more of a faction skill)
    100 Resist
    100 Magery
    No mage of the world will kill solo this fencer, because the fencer can deliver very fast his fire power and on the defensive side can heal himself with bandies, Greater Heal potions and with in mani (~10) or in vas mani (~50 hp)
    2. The Poison Fencer
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Poison
    100 Resist
    100 Magery
    comments: a very unpleasing template, because he uses a deadly poisoned and very fast Kryss. So have Greater Cures with you, plenty of them. With every DP Kryss he can poison you ~4 times (just a chance not a must).

    3. The Eval Fencer
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Eval
    100 Resist
    100 Magery
    comments: due to the new changes possibly a very fast killer machine. He can rip you apart with his Short/LongSpear or using a DP Kryss and mix his speed with deadly finishing spells.
    There is not much a mage could do against this template. His low AR is the biggest weakness against fencers. Only plate mages could withstand their speed, but they are very rare.

    a very popular template because of the Lumberjacking Bonus of 30% and a special ability:
    - concussion blow = halves mana for 30 seconds
    Is the mage killer no.2 behind the fencer. His fire power is only matched by hally fighters. Damages above 50 with one hit are not rare. But so his defense is not the best, all weapons are 2handers and he invested 200 skill points in one offensive weapon skill, which are as a whole bigger tactical disadvantages. His worst enemies are warriors, using poisoned weapons or/and parry warriors. Any other non-parrying warriors are possibly dead preys.
    weapons: Excecutioner Axe, Double Axe, Two Handed Axe, Large Battle Axe, Battle Axe, Katana, Broadsword, VikingSword, Hallberd

    1. The classical Lumberjacker

    100 Sword
    100 Lumberjacing
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Resist
    100 Magery

    2. The defensive Lumberjacker
    100 Sword
    100 Lumberjacking
    100 Tactics
    100 Ana
    100 Heal
    100 Resist
    100 Parry
    comments: this is more a P(layer)vM(onster) warrior, lacking magery, which has much more his importance in PvP then in PvM. Still a very capable and fierceful enemy against any other warrior, no matter which type. He can use his axes or swords and even the hally to fit his tactics to the given situation. So he has the most flexibility in weapon questions.

    3. The poison Lumberjacker
    100 Swords
    100 Lumber Jack
    100 Poisoning
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Tactics
    80 Resist
    20 Magery

    Beren of Baja
    My UO Pages
    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

    Edited by Beren on 10/17/01 05:40 PM.
  4. Beren

    Beren Guest

    Whats the Best Armor?

    The debate still rages on regarding armor. Below I have included some facts and thoughts to help you in your choice of armor.

    When choosing armor you have to keep in mind what you are going to fight. If you are using archery to kill monsters then you want to keep as much dex as possible. If you are fighting hard hitting monsters with melee, you may want to sacrifice a little dex for the added AR. Also keep in mind that you can wear just about anything and get away with it. Some players will only wear sets of Studded Leather, whereas some will only wear sets of Full Plate.

    An important thing to keep in mind is the way damage is calculated in UO. Damage is calculated so that some body parts are hit more often than others. The latest figures are:
    Chest is hit: 36% of the time
    Legs are hit: 22% of the time
    Head and Arms are each hit: 14% of the time
    Hands and Neck are each hit: 7% of the time

    Keeping this in mind you should put the heaviest armor on the body parts that are hit more often. It makes no sense to wear a Chain or Ring tunic and then plate arms and plate gloves. Theoretically the best armor that would give the most protection with the most efficient loss of dexterity would be a Plate chest, Chain Legs, Studded Leather Arms-Gloves-Gorget and a Helmet that gives no Dex loss. This set did not prove to be any better than many of the other sets in my armor damage study though. Read through the study to help you decide which armor will be best for you. As you can see from that study the best set was the Plate chest/Helmet/Rest studded. This set is not very attractive though and a robe is highly recommended when wearing this set :)

    Beren of Baja
    My UO Pages
    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

    Edited by Beren on 10/17/01 05:43 PM.
  5. Beren

    Beren Guest

    This is a list of of monsters and some guidelines for what skill level you should be at to attempt fighting them. This list is intended as a general guideline. A big thanks to RobRoy for compiling this list.

    “Minimum skill for monsters” by RobRoy
    I tried to make an order of monsters and what the minimum skills a warrior should have (not an archer or mage...sorry...not enough experience or to be honest: Zero experience) to kill them with more then 50:50 chances.

    I concentrated the needed skills on the 4 main warrior skills:
    Tactics, Weapon (Fencing, Macing, Swords or Lumberjack), Anatomy and Healing.
    If anywhere needed i made some remarks like “you need medium resist” or something like this.
    To make it easier i clustered this 4 skills in ranges like 30%, 50% and so on, which means:
    30% = 30 Tact, Weapon, Ana, Heal
    80% = 80 Tact, Wep, Ana, Heal

    Mongbat: Warrior with 30% skills (e.g. 30 Weapon, Tactic, Heal & Ana)
    Headless: Warrior with 40% Skill
    Skeleton: Warrior with 40% Skill
    Zombie: Warrior with 40% Skill
    Giant Spider: Warrior with 40% Skill
    Corpser: Warrior with 40% Skill
    Lizardman: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Ratmen: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Orc: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Ghoul: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Scorpion: Warrior with 50% Skill (Cure Pots needed, better Greater Cure because they poison you)
    Terrathan Drone: Warrior with 50% Skill (beware, the area and the spawn there is really deadly for you. Terrathan Keep)
    Shade: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Harpy: Warrior with 50% Skill
    Dire Wolf: Warrior with 60% Skill (Parry wouldn’t be bad, they bite quiet hard)
    Gargoyle: Warrior with 60% Skill (they cast some spells, but not that hard)
    Ogre: Warrior with 60% Skill
    Ettin: Warrior with 60% Skill
    Troll: Warrior with 60% Skill
    Orc Mage: Warrior with 70% Skill (very tough spell casters for you, 30 and more resist would be good)
    Spectre: Warrior with 60% Skill
    Wraith: Warrior with 60% Skill
    Skeletal Knight: Warrior with 70% Skill (Parry ok, they hit not bad)
    Bone Knight: Warrior with 70% Skill (Parry important, they hit harder)
    Orc Lord: Warrior with 70% Skill (Parry important, they hit harder)
    Ophidian Warrior: Warrior with 70% Skill (like Terrathan Keep...Ophidian Lair is at all very dangerous)
    Ophidian Enforcer: Warrior with 70% Skill
    Earth Elemental: Warrior with 70% Skill (Parry important, they hit like Bone Knights, bit weaker)
    Reaper: Warrior with 70% Skill (Resist above 50 very nice, because they cast damn good for your level)
    Gazer: Warrior with 70% Skill (same like reapers...casting ist dangerous)
    Terrathan Warrior: Warrior with 70% Skill (Parry important, they hit very hard)
    Air Elemental: Warrior with 70% Skill (resist needed, but magery is a little weaker then reapers, but they have a good melee hit..so overall take care)
    Water Elemental: Warrior with 70% Skill (cast better then Air Ellies, but melee is weaker)
    Fire Elemental: Warrior with 70% Skill (cast like Water Ellies and melee like AirEllies)
    Cyclop: Warrior with 80% Skill (Parry very important!!! they hit super hard) - i would tell you should have 90 skills, but im not too sure. Beware...crushing blow is super heavy now!!!
    Liches: Warrior with 80% Skill (resist >50, use a silver weapon, melee is not bad, but spells are very dangerous sometimes)
    Mummy: Warrior with 80% Skill (they have very much HP, but melee is weak)
    Drake: Warrior with 90% Skill
    Sea Serpent: Warrior with 90% Skill
    Daemon: Warrior with 95% Skill (weaker melee then cyclops and not that hard spells like liches, resist should be above 50, they have many HPs)
    Silver Serpent: superfast, superpoison and low loot.Still GM warrior (if no lag and many GC = its ok, chance above 50%)
    Efreet: GM Warrior (Resist can be 60, they have many HP and magery not that hard)
    Ophidian Avenger: GM Warrior
    Ophidian Matriarch: GM Warrior (but Resist should be 90 or more...they are very tough)
    Lich Lords: with Silver Wep ok for a GM Warrior, but take care, they have more HP then a lich
    Terrathan Avenger: GM Warrior, hm...can be killed solo, but they hit damn hard and LP !!!! I would say if you are really skilled and cool, try them and the chances should be >50%. But don’t tell me I did not warn you....
    Titan: GM Warrior, above 90 resist needed and remember: they have mana neverending. Lumber: use the concussion blow
    Poison Elemental: Lethal Poison, if you have lag forget it. if you dont have many GC Pots forget it. If you have fear, forget it. If you want a good loot, forget it. If you are a skilled hunter, you have some chances and i would say not much lower then 50%. To me the most overrated beast in UO since I killed it more then once. But...lag. Was my killer no.1

    Ogre Lord: GM Warrior, if you want a fight with 10:90 go for it.
    Dragon: if you like a 5:95 chance go for it
    White Wyrm + Balron + Phoenix+ Ancient Wyrm: if you want to fight a beast with 1:10000 chance go for it. The glory is yours! And don’t forget to make a picture. Still, nobody will believe you. So why should you.....for your own glory then. Have luck. Ah well, the Phoenix is the fastest killer of all. Can you say “a”? No, you won’t!

    Beren of Baja
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    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

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    Daemon Slaying Guide
    Daemons are one of the funnest monsters for Warriors to solo. They are quite challenging at first, but once you get the hang of slaying them they aren't too bad. I wrote this guide to help those who wish to fight these beasts.

    What this guide is intended for:
    This guide is written for those who wish to melee a Daemon solo. This means going toe to toe solo with a Daemon. Archery is a very useful PvM skill but is not considered a melee skill. While this guide is aimed at Daemons you can use the same ideas to fight other tough magical creatures like Lich Lords, Titans and Elder Gazers (do not use silver weapons against Humanoids, they will do double damage to you if you do!)

    Where to find Daemons:
    There are several good spots to find Daemons. The area in and around the Fire Temple on Fire Island, the Hedge Maze and Hythloth dungeon are the most common spots to find Deamons. There are also at least two areas in Ilshenar where Daemons spawn, one in the Dungeon near Spirituality and in the mountain passes near Compassion. Daemons carry around 600 gold, gems, magic items and a few scrolls as loot. It can be very profitable to slay Daemons and can easily get you to Glorious Lord. They also will help you raise your Magic Resist and Parry skill. As a matter of fact you can use Daemons to GM parry.

    Minimum recommended skills:
    GM Tactics, Weapon skill (Swords, Fencing, or Macing), 90 + Anatomy, 60 + resist, 80+ Healing. If you try to solo a Daemon at this level of skill be prepared to use a lot of potions and back off to heal. As your resist gets to 80+ you will have a much easier time killing them.

    A note on parry:
    90+ Parry is very helpful but not absolutely necessary. A swordsman with lumberjacking or a macer with a war hammer will do fine, but will benefit from heavier armor than the parrier will need. A GM metal kite or GM round metal shield are the best shields to use. Remember that magic shields give a high AR but parry less often. The parry skill is based on the AR the shield gives so a Metal Kite of invulnerability gives a high AR and will parry more damage but parry less often.

    Just about any armor combination will work. I have worn just about every combination from Full Plate to Studded Leather and a helmet. I wear studded leather on my character with Parry and a light archer suit on my Macer without parry.

    Magic weapons of Power or better are helpful but not absolutely necessary. You can get by with a GM Broadsword, War Axe or War fork. There is a magic weapon of Daemon Dismissal but these are rare.

    Cure potions are essential, especially at lower levels of resist. Greater Heals and Total Refresh potions are also very helpful. Hints and Tips:
    It is probably best to have someone with you your first couple times till you get the hang of it. Don't be afraid to back off to let your bandage kick in if you need it. A good guideline is if you are starting to get lower than 60 hp back off till your bandage kicks in. Set up macros for Disarm shield, drink Cure, Heal, Refresh potion.

    Daemons have a lot of hit points and take a long time to kill. Using a fresh GM weapon each Daemon is helpful. The first couple minutes is the hardest part since they will be casting spells on you plus doing melee damage. Once they run out of mana it gets much easier.

    Daemons are resistant to poison, so the poison spell and poison weapons are ineffective against Daemons.

    Beren of Baja
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    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

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    Misc FAQ

    How to make money as a warrior?
    Warriors are definitely at a disadvantage compared to some other character classes when it comes to making gold. If you want to make a lot of gold fast I recommend making a Bard. Warriors can still make a good living however. Below is a list of monsters and a few tips to help you become a rich warrior.

    • Earth Elementals- Possibly the best monster to fight for making gold. They carry around 300 gold plus gems that you can sell. They can be found at Dungeon Shame. If you have the 3-D client they are also found in several locations in Ilshenar.
    • Liches- If you have a good silver weapon Liches are another good monster to fight. They can be found in Dungeon Deciet, the Fire Dungeon and near a set of Ruins south of Yew.
    • Work skills- Yes, you can make good money working skills. Try not to be in such a hurry and use the quickest way to gain skills. By fighting the harder monsters you can gain skills, make lots of gold and most importantly have fun.
    • Shame- Don’t forget the lower levels of shame. The fighting gets a bit tougher but less people go there. The Airs and Earths on the 3rd level are excellent for working skills as well as making gold
    How to gain Fame as a warrior?
    Liches are probably the easiest way to get you to 4th level fame. After that Lich Lords and Daemons are your best bet to get to 5th level. If you have a good Silver weapon then Lich Lords are the best.

    Remember that Fame should mean more than just a title. Try to make the title mean something. If you are a Glorious Lord you should play with honor and treat other players with respect.

    What are the special hits?
    The special hits are an added bonus given to the 2 handed weapons. The chance to deliver a special hit is now based on your skill in Anatomy. If you have GM Anatomy your chance to deliver a special hit is 25%. They are effective in PvM and PvP. There is a different special hit for each melee skill:

    • Swords- Concussion blow, victim’s intelligence is halved for 30 seconds. Note the effects of a concussion blow are not cumulative, once a target is the victim of a concussion blow, they cannot be hit in that manner again for 30 seconds
    • Fencing-Paralyzing blow, victim is paralyzed for 4 seconds. Once paralyzed, the victim cannot fight back (s/he wont auto-defend) or cast spells, however s/he can still use potions and bandages. The paralysis will not break by any means, even if the victim takes damage. Once paralyzed, the victim cannot be paralyzed again with another special attack until the paralysis wears off.
    • Macing- Crushing blow, damage bonus of 50% (max 60 hp’s). Only applies to true maces, not staves.
    What is the “insta-hit”?
    The “insta-hit” is when your dexterity is high enough to instantly hit an opponent. The dexterity needed for this is now 75.

    What are Trapped Pouches
    Trapped pouches are used to break free from the paralyze skill. These are very valuable in PvP and when fighting magical creatures. They are the pouches that you can by from NPC provisioners that have had the spell magic trap cast on them. You have to “re-trap” them after every use.

    Where do I find Magic Weapons
    Magic Weapons are found on many of the harder creatures. Liches, Lich Lords, Dragons, Daemons, Elder Gazers, Titans, Cyclops, Drakes, Spectral Armors are some of the monsters Warriors can fight to obtain magic weapons. Keep in mind that the better weapons are rare and you will need to fight lots and lots of monsters to get a good magic Weapon.

    Consider making a Treasure Hunter or a Fisherman to obtain lots of magic weapons. You can also hire a Treasure Hunter to help you dig up all those treasure maps you have gotten from monsters.

    What is Jousting? (or can Warriors kill Dragons?)
    Jousting or "Hit and Run" is a technique to fight difficult monsters. A hard hitting weapon like a War Hammer or Halberd is used. The idea is to run in, hit the beast, run out and heal. Using this method Blood Elementals and other very hard hitting monsters can be killed. And yes, a Warrior can kill a Dragon using this method.

    How do you use a Bola?
    Bola’s can be used to dismount a Player or a Savage Rider from their mount. Players cannot remount for about 10 seconds once dismounted. To use the bola you have to be dismounted and cannot have anything in you hands (i.e. Weapon or Spell Book). To use the Bola double click the bola then select your target. The success of using the Bola is based on your Tactics. At GM Tactics you have a 50% chance to dismount your target.

    Beren of Baja
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    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

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    PvP can be the most exciting and challenging aspect of UO, it can also be one of the most frustrating. While most people think of one on one combat when they think of PvP, one on one fights are actually rare. The majority of PvP is players gang banging other players, or running from ganks. When you do find a fair fight, your opponent will usually run when he/she gets low on health or give some excuse as to why they lost. For those of you willing to put up with the lamer aspect of PvP and still look forward to that excitement you get when you see an orange name coming up on the screen then please read on. The following are some tips and guidelines for one on one combat. Remember though, what works for me may not work for you. Experience plays a big role in PvP so be ready to die a lot at first until you find out what works for you. Try and remember this, UO is just a game, dieing is not a big deal. Its not the end of the world and so what if that person is better at pushing buttons then you are. It doesn’t mean they are a better person then you are. Dieing with honor is better than winning and talking smack about the person you just beat.

    There are four things that greatly affect PvP.

    • Connection. Connection speed is unfortunately very important for PvP. If your opponent is a lot faster than you are, you will probably lose. Download the program UO Trace and check your ping. If you are pinging greater than 150 you will have a hard time. If you are between 100-150 you will do ok and if you are less than 100 you should do well. Remember though there are some players pinging less than 25.
    • Skills. You should have good skills to be able to PvP well. GM Tacts, GM Weapon, GM Anatomy, 90+ Healing, 80+ Resist. Your last skills can be made up of your choice of Parry, Lumber, Magery, Hiding, Second Melee Skill, Poisoning. There are dozens of templates to choose from. You will have to decide which will work best for you. (See the template section for more info)
    • Preparation. You should carry a minimum of the following. 75 Bandages, 7 Greater Heal pots, 7 Greater Cure Pots, 7 Total Refresh Pots, 3 Greater Strength Pots, 3 Greater Agility pots, 3 Trapped Pouches, 2 Shields (for parriers), 2 Weapons. Your Weapon(s) should have a high VDP and your armor in good repair.
    • Experience. You have to get out there and fight to learn how to PvP well. Expect to die a lot at first, but soon you will get better and better.
    Combat Tips

    Use UO Assist
    UO Assist is extremely helpful for PvP and UO in general. You can set up Macros for arming /disarming up to 4 weapons, arm/disarm left/right hand, heal self, drinking potions, using trapped pouches, dress/undress and a lot more.

    Magery is extremely helpful in PvP. Not for its offensive spells but for its added healing ability. Even at GM Resist an Explosion-Ebolt-Ebolt can kill you. You have to be able to heal with Magery to survive those mana dumps. One or two In Manis when getting low will put you right back in the fight. The higher your Magery the more damage you will be able to heal. For example at GM Magery Heals (In Mani) will heal 10-15 points and Greater Heal (In Vas Mani) will heal up to 50 hit points.

    Other useful spells are Poison, Bless, all the Stat Modifying spells, Invis, Cure, Reveal, Dispel, Magic Reflect and Paralyze. Casting poison on a running opponent can help you finish him/her off.

    Your stats should be around 90 Strength, 40-45 Intelligence and 90 Dexterity. You will probably lose every fight vs. Mages if you have 100-25-100 stats due to the devastating affects of Mind Blast.

    Warrior vs Warrior
    Use your Strength and Agility potions. Apply a bandage as soon as you take any damage. Keep an eye on your Stamina, if its getting low drink a Total Refresh potion. There is a debate about whether to drop your weapon or shield to drink a potion. If you drop your shield you are left open, but your opponent has a 50% chance to miss you. If you drop your weapon, you may parry the blow but your opponent has a 100% chance to hit you.

    Warrior vs Macer
    Because a Macers blows do damage to Armor and Stamina they have the long term advantage. You have to try and kill the Macer quickly. Poisoned Weapons are key here. Carry several shields and lots of Greater Refresh potions. Most people prefer Metal Kites vs Macers. Round Metal Shields work well too.

    Warrior vs. Lumberjack
    Parry is very helpful when fighting Lumberjacks. Poisoned weapons are useful as well to get them to drop their axe to drink potions.

    Warrior vs. Disarm Thief
    These are very frustrating opponents to fight. You need to carry a weapon that weighs more than 10 stones (Halberd, War Mace) or the thief can disarm you and then steal it. Patience and poisoned weapons are helpful.

    Warrior vs. Mage
    IMO these are the most exciting fights. You must have a high resist and Magery to do well consistently against mages. Trapped pouches, Potions and a good connection are also needed. As a general rule you want to keep as close to the mage as possible to disrupt his spells and keep him from casting. You will need a minimum of 3 trapped pouches to keep the mage from using paralyze against you.

    • Swordsman vs. Mage- Use Halberd to get concussion blow. Katana after that, or just stick with the Katana
    • Fencer vs Mage- Long spear, paralyzing blows are devastating to mages.
    • Macer vs Mage- The War Hammer is now the weapon of choice due to the increased frequency of delivering crushing blows. The Quarterstaff is good for its speed though.
    • Lumberjack vs Mage- Axe selection is not easy to pick. I suggest the Lumberjack forum for more information.
    Warrior vs. Nox Mage
    These mages love the poison spell (as they should). Even at GM Resist you will have some days where you don’t resist Poison very often. You need to carry lots of Greater Cures and consider using a one handed weapon on them. You have to keep them moving and be able to drink pots quickly.

    Beren of Baja
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    "Running from a fair fight when low on health, has no honor, and constitutes a loss!...
    Coming back after getting to full health is cowardly and deserving of shame.

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  9. Paladin FAQ

    A paladin is one who uses the skill of Chivalry. Most paladins will likely have high karma to increase the effectiveness of their abilities.A prospective paladin will need to train in the Chivalry skill. Also, a paladin requires the Book of Chivalry which contains the paladin abilities, in much the same format as a spellbook holds spells. These books usually cost 140gp and come complete with all ten Chivalry abilities. The books are available from NPC Keepers of Chivalry, who may be found in the Malas city of Luna.
  10. The numbers after the ability name represent tithing points, mana, and minimum skill, in that order. For example, Holy Light says 10/15 (55/105), meaning that it uses 10 tithing points and 15 mana, and requires a minimum skill of 55 Chivalry to cast and at 105 you have 100% chance to cast.

    • Cleanse by Fire (Expor Flamus) 10/10 (5/55)
    An ability that can be used either to cure a target of poison, at the cost of a few of the Paladin's hit points. Is able to cure any level of poison; doesn't appear to fail at all.

    • Close Wounds (Obsu Vulni) 10/10 (0/50)
    A healing ability which replenishes approximately 25-30 hit points at decent karma levels. May heal up to 39 hit points at high karma level.

    • Consecrate Weapon (Consecrus Arma) 10/10 (15/65)
    An ability that enchants the paladin's weapon so that it targets an opponent's weakest resistance (physical, fire, cold, poison, or energy, depending on the opponent's resistances). This ability does not last long.

    • Divine Fury (Divinum Furis) 10/15 (25/75)
    An ability that increases a paladin's attack power and accuracy, but lowers defense. Instantly refreshes one's stamina.

    • Enemy of One (Forul Solum) 10/20 (45/95)
    An ability that allows the paladin to become much stronger against the next type of enemy hit, but weaker against other types of enemies. Increases the physical damage against the enemy type while increasing the damage inflicted by other types.

    • Dispel Evil (Dispiro Malas) 10/10 (35/85)
    An ability that has a chance to frighten any evil creatures in the area. Also has the power to drain a transformed Necromancer of mana and stamina. Does NOT dispel creatures; does not appear to affect revenants.
    • Holy Light (Augus Luminos) 10/10 (55/105)
    An ability that works as an area effect spell, similar to a mage's Earthquake.

    • Noble Sacrifice (Dium Prostra) 30/20 (65/115)
    A powerful ability that resurrects all targets surrounding the paladin, cleanses them of poisons and curses, and heals them. In return, the paladin is reduced to 1 hit point, 1 mana, and 1 stamina.
    • Remove Curse (Externo Vomica) 10/20 (5/55)
    An ability that reverses all negative stat effects (such as Clumsy or Curse) and paralysis from a target. Is also used to remove the Necromancy Strangle effect.

    • Sacred Journey (Sanctum Viatas) 15/10 (15/65)
    A Recall-type ability for paladins which cannot be used when flagged as an aggressor.
    [CENTER][IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_cleansbyfire.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_closewound.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_holylight.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_consecrate.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_enemyofone.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_dispelevil.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_removecurse.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_divinefury.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_sacredjourney.gif[/IMG]  [IMG]http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/images/pal_noblesacrifice.gif[/IMG]
     [COLOR=Navy]Cleanse  Close   Holy  Consec. Enemy  Dispel  Remove Divine  Sacred  Noble 
     by Fire Wounds  Light  Weapon  of One  Evil   Curse   Fury  Journey Sacrif.[/COLOR]
  11. In addition to the Book of Chivalry and the minimum Chivalry skill for an ability, paladins will need tithing points and mana. Tithing points can be gained by sacrificing gold at a shrine, which can be done by using the context menu on the ankh. The most convenient shrines are near Ilshenar moongates and upstairs in the center of Luna. A paladin will receive one tithing point per gold piece tithed, up to a maximum of 100000. Contrary to claim, you will not be able to sacrifice more gold than the 100000 cap.
  12. A paladin's Chivalry skill will determine the chance of succeeding when using a paladin ability. Karma will determine the strength of the abilities used. A paladin with higher karma will have stronger abilities than a paladin with lower karma.
  13. 0-30: Bought from NPC (Editor's Note: Close Wounds will also gain you to 20 fairly quickly; however, at 10gp per gain, it is much cheaper to buy the skill as high as it will go.)
    30-50: Conscerate Weapon
    50-65: Divine Fury
    65-75: Enemy of One
    75-85: Holy Light
    85+: Noble Sacrifice

    Altogether, this method will use about 150000 tithing points and 17 hours to become a Grandmaster Paladin.
  14. Yes, Chivalry is movement-based and therefore, it is 8x8able. Since all Chivalry abilities are useable without damaging specific targets, it is also fairly easy to do on a boat.

    8x8 can be done anywhere, but is most conveniently done on a boat. Therefore, this FAQ will assume that 8x8 is done on boats. If 8x8ing on a boat, the best place to go is east of Fire Island, so that land will not get in your way.

    First, sail around with your boat facing north (or walk around if on land) until you get a gain. (Note: GGS gains are not considered the same as actual gains that you should get while in an 8x8 run.) Some FAQs will specify a direction, but it really doesn't matter, as long as you find the gain.

    Once you hit a space where you gain by using the appropriate skill for your level, IMMEDIATELY stop the boat. (It helps to run UOAM while doing this, in case you accidentally go over the tile. Keeping an eye on your coordinates when you gain is much more accurate than assuming you went four tiles past the gain instead of two, etc.)

    Once on the gain spot, sail north eight tiles. To do this, say "forward one" eight times. When you reach the next spot, use your ability again. You should get another gain. Continue moving north eight tiles and using your ability until your 8x8 "run" runs out.
  15. Focus: This skill complements just about any character type. With passive hit point, mana, and stamina gain increases, paladins will be able to last longer in battle.

    Meditation: Those who wear leather or mage armor will find meditation a useful way of actively replenishing their mana, allowing them to continue the fight that much sooner.

    Archery: Archery combined with Dispel Evil will make melee monsters a cinch, as they will keep far enough away from you so that you don't have to wory about taking damage. Consecrate Weapon also works on bows, for extra damage.

    Swordsmanship/Fencing/Mace Fighting: Consecrate Weapon doesn't work too well without a weapon to consecrate.

    Animal Taming/Provocation: Both of these skills are easy ways to gain karma, which will keep your abilities at their sharpest. It is possible to gain high karma without them, but not quite so easy.

    Healing/Spirit Speak: While no longer necessary in a paladin warrior template, healing will allow you to conserve a few mana points from Close Wounds, which can be useful to get in that Consecrate Weapon ability you may need. Spirit Speak now also serves as a health-regaining skill, allowing you to either drain corpses of their life force or to recover health by using some of your own mana pool.

    Resisting Spells: There's not much a paladin can do without mana. Resisting Spells will also cut down the necessity of using Cleanse By Fire and Remove Curse, allowing you to focus more on special moves or Consecrate Weapon.
  16. The most common Paladin template is an adaption of a warrior. Recommended stats are 90 Str/90 Dex/45 Int. Although many variations exist, these are considered to be essential to Paladin warriors:

    • Primary Weapon Skill (Swordsmanship, Macing, Fencing, Archery)
    • Chivalry
    • Anatomy
    • Tactics
    • Focus
    In addition, two of these complementary skills are usually chosen:

    • Secondary Weapon Skill (Melee/Archery, Parry, Lumberjacking, Poisoning [?!])
    • Resist considered necessary for PvP
    • Healing
    • Music and Peacemaking or another barding skill (Provocation or Dischord)
    • other skillssuch as Magery or Hiding.
    A basic example of this would be the classic Paladin:

    • GM Swordmanship
    • GM Chivalry
    • GM Anatomy
    • GM Tactics
    • GM Focus

    • GM Parry
    • GM Resist
    Like most other professions, a Paladin may opt to become a Mage hybrid, however since the majority of the Paladin's abilities are designed to enhance one's weapon abilities such a hybrid does not normally take full advantage being having the Chivalry skill. The essential skills are:

    • Magery
    • Chivalry
    • Evaluate Intelligence
    • Meditation
    Secondary skills include:

    • Anatomy
    • Wrestling
    • Weapon Skill
    • Tactics
    • Resist
    • Focus
    • Inscription
    • Music & Provocation and/or Peacemaking
    • Animal Taming & Animal Lore, possibly Veterinary (note that Eval now becomes an option in this template)
  17. By Bronz, original thread may be found here, slightly edited (removed abbreviations where possible).

    I am posting some thoughts and observations on the Gauntlet in the hopes that some players may pickup something useful.
    1. Looting: First, I notice players running the gauntlet much better than in the past. However, the one thing they seem to be fairly poor at is looting. Here are some tips, although I'm sure many of you know this already. In a typical situation, people are tanking a boss and you are there whacking away. Have an empty backpack in your pack and open it before the boss dies. This will tell you where the corpse gump will appear. Now take the empty backpack and move it about an inch over to one side. Have an all names macro set to a key and hover your finger over it. Once the boss dies, hit all names and double click on the boss' name (for example "a darknight creeper corpse") You click the name because doom's floor can often be weird and not allow you to open a body even though you are clicking directly on it. Now grab something in the corpse and drag it to the empty bag. You use an empty bag because if you drag it to your main pack you may, in your haste drop the item on a spell book, rune book, or pally book which will pop the item back into the boss.

      Personally, I target items like rings and bracelets when I first get to the gauntlet. After all, they weigh little and can be big cash (for example 1/3 fast cast/fast cast recovery) and they do not need to be enhanced (translation "broken"). Also, since they are little, they are often taken last and you are almost assured of getting a few.

      Naturally, being the paladin (unless you are a pally archer) you are probably right on top of the boss as he dies, which makes looting much easier.
    2. The Moongate: The moongate is a great place to kill a Dark Father, however, there tends to be a pile of players, dragons, lesser spawn, bodies etc which can be hard to see through. I watch my damage and occasionally I notice myself getting damaged by/damaging a hidden Rotting Corpse or Lich. I wonder why pallys don't dispel at the gate, I would think this would clear the lesser spawn away and avoid all that nonsense. If you ever doubt that there are spawn hidden in the pile, cast Holy Light. You may see more red numbers than you expected. Naturally, all the spawn may agro on you and you may die, but hey... that only proves that someone should have dispelled.

      Here is another gate observation: Players can be nasty to each other by using specials on Dark Father. DF responds to a special with a whirlwind attack which does damage to all players in the area. Watch out because I believe players may pull your bar if you are tanking, and special Dark Father if you get low, to get you killed. I think they assume that you have to be alive to get an artifact and that their chances go up if you're not. I have no idea how artifacts are dropped, or if this thinking is correct, but I DO notice that when I'm in the pile, Dark Father won't be hitting me and I will only be taking reflect damage, then when he is near dead... POW he whirlwinds a few times and some people die. Yeah, probably some people just want to get in the killing blow and use specials without malicious intent, but the effect is the same anyways. Maybe keep some mana to heal the inevitable Dark Father special when he is low, rather than attempting to put 30 extra damage on him.
    3. Armor: Having 120 resist affords me some choices, and this is what I have done. I take a medable 70 physical resist suit with as much luck and stat increase as I can pack in. I take a vet cloak and robe and a gold shield, with hit chance increase and fast cast 1. Basically, I am then 70, 44, 44, 44, 44 with a few stat points.
    4. Tanking: I rarely tank. Mostly I watch other players set up and once they start whacking away, I start. I ALWAYS heal the tank though, and its not out of courtesy. If he dies, then the whole thing can go to hell fast and cost me time. I even heal pet tanks. When you notice that the boss has switched to you check to see if players are healing you. If you don't see anything in a second or so, then take a few steps back. I think most guys would grab your bar and heal ya if they know who it was on. If you are tanking, then I suggest precast close wounds and just wait till you are very low to pop it off.
    5. Jewelry: Fast Cast 1/Fast Cast Recovery 2 ring and bracelet... for me there is no other way.
    6. Weapons: Other than the obvious Deamon and Undead slayer, I carry a GM Neon 70 cold 30 fire with Swing Speed Increase and 35% damage increase for the bugs. Saves mana from not having to consecrate and hurts bugs more than the other 2 weaps I carry.
    Will probably be updated if the original thread gets any useful feedback.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Trained in Art of Ninjitsu: Ninjitsu is the art of stealthy combat, espionage and assassination. Ninjitsu is a new skill and will be listed in the skill list. It has a regular cap of 100, and is raisable to a cap of 120 with Power Scrolls.

    Ninja Special Abilities

    • Special Ability: Focus Attack
      • Summoning all of her skill and strength for a single attack, the Ninja strikes the enemy with great precision. Besides giving a damage bonus, Focus Attack also increases the effectiveness of any hit chance properties on the weapon the Ninja uses for the attack. The strength of these bonuses is dependent upon the Ninja’s skill in Ninjitsu.
      • Mana Cost: 20/ Min. Skill: 60 - Increases both your damage and the percentage chance for "hit" properties on your weapon for one attack.
    • Special Ability: Death Strike
      • Striking the enemy with a special technique, the Ninja can cause damage long after the actual blow. After receiving a Death Strike (which deals half of the damage of a normal blow) if the Ninja’s opponent moves more than five steps, or five seconds elapse, the opponent will suffer damage determined by the skill level of the Ninja. The delayed damage dealt is greater if the Ninja’s opponent chooses to run away rather than stand and fight. Only highly skilled Ninja can execute a Death Strike.
      • Mana Cost: 30/ Min. Skill: 85 - After receiveing a Death Strike, if the opponent moves more than five steps, or five seconds elapses, they will suffer direct damage determined by the attacker's Ninjitsu.
    • Special Ability: Animal Form
      • Using an ancient secret only known to a few, the Ninja mysteriously takes the shape of a beast, granting himself animal-like abilities. Animal form gives the Ninja the ability to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses unique to each type of creature. There are 12 animal forms available to a skilled Ninja, including stealthy animals such as Rats, ferocious beasts like the Bake Kitsune, and fast runners like Ostards and Unicorns.
      • Mana Cost: 0/ Min. Skill: Varies - Allows you to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses. If you are running while casting the spell, you will automatically transform into your last selected animal type. Duration is permanent until recast or death. The Animal Forms include:
        • Rabbit and Rat - Min Skill: 0 - grants a +20 bonus to stealth skill.
        • Cat and Dog - Min. Skill: 40 - Increases regeneration rate.The increase is based upon your Ninjitsu skill.
        • Bullfrog - Min. Skill: 50 - Inflicts poison when your enemy damages you at short range.
        • Giant Serpent - Min. Skill: 50 - Inflicts low level poison whenever you strike your opponent with a non-ranged weapon.
        • Llama and Ostard - Min. Skill: 70 - Increases your movement speed.
        • Bake-kistune and Wolf - Min. Skill: 85 - Increases movement speed, grants a bonus to your hit chance and gives you +20 hp.
        • Kirin -Min. Skill: 100 - Increases movement speed and regenerates stamina quickly.
        • Unicorn - Min. Skill: 100 - Increases movement speed and grants immunity to low level poisons.

    • Special Ability: Ki Attack
      • Focusing his Ki, the Ninja uses momentum to strike the enemy with tremendous force. The Ki Attack is a special attack that requires the superb timing and quick movement of a well trained Ninja. In order to execute this attack, the Ninja will have to initiate the Ki Attack and then quickly close the distance between himself and his opponent to deliver an effective blow. The farther the Ninja travels to deliver the blow, the more powerful the Ki Attack.
      • Mana Cost: 25/ Min. Skill: 80 - An attack that does greater damage based on how far you travel to your opponent from the location where you initiate the Ki attack. You must reach your target in under 2 seconds.

    • Special Ability: Surprise Attack
      • Attacking from the shadows, the Ninja catches her opponent off-guard and unable to fully defend himself. An attack that can only be initiated by a Ninja in stealth mode, Surprise Attack inflicts a defense penalty on the Ninja’s opponent for a short duration. Using this ability automatically reveals the Ninja, who then cannot stealth again for another 5 seconds. The defense penalty applied to the Ninja’s opponent is dependent upon the Ninja’s skill in Ninjitsu.
      • Mana Cost: 20/ Min. Skill: 30, An attack from stealth that inflicts a defense penalty on your opponent for a short duration. You cannot re-enter stealth for 5 seconds after a Surprise Attack.

    • Special Ability: Backstab
      • Sneaking up behind the enemy undetected, the Ninja plunges his sword deep into his enemy’s back, inflicting great damage. Similar to Surprise Attack, Backstab requires the Ninja to be in stealth mode in order to initiate this special attack, but instead of lowering the defense of the Ninja’s opponent, Backstab applies a significant damage bonus to the attack. Using this ability automatically reveals the Ninja, who then cannot stealth again for another 5 seconds.
      • Mana Cost: 30, Min. Skill: 20, An attack from stealth with a damage bonus based on your Ninjitsu and the distance you have tracked your opponent

    • Special Ability: Mirror Image
      • Mana Cost: 10, Min. Skill: 40, Creates a mirror image of yourself that may absorb damage when you are standing within 4 steps of it. A mirror image consumes a follower slot and will disapear in 30 - 60 seconds. Your Mirror Image will create a image of whatever form you are in, including Animal forms, Polymorphs, and Incognitos.

    • Special Ability: Shadow Jump
      • Mana Cost: 15/ Min. Skill: 50, Allows you to teleport while maintaining stealth, but only if you succeed in a stealth check at your destination. (this acts just like teleport except you stay hidden.)

    ~Thanks very much to EliteXGamer for the new info!~

    Tokuno Islands Zoomable Map




    It turns out that Sosaria is a larger world than we knew. When Mondain shattered the Gem of Immortality it did not, as was previously believed, destroy the Land of the Feudal Lords. Rather, the continent collided with another land, creating a time rip that would have lasting repercussions. The survivors on the part of the Land of the Feudal Lords that would become the Tokuno Islands used their magic to protect their lands from outsiders. In this way the Tokuno Islands remained unknown to the inhabitants of Britannia until now....

    The Tokuno Islands are a world wholly separate from that of Britannia. Full of strange creatures and people and customs, the islands are as mysterious as they are beautiful. However, the same lakes, mountains, and gorges that give the land its beauty also serve to carve it into naturally-formed sections and regions. The Tokuno Islands comprise many islands, but there are three main ones.


    • City of Zento – a thriving commercial center with many shops and services.
    • Shrine of Makoto – when you perish, you can resurrect yourself here.
    • Makoto-Jima Moongate – used to travel to and from the Tokuno Islands.


    • Shrine of Isamu – when you perish, you can resurrect yourself here.
    • Fan Dancer Dojo – home of the beautiful but deadly Fan Dancer.
    • Isamu-Jima Moongate – used to travel to and from the Tokuno Islands.


    • Shrine of Homare – when you perish, you can resurrect yourself here.
    • Bushido Dojo – behind its exquisite façade are formidable dangers.
    • Yomotsu Mines – great rewards await those who brave the Yomotsu inhabiting this mine.
    • Homare-Jima Moongate – used to travel to and from the Tokuno Islands.

  19. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    All info is current as of pub 47

    Please let me know if you see errors so I can correct the post

    - Ninjitsu abilites benefit from fast casting up to 4 FC
    - Ninjitsu abilites benefit from fast casting recovery up to 6 FCR
    - Ninjitsu abilities cannot be interrupted by attacks
    - Ninjtsu abilities can be used while moving
    - Ninjitsu abilites can be used while fighting without interrupting your swings
    - Ninjitsu ATTACK abilities use the listed mana regardless of whether or not you successfully use the ability. (If you try to death strike someone and fail, it still costs you 30 mana.)

    ANIMAL FORMS [10 mana; min skill varies (see below); skill for 100% success is 37.5 higher than min skill for each form]:
    - You cannot cast spells, use weapon special moves, or use ninja ATTACK abilities while in animal form. (You can still use mirror images and shadow jump.)
    - Dismount attacks can force you out of animal form
    - Animal forms are subject to the same timer restrictions as riding a mount. (Delay to use animal form after you use a dismount attack or after you have been dismounted etc)
    - If you set animal form up as a macro in UO it has two effects. If you use it while standing still, it pops up the selection menu for you to choose an animl form. If you use it while you are moving, it skips the selection menu and automatically puts you into the last form that you successfully used.

    • Rabbit/Rat Form [min skill 0; 100% success skill is 37.5]: These forms give a +20 bonus to your stealth skill
    • Cat/Dog Form [min skill 40; 100% success skill is 77.5]: Increases hit point regen rate by ninjitsu/3 (so at 120 skill you get 40 hit point regen. That's 4 per second!)
    • Giant Serpent Form [min skill 50; 100% success skill is 87.5]: Giant serpent form inflicts lesser poison (lvl 1) whenever you hit an opponent with a melee (non ranged) attack.
    • Bullfrog Form [min skill 50; 100% success skill is 87.5]: Bullfrog form inflicts normal poison (lvl 2) whenever you are hit by an opponent at close range.
    • Ostard/Lama Form [min skill 70; 100% success skill is 107.5]: These forms allow you to move at mounted movement rates. This is very nice since it allows you to stealth at mounted walking speed which is as fast as unmounted running speed.
    • Wolf/Bake-Kitsune Form [min skill 85; 120 skill gives 95.0% success]: These forms allow you to move at mounted movement rates, give you +20 hit points, and give +20% hit chance increase (HCI) bonus
    • Unicorn Form [min skill 99; 120 skill gives 67.0% success]: This form allows you to move at mounted movement rates and gives immunity to lesser poison, poison, & greater poison. Unicorns are still effected by deadly poison & lethal poison
    • Kirin Form [min skill 99; 120 skill gives 67.0% success]: This form allows you to move at mounted movement rates and gives 20 stamina regen.
    MIRROR IMAGE [10 mana, 20 min skill, 57.5 skill gives no chance to fail]
    NOTE: Mirror image cannot be used while mounted

    Creates an illusionary duplicate of your character that can have melee attacks deflected to it. [Spell attacks cannot be deflected to mirror images. ] If an attack is deflected, it will destroy the image instead of damaging you. (Like a one shot ninja version of parry) [The chance to deflect an attack is roughly (Ninjitsu-30)%... I orginally tested this out back when the min skill level was 40. Now that the min skill level is 20 I'm not sure what happens at low levels of skill...]

    WEAPON FOCUS [10 mana, 30 min skill, 67.5 skill gives no chance to fail]:
    - Weapon focus cannot be used with bow attacks.
    - Weapon focus cannot be used if you have a shield equipped.
    - Weapon Focus damage in PVP was reduced in pub 40.

    At 120 ninjitsu this ability increases melee weapon damage by 30%. (About 17.5% in PvP) It also increases the "hit effect" properties of magic weapons. (When you activate weapon focus, it will change the percent chance for your weapon "hit effects" when you mouse over your weapon on your paperdoll.) At 60 ninjitsu it looks like it increases the chance by about 25% and at 120 ninjitsu it increases the chance by 100%. This means that at 60 ninjitsu if you have a weapon with 50% hit lightning then if your weapon focus attack succeeds you will have a 62% (50%*1.25) chance for lightning and at 120 ninjitsu when your weapon focus attack succeeds you will have 100% (50%*2) chance for lightning. I havent worked out the exact formula, but it doesn't appear to be a simple linear increase to the "hit effect" multiplier as your ninjitsu increases.

    BACKSTAB [30 mana, 40 min skill, 77.5 skill gives no chance to fail]:
    - Tracking has NO effect on backstab damage
    - In order to use a backstab you have to be in stealth mode (hide and then use stealth skill or take a step).
    - Backstab damage in PVP was reduced in pub 40.

    When you attack from stealth, if you hit, you get a damage bonus that seems to be equal to your ninjitsu skill. So 80 ninjitsu = 80% bonus damage and 120 ninjitsu = 120% bonus damage, etc. (PVP weapon damage is only increased by about 65% at 120 ninjitsu.)

    In order to see if backstab is worth the 30 mana, lets compare it to an armor ignore attack. At 120 ninjitsu a backstab will do more damage then an armor ignore weapon special if your target has less than 59 AR. If the target has 59 or more AR then armor ignore would have done more damage. {For the number crunchers out there: D=your weapon damage, A=target's armor, D*.9=Armor ignore damage, D*2.2*(100-A)/100=Backstab damage ; (solve for A) D*.9<D*2.2*(100-A)/100} Of course with 300 combat skill points you can armor ignore for 20 mana and the backstab will cost you 30 mana. Upshot: If the targets AR is noticably below 59 then backstab may be worth the 30 mana. Otherwise just use armor ignore. This means that backstab can be useful sometimes in PvM but rarely in PvP

    SHADOW JUMP [15 mana, 50 min skill, 87.5 skill gives no chance to fail] You have to be in stealth mode before you can use this ability. Shadow jump is basically a new version of the 3rd circle mage spell "teleport" with the noteable difference that it will allow you to stay hidden while you teleport (if you pass an additional stealth check).

    SURPRISE ATTACK [20 mana, 60 min skill, 97.5 skill gives no chance to fail]:
    - In order to use surprise attack you have to be in stealth mode (hide and then use stealth skill or take a step).
    - Tracking has NO effect on surprise attack

    When you attack from stealth, if you hit, you will lower your opponents ability to defend for a short period of time. [At 120 ninjitsu the effect is -50% DCI for 10 seconds!!!]

    KI STRIKE [25 mana, 80 min skill, 117.5 skill gives no chance to fail]
    - Ki Strike cannot be used with bow attacks.
    - You cannot be hidden when you activate this ability.
    - Ki Strike damage in PVP was reduced in pub 40.

    This attack gives bonus damage to a melee attack based on how far you move towards your target after the ability is activated. The further you move, the greater the damage bonus. You have 2 seconds to hit your target after the abilility is activated. If you "joust" by running at full mounted speed for the 2 seconds you can increase damage by about 100% [double damage] (PVP weapon damage is only increased by up to about 55%.)

    [30 mana, 85 min skill, 120 skill gives 95.0% success]
    NOTE: Damage from Death Strike is halved with bow attacks.

    If you hit in combat & pass the check to use deathstrike this 30 mana attack halves the damage of your initial strike and then has one of 2 additional effects:

    1) If the target takes less than 5 steps during the next 5 seconds then they will take (Ninjitsu/9)*(.3+.7*(hiding+stealth)/220) + [tracking bonus] DIRECT damage
    2) If the target takes more than 5 steps in the next 5 seconds then they will take (Ninjitsu/3)*(.3+.7*(hiding+stealth)/220) + [tracking bonus] DIRECT damage

    TRACKING: If you sucessfully track a target before you deathstrike, the next deathstrike attack will do additional damage as follows. Adds up to 10 damage based on the distance between where the target was standing when you tracked them and where they are standing when you deathstrike them. In addition you will do tracking /10 (rounded down bonus damage)
    [Tracking bonus is now capped at 10 + 1/10 skill ]

    DAMAGE IS CAPPED AT 60 (if they run) & 20 (if they stand still).
    If you stack a second deathstrike attack, the caps change to 70 (if they run) & 30 (if they stand still). (IMO the extra 10 damage isnt worth another 30 mana.)

    Note: The 5 sec damage is unaffected by choice of weapon or level of tactics/anatomy (you can even use wrestling).

    In PvP Death Strike can be used to put your enemy in a dilemma: run and take 40 (up to 60 with tracking) or stay toe to toe with you and take 13 (up to 20 with tracking).

    The stealth changes have made the formula for death strike damage a little cumbersome. Here are some examples:

    0 hiding and 0 stealth = 12 damage if they run (elf) [not including tracking] (a human does 17 because of the free 20 in hiding and stealth)

    100 hiding and 80 stealth = 34 damage if they run [not including tracking]

    100 hiding and 120 stealth = 40 damage if they run [not including tracking]

    Tracking can give a damage bonus to your first deathstrike attack. The bonus is based on the distance between where your opponent was standing when you tracked them and where they are standing when you attack them. The greater the distance, the greater the bonus.

    It does not take much tracking to track players that are near you. (I have 5 tracking, but I have heard you can track players with just 0.1 tracking skill.) If the players have hiding/stealth it will take a MUCH higher tracking skill to track them reliably.

    SMOKE BOMBS - Require 50 ninjitsu to use. When they are used they block line of site and make an immediate hiding check. The success is based on your hiding skill. At 100 hiding you will automatically succeed. VERY NICE! Note: They cost 10 mana to use and they are subject to the hiding skill delay.

    FUKIYA - Can be loaded with 10 darts that can be deadly poisoned. This item does not have to be equiped to use, but you must have a hand free to use it. It can only be used at close range. (5 steps or less) When used, it makes an attack check using your ninjitsu skill level. If it hits, it will inflict the level of poison on the dart. This allows you to deadly poison without the poisoning skill. (The poisoning skill has nothing to do with these... except that it allows you to apply poison to the darts yourself.)

    SHURIKEN - Up to 10 of these can be loaded into a ninja belt. You must have a hand free to use them from the belt. They can only be used from a distance. (more than 2 steps) When used, they make an attack check using your ninjitsu skill level. If it hits, the shuriken will inflict the level of poison that was applied to it. This allows you to deadly poison without the poisoning skill. (The poisoning skill has nothing to do with these... except that it allows you to apply poison to the shuriken yourself.)

    NINJA WEAPON SPECIALS (require 50 ninjitsu to use)
    TALON STRIKE: Talon strike does about 20% extra damage and gives the target negative hit point regen for a short time. [At 120 ninjitsu the effect is -50 hp regen for 3 seconds. This means you will do an extra 15 points of damage that ignore armor but can be offset if the target has good hp regen.]

    ARMOR PIERCE: [**Thanks to WarUltima for the following information on how armor pierce works**] It adds approx 50% to your damage. (much like crushing blow) For example, if you attack a creature and are doing 14 points of damage per hit, then an armor pierce attack will do 21 points of damage. (Your normal 14 plus 7 more)

    DUAL WIELD: Increases swing speed for a short time. [At 120 ninjitsu the effect is +50% SSI for 5 seconds.]

    BLOCK: Increases your defense for a short time. [At 120 ninjitsu the effect is +15% DCI for 5 seconds.]

    FEINT: ???
  20. Lyria

    Lyria Guest

    Reposting this from my "Quick guide: How to make a macro to summon 5 mirror images" post a week or two ago:

    After intense experimentation, I think I've nailed down the exact time delay one must wait before summoning a new mirror image (it works perfectly for me, at least). With that information, it becomes rather easy to make a UO macro to summon 5 mirror images in a row (which sure beats pressing the summon macro button repeatedly, probably getting a few "can't-summon-yet" messages along the way).

    Once you've chosen which key(s) activate the macro, add the following entries in the following order:<blockquote><hr>

    CastSpell, Mirror Image
    Delay, 35
    CastSpell, Mirror Image
    Delay, 35
    CastSpell, Mirror Image
    Delay, 35
    CastSpell, Mirror Image
    Delay, 35
    CastSpell, Mirror Image

    With this macro, becoming ready to jump into close combat is just a click away!

    Please note that the delay of 35 could be lowered to 32, depending on how smoothly UO runs; I personally recommend 35 for those times when UO is moving a little bit slower than usual.

    Also note that you can probably not use any other UO macro (easily) while this one is still running, so make sure you don't have anything else that needs to be done urgently before summoning the mirror images (or summon them one at a time through other means than this macro).
  21. Cin

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    Here's the overview I'm posting for my guildmates:

    Character Creation

    Plan your Ninja template before getting started

    What type Ninja will your character be? Assassin, thief, or warrior?
    What will be your main weapon of choice
    Your complimentary template skills
    What will I name this new character?

    By first defining your character you are better able to decide the best route for training. Overall we've found some basic routes to follow.

    Train your hiding to GM and Stealth to desired goal - allow med and focus to raise naturally during this process.
    Work Ninjitsu to desired goal.
    Work complimentary template skill (anatomy, healing, poisoning)
    Work weapons related skills (weapon of choice, tactics,)
    Tweak your template to best suit your play style.
    Don't get overly confident with that new Ninja just yet .. now it's time to train technique
    Adjust all macros for your template's needs .. Fukiyu dart guns, ninja sheiurken belts, ect.
    Practice sparring and using various Ninja special moves, weapons attacks, use of stealth, hiding, shadow jump, and smoke bombs.
    Go forth and "Give Britianan's a reason to be paranoid"
    Some detailed training tips:

    1. Training Hiding and Stealth

    First off lock all your skills except for hiding, stealth, meditation, and focus. To train hiding get on a boat and use the 8x8 method. When you reach 50 hiding, return to the Thieves Guild master and train your stealth. Return to you boat and this time start using the 8x8 method to gain stealth. This will continue to let your hiding skill rise while working stealth. Continue to let your meditation and focus rise, as you'll need those to work your Ninjitsu skill.

    2. Training Ninjitsu: (As posted by DescWing on the stratics Ninja forum)

    Buy skill to 20
    Get on boat and use animal form (no mana use) first rat, later dog or cat. This will lead you up to 50.9 ninjitsu. Then you get NO more gains from animal form.
    After this you use mirror image up to 78,* with a bit time (take yourself a weapon and war mode to kill your images so that you can cast more images).

    Now comes the tricky trick To gain higher levels you need to fight with the special moves. Look at your skill level. If you can use focus attack without jewels do so. If your skill is to low take jewels.

    Now the method. You have to be in trammel and be NOT in a guild.
    Then you take yourself a horse or a rabbit and get on a boat.
    Make an assist macro:
    wait till mana is 20 or more...
    Cast Spell - focus attack
    say "all kill"
    target self
    pause 2500

    Every time you hit your macro key the special skill gets activated and your pet will attack you and you hit it (while sailing you need this because you lost the animal as attacker and don't fight any more).
    While you do this in trammel you don't make damage on the pet and you can gain on him by hitting him with the special moves.

    So, with this nice macro and a slow forward boat you can make 8x8.

    If you have high ninjitsu jewels, make the jewel trick to get to gm or Ka-ge.

    if you have no jewels. fight your pet till the end of days

    3. Complimentary skills:

    Anatomy: Buy your healing and anatomy skills from npcs. Lock your healing and put a ghost on your ship. Start to resurrect him and although you won't be able to resurrect him you will still gain in anatomy. Use an 8x8 type method now but make sure you stop on gain spots and milk them dry as you can sometimes find a 'sweet spot' that will give you several points.

    Healing: Now that your anatomy has hit Grand Master, go back to your ghost and start the resurrect attempts again. This time with healing turned up you will continue to gain off him until you reach grand master at this skill also.

    Poison: Apply poison to many targets. Get yourself a secure in a house and put in several kegs of poison, a big pile of nightshade, a few bottles, and two backpacks with 40-50 daggers in each backpack. The daggers should be neatly organized so that it's easy to apply poison to one and move to the next easily. (Include skill levels here)

    4. Weapons: (Weapons and tactics skills)

    Buy initial skill from npc.

    Go to the Jhelom pits and fight a 6 gp no weapon fighter until 60 skill.

    (You'll need lots of band aids to keep them alive - that's why we trained our healing and anatomy up first)

    After 60 skill get a 7gp warrior with no weapon.

    After 70 skill get a 7gp warrior with a weapon.

    After 90 (I recommend using jewels to get to 90 asap) Obtain a golem (contact Cin if you need one) and a 100% poison weapon for your skill type. (100% poison weapons might be available for loan - check with Cin)

    Get your golem out of town and spar Golem-style until you reach both your weapons and tactics goals.

    Golem style training ...

    Get your golem out of town to a remote spot (Can not be inside a house)

    Go into war mode and equip your 100% poison weapon

    Say the following:

    all guard me

    all follow me (keeps them from wandering off)

    all kill (target self)

    all stop (quick before u die!)

    all guard me

    Stay in war mode and continue to spar to desired goal. Keep your jewelry adjusted as your skill increases.
  22. BeeJ

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    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Currently ninjas do not need any poisoning skill in order to inflict deadly poison with shuriken or darts. They can not poison the shuriken and darts themselves without poisoning skill.

    I haven't tested the following myself but read it in a post elsewhere: Ninjas with GM poisoning cannot inflict lethal poison with darts and shurikens. They only inflict deadly poison.
    This makes poisoning quite useless on ninjas unless they wield the old-fashioned poisoning weapons (dagger, kryss, etc.) or if they prefer poisoning their darts and shurikens themselves.
  23. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    Ninjitsu DOES count as a weapon skill for purposes of mana cost reduction for weapon special moves
  24. LordMikeShoe

    LordMikeShoe Guest

    Min skill and 100% skill for Ostard/Llama and advantages plz?
  25. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    I've been playing with backstab a little bit to test out the pub 28 changes

    BACKSTAB [30 mana, 20 min skill, 60 skill gives no chance to fail?]: In order to use a backstab you have to be in stealth mode (hide and then use stealth skill or take a step). When you attack you get a damage bonus that seems to be equal to your ninjitsu skill. (Not counting the tracking backstab damage increase) So 80 ninjitsu = 80% bonus damage to an untracked target, 120 ninjitsu = 120% bonus damage to an untracked target, etc. Using the tracking skill on your opponent before you make the backstab attack is supposed to increase the bonus damage, but I have not experimented to see how much it increases the damage. [I cant fit ANY tracking into my ninja template, so I havent bothered to test it...]
    In order to see if backstab is worth the 30 mana, lets compare it to an armor ignore attack. At 120 ninjitsu a backstab (without tracking your target first) will do more damage then an armor ignore weapon special if your target has less than 59 AR. If the target has 59 or more AR then armor ignore would have done more damage. {For the number crunchers out there: D=your weapon damage, A=target's armor, D*.9=Armor ignore damage, D*2.2*(100-A)/100=Backstab damage ; (solve for A) D*.9&lt;D*2.2*(100-A)/100} Of course with 300 combat skill points you can armor ignore for 20 mana and the backstab will cost you 30 mana. Upshot: If the targets AR is noticably below 59 then backstab may be worth the 30 mana. Otherwise just use armor ignore. This means that backstab can be useful sometimes in PvM but rarely in PvP
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    40 points over what it takes to cast llama/ostard advantage running speed same as mounted.
  27. Saigen

    Saigen Guest

    An interesting note on the unicorns "poison immunity". It only works while in the form. What I mean is, it doesn't work like the vampiric embrace of necromancers, where you can get poisoned, change into a vampire, and then the vampiric embrace will rid you of it.

    I tried this 3 times, once with poison, the other two times with greater poison. If I was in the form already when I got poisoned it wasn't a problem(you don't even get poisoned like while in the necro form).

    Just thought I would pass that on.
  28. 100 Parry
    100 Ninja
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    90 Hiding
    80 Stealth
    70 Healing
    80 Anat

    720 cap.

    has enough healing to heal... has parry to block some of the dmg... has tactics for bonus dmg.

    with this template I would use a lot of skill buffing items to try to get as many skills up 120 range as possible, but these would be my real skill locations.
  29. Archery skill defined:
    The Archery skill is automatically used when you engage in combat holding an archery weapon. It is used to calculate your chance to hit and chance to be hit.

    Archery is influenced by:
    Archery Skill - Adjusted skill level determines hit percentage

    Tactics - Adjusts the damage of successful hits up to 150%.

    Anatomy - The damage bonus for Anatomy is 20% of your skill level with an added 10% bonus at GM skill. The bonus is calculated with the following formula: % damage = (skill / 5) + (10% if GM) So, at 80 skill the bonus is 16%, at 90 skill the bonus is 18%, at 99 skill the bonus is 19.9%, and at 100 skill the bonus is 30%.

    Dexterity - Along with bowtype, determines available stamina, which in turn determines rate of fire.

    Bow Type/Special moves - Quality, Special moves available for bow type, Magical Accuracy/Damage and other bow qualities factor into the hit % and/or damage potential.

    Defense Chance - Increased parry or bushido over GM level for either increases your chance for defence (blocking) by 5%.

    Swing Speed and Damage Calculator

    Archery facts:
    All bows are two-handed weapons.

    It is possible to drink potions with the balance property. If found or enhanced on a bow, the user will be able to drink potions without having to disarm.

    Currently, the archer can "fire-and forget." That is, when an arrow is shot, the archer may move immediately thereafter and not fear that the arrow will not hit the target.

    Ranged attack is limited to line-of-sight.

    You must have arrows (for bows) or bolts (for crossbow/heavy crossbow) in your backpack or quiver in order to fire. Quivers allow the archer to carry a supply of up to 500 bolts or arrows on their person. The archer can then insure the quiver and, in case of death, they will find the quiver on their body provided it was adequately insured. Quivers will only hold one ammo type, arrow or bolt.

    At a skill level of 70, the Archer will be able to use an archery weapons primary special move.
    At a skill level of 90, the Archer will be able to use an archery weapons secondary special move.

    Please refer to the link on bow types for a more detailed description. Here follows the basic bow types:

    • Assassin's Shortbow
    • Barbed Longbow
    • Blight Gripped Longbow
    • Bow
    • Composite Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Elven Composite Longbow
    • Faerie Fire
    • Forzen Longbow
    • Heavy Crossbow
    • Lightweight Shortbow
    • Longbow of Might
    • Magical Shortbow
    • Mischief Maker
    • Mystical Shortbow
    • Ranger's Shorbow
    • Repeating Corssbow
    • Silvani's Feywood Bow
    • Slayer Longbow
    • The Night Reaper
    • Yumi
  30. Some thoughts to ponder while deciding if archery is for you...

    Do you like melee? If the draw of hand to hand combat calls you, archery might not be your first choice. Archery is a skill that allows you to step back from your prey with less physical damage to the archer.

    Do you like to solo creatures? Archery is debatably the strongest (or one of the strongest) templates in PVM (player vs. monster). When combined with other skills, most notably paladin, bushido, or ninja, the archery template is very strong.

    Do you like to play alone? Archery is condusive to solo play, not just where monsters are concerned, but in general, archers can be solitary players.

    Do you enjoy PVP (player vs. player)? Currently, the number one new pvp template is the pvp archer, usually combined with bushido. This player uses a combination of high dexterity and the archery skill to quickly make mincemeat out of the competition.

    Are you flexible? For some reason, archery is the most changed profession. What I mean by that is that sometimes our skill is strong, other times it's tweaked to oblivion. Ask anyone who was part of the many year campaign for "fire-and-forget." Sometimes archery is the "red-headed step-child" of UO. When we're weak, we're very weak, when we're strong, we're outstanding!

    If you're someone who is a little off-beat, who likes to discover the UO world as would a ranger of old, then archery is for you.
  31. Other skills affect damage and defense chance:

    • Tactics - Adjusts the damage of successful hits up to 150%.
    • Anatomy - The damage bonus for Anatomy is 20% of your skill level with an added 10% bonus at GM skill. The bonus is calculated with the following formula: % damage = (skill / 5) + (10% if GM) So, at 80 skill the bonus is 16%, at 90 skill the bonus is 18%, at 99 skill the bonus is 19.9%, and at 100 skill the bonus is 30%.
    • Dexterity - Along with bowtype, determines available stamina, which in turn determines rate of fire.
    • Bow Type/Special moves - Quality, Special moves available for bow type, Magical Accuracy/Damage and other bow qualities factor into the hit % and/or damage potential.
  32. To maximize your gains in Archery, you should hunt the following creatures at the associated skill levels: (For more information regarding monster spawn locations, please see the UO Stratics spawn map.)

    Skill Range ... What To Shoot
    ----------- -------------
    00.0 - 30.0 ... N/A (buy skill from NPC)

    30.1 - 40.0 ... bulls
    great harts

    40.1 - 50.0 ... great harts
    horde minions

    50.1 - 60.0 ... brigands

    60.1 - 70.0 ... dread spiders
    Jhelom fighters (no weapon, leather armor)
    water elementals

    70.1 - 80.0 ... ettins
    Jhelom fighters (no weapon, metal armor)
    lich lords

    80.1 - 90.0 ... blood elementals
    bog beasts
    bone/skeletal knights
    dull copper elementals
    elder gazers
    Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield)
    snow elementals

    90.1 - 100.0 .. ancient wyrms
    Blackthorn juggernauts
    blade spirits
    dull copper elementals
    ethereal warriors
    fire gargoyles
    gargoyle destroyers
    GM crafted golems
    Jhelom fighers (with weapon, armor, and shield)
    juka lords
    ogre lords
    ophidian avengers
    ophidian knight errants
    orc brutes
    plague beasts
    rotting corpses
    shadow wyrms
    silver serpents
    skeletal dragons
    summoned daemons
    tentacles of the harrower
    terathan avengers
    zealots of khaldun, summoners

    100.1 - 110.0 . air elementals
    arctic ogre lords
    blade spirits
    dull copper elementals
    earth elementals
    elder gazers
    Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield)
    ogre lords
    ophidian avengers
    poison elementals
    rotting corpses
    sand vortexes
    terathan avengers
    terathan matriarchs
    water elementals

    110.1 - 120.0 . blade spirits
    energy vortexes
    Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield)
    rotting corpses
    terathan avengers
    terathan matriarchs

    Another method for decent gains in either Archery or Tactics above 100 skill is to spar a friend or guildmate who also has high skill. (It helps if they hold a magic weapon that increases their Archery or Tactics, depending on which skill you are working.)

    Taking into account that rate of successful accuracy coupled with rate of fire is the best method to gain, a repeating crossbow with swing speed increase is a good weapon to use to gain skill quickly. At this point, damage does not matter. If hit chance increase jewelry is added, the rate of gain jumps exponentially. So, hit chance jewels + repeater + correct level of spawn = happy, gaining archer.
  33. A note on quiver damage courtesy of Bhima_LS:
    If the quiver has physical/elemental damage properties, those take precedence over the bow's physical/elemental properties. Thus, for example, an elven quiver or a quiver of infinity would do damage based on the bow, while a fire quiver would do 50/50 physical/fire because the quiver has that property.

    The following quivers are made by GM tailors who obtain the recipe in heartwood:
    Elven Quiver
    28 Leather or Hides
    Damage Increase 10%

    Quiver of Blight
    28 Leather, 10 Blight
    Damage Increase 10%
    Cold Damage 50%
    Poison Damage 50%

    Quiver of Fire
    28 Leather, 15 Fire Ruby
    Damage Increase 10%
    Physical Damage 50%
    Fire Damage 50%

    Quiver of Ice
    28 Leather, 15 White Pearl
    Damage Increase 10%
    Physical Damage 50%
    Cold Damage 50%

    Quiver of Lightning
    28 Leather, 10 Corruption
    Damage Increase 10%
    Physical Damage 50%
    Energy Damage 50%

    The following 2 types are looted from ML monsters (swoop, miasma, lurg) or from peerless monsters:

    Quiver of the Elements
    Damage Increase 10%
    100% Chaos Damage
    50% Weight Reduction

    Quiver of Rage
    Damage Increase 10%
    40% Physical Damage
    50% Cold Damage
    25% Weight Reduction

    The following is the GRANDDADDY of all quivers. It was a gift choice for UO's 8th anniversary:

    Quiver of Infinity
    Damage modifier: 10%
    Lower ammo cost: 20%
    Weight Reduction: 30%
    Defense chance increase: 5%
  34. Skill & Stat Caps, by Xena Dragon

    So you are curious about the Skill and Stat Caps? These caps were put in place to even the playing field for newer players and people who didn't have all day to spend practicing their skills and raising their attributes. A character that was 18 months old would be godlike, with GM Status in every skill and 100s for Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, without the Caps because this character would have months and months to train.

    The Skill Cap
    The Skill Cap is a way to limit the number of points that can be divided between all of your skills. If you want to be really good in one skill, you will be forced to be not so good in other skills. The default Skill Cap is 700 points. This means that no matter what, if you add up all your base skills together the total will be equal to or less than 700. Over time, the skill cap of a character will increase because of Veteran Rewards. For each year an account is active, 5 points will be added to the Skill Caps on that account, up to a maximum of 720 points (for 4+ year old accounts). Note that the total of your displayed skills can be higher than 700/720. This is because the jewelry bonuses have been added to the base skill levels.

    An individual skill can be trained to 100 points under normal circumstances. With the aid of a Skill Scroll of Power, an individual skill can be trained up to 120 points maximum.

    The Stat Cap
    That Stat Cap is very similar to the Skill Cap. The normal Stat Cap is 225 points. If you add up your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence that number should not be higher than 225. When you have reached the Stat Cap you will notice that if one stat increases, another one will decrease so you will remain at the cap. Players are able to raise their Stat Cap up to a maximum of 250 by using a Stat Scroll of Power.

    Since publish 16, an individual stat can be trained to 125 points. This has been changed for all players.

    Since Age of Shadows you can gain 1 stat point per 15 minutes, and have max 10 gains per day. You have a chance to gain a stat with any successful skill check. Since stats no longer affect skills, the skill you use has no bearing on which stat you gain. The only restrictions on gaining stats would be:

    • You are at your total stat cap
    • The stat you are trying to gain (per your stat locks) is at its individual cap
    • The state of your stat locks
    Note: Players who had active accounts at the time of the Age of Shadows launch could, in addition to powerscrolls, pick a +5 stat cap increase. These players will be able to reach a total of 255 stats (225, a +25 statscroll and the AoS gift). In which order they applied the stat gift and stat scroll does not matter, the effect will always stack.

    Maximum Stats
    By combining several stat increasing methods, it is possible to reach very high stats. Some examples of higher than "normal" levels are shown below. Note that these may be even further increased by event rewards or other unique items.
    Strength: 125 + 8 (ring) + 8 (bracelet) + 15 (titans hammer) + 8 (gauntlets of nobility) + 20 (spirit of the totem) + 8 (voice of the fallen king) + (20 * 1.5 for potion enhance) = 222
    Dexterity: 125 + 8 (ring) + 8 (bracelet) + 8 (hunters headdress) + 15 (jackals collar) + 5 (taskmaster) + 30 (potion + potion enhance)) = 199; and, on top of that can be added 8 * (tunic, arms, legs, gloves) worth of stamina. That makes 199 max Dexterity and 231 max Stamina.
    Intelligence: (125 + 8 (ring) + 8 (bracelet) + 8 (hat of the magi)) + 13% (from cunning or bless cast by legendary evaluate intelligence) = 168

    The Stat and Skill Caps were not put into place to inconvenience you or make your life miserable. They were put in place as a way to force boundaries upon characters that would normally run rampant over the countryside slaying everything in their wake if they were given no limits. With the addition of the Scrolls of Power, players now have a way to specialize their characters even more, and even train their stats a little bit higher than others to make things more "interesting".

    Suggested stats
    In general, 80 strength is sufficient for any template. For your remaining 145 stat points available, choose your intelligence accordingly and put the remainder of your stat points into dexterity:

    • If Magery is your primary skill and Archery is secondary, go with higher intelligence: 90 to 100
    • If Archery is your primary skill and Magery is secondary, choose an average intelligence: 40 to 60
    • If you have any level of Magery and live in Felucca, average intelligence helps negate the effects of Mindblast: 40 to 45
    • If you have low (or no) Magery and you live in Trammel: 11 (so you can Recall)
    These are just guidelines - try also experimenting with different stat combinations on the Test Center to find out what works best for you. There are many valid stat templates not covered here, for example: 25str / 100int / 100dex. Such a character would not be able to carry much loot but would be quite effective in both Magery and Archery.

    Note: You must have 80str and 80 dex to use slayer bows.
  35. Here follows the most basic of templates. For a more detailed list, go to post your archer templates here .

    Warrior archer
    110 Mage
    110 Eval
    110 Swords
    110 Archery
    110 Tact
    110 Anat

    110 Archery
    110 Anatomy
    100 Tactics
    100 Magery
    100 Evalint
    100 Meditation
    100 Resist

    Paladin Archer
    110 Archery
    110 Anatomy
    100 Chivalry
    100 Tactics
    100 Healing
    100 Resist
    100 Hiding

    Stealth Archer
    110 Archery
    110 Anatomy
    100 Tactics
    100 Healing
    100 Hiding
    100 Stealth
    100 Poisoning
  36. The PvP Archer by Versatile

    Archery is an incredibly powerful skill that is "viable" on practically any template.

    Currently the most popular are:

    Spell Weaver archers (WOD is nerfed now so this template will not be as popular anymore)
    Bushido archers
    Stealth archers
    Mage/Necro archers

    Paladin archers are not so popular because the power of chivalry in PvP is shadowed by the likes of Bushido. Chivalry is however very useful with only a few skill points, so although you won’t see many "pure" paladin archers, you will see most pvpers with at least 55 points invested in chivalry (mainly for divine fury).

    Previously archers were all about dex (stamina). This still rings true, but with the new ML bow - the short bow, it is possible to swing at the maximum speed with relatively low stamina. But generally you will want as high stamina as you can get.

    Depending on the template you chose you will want a fairly decent mana pool also, so as much mana increase and int as possible.

    Generally every PvP template has 100 points in str, but this is overrated, and 80 is often enough (provided you have some hit point increase to counter the small loss).

    As far as gear and jewels go it’s pretty much the same as any warrior type, except the need for DCI is lessened by the fact that you will rarely get hit by your opponent.

    The best tactic for an archer is to simply avoid being hit, the rest will just happen for you. The .25 second delay in order to shoot will happen accidentally for the most part (for example when turning corners) so concentrate on just avoiding your opponent. Only when your opponent is about to die do you really need to concentrate on purposefully trying to fire.

    PvP templates and tactics by Croaker

    Archery used to be a joke in PvP. Slow shot speed, little damage, and your opponent could actually outrun your arrows! No longer. Currently, archery is king of PvP - so much so that it's called "gimp" by many implying that it requires little skill to get a decent kill/death ratio. That's partially true at the moment, but PvP is mostly about experience, and experienced PvPer's will tell you a dozen tactics to beat an archer ("disarm anyone?").

    However, this thread is for discussing archery-based PvP templates and tactics. Please add your comments, templates, suggestions so we can compile a good list for the FAQ.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a PvP expert. The initial information here is mostly from reading the forum plus a little bit of guild PvP. Regardless, take these templates as approximate. There's tons of tinkering that can be done with any of them to streamline them into killing machines.

    "Classic" Stealth Archer
    100 Hide
    80 Stealth
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Heal
    70 Chiv or Magery

    125 Dex/ 90 Str/ 35 Int

    No special tactics here, just hide, stealth, and shoot. Awesome if you have a couple friends and are good at coordinating gank squads.

    Bushido Archer
    120 Bushido
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    120 Resist
    30 Med

    Basically spam Lightning Strike constantly and hope for a critical hit. Use a lot of pots (balanced bow is nice here = Mischief Maker) to supplement your healing.

    Ninja Archer
    120 Ninjitsu
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    80 Anatomy
    80 Healing
    100 hiding
    80 Stealth

    The idea is to snipe, running and hiding when things get tough. You don't have resist, so carry a para-crate.

    Paladin Archer
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    120 Resist
    80 Chivalry
    70 Med

    Harder to run than the others, but very effective. EoO and CW work in PvP. Use chiv to heal/cure. Can possibly substitute healing for other skills.

    Mage Archer
    120 Magery
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    120 Eval Int
    120 Resist

    Use a LMC + Mana regen suit for this guy. With a good spell channeling bow, this guy can be awesome. Harder to play than the templates above, but more flexible. Explosion + flamestrike + AI puts anyone in a world of hurt.

    "Word of Death" archers
    120 Spellweaving
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    120 Resist
    30 Med

    Precast Word of Death, toggle AI, run in, target opponent. WOD and AI arrive at the same time. Usually instant death. The problem is balancing the mana needs with the need for high dex. You could drop Healing/Resist/Med for Focus/Med to help out here.

    "Dog" archers
    120 Ninja
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    120 Resist
    30 Med

    125 Str/ 100 Dex/ 25 Int

    Max out Str with +Str equipment, and add tons of Hit Point Regen to the suit. Use greater strength pots. Go in dog form (for more HPR) or wolf form (for speed). Very hard to kill if you have any timing in heals/pots.

    Necro Archer
    120 Necromancy
    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    120 Spirit Speak
    30 Med

    Very nasty template. Use blood oath followed by AI a lot. If your opponent doesn't notice the blood oath, he's dead. If he does, he keeps away from you and you can chase him down with a moving shot. If combined with poisoning or poison strike, it can be very bad indeed. Plus there's painspike, healing with spirit speak, evil omen, etcetera...

    Ok, that's my list. I'm sure there are other archery PvP templates that also need to be listed. Also, there's got to be plenty of tactics and combos that should be listed. For example, archers should try to dismount their opponents in the first shot if they can. They don't run as fast then.

    A note of thanks to Versatile and Croaker for their assistance in writing this faq.
  37. Bow

    Base Damage 15-19
    Weapon Speed 25
    Range 10
    Strength Requirements 30
    Special Moves:

    Composite Bow

    Base Damage 13-17
    Weapon Speed 26
    Range 10
    Strength Requirements 45
    Special Moves:


    Base Damage 18-22
    Weapon Speed 23
    Range 8
    Strength Requirements 35
    Special Moves:

    Elven Composite Longbow

    Base Damage 12-16
    Weapon Speed 27
    Range 10
    Strength Requirements 45
    Special Moves:

    Heavy Crossbow

    Weapon Damage 20-24
    Weapon Speed 21
    Range 8
    Strength Requirements 80
    Special Moves:

    Magical Shortbow

    Weapon Damage 9-13
    Weapon Speed 38
    Range 10
    Strength Requirements 45
    Special Moves:

    Repeating Crossbow

    Weapon Damage 8-12
    Weapon Speed 41
    Range 7
    Strength Requirements 30
    Special Moves:


    Weapon Damage 16-20
    Weapon Speed 24
    Range 10
    Strength Requirements 35
    Special Moves:
  38. Artifact Recipe Bows

    Blight Gripped Longbow

    20 Boards
    1 Lard of Paroxysmus
    10 Blight
    10 Corruption

    Hit Poison Area 20%
    Stamina Regeneration 3
    Night Sight
    Swing Speed Increase 20%
    Damage Increase 35%
    Poison Damage 100%
    Weapon Damage 19-22
    Weapon Speed 27
    Range 10
    Strength Requirement 45
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Faerie Fire

    20 Boards
    1 Lard of Paroxysmus
    10 Putrefaction
    10 Taint

    Hit Fireball 25%
    Dexterity Bonus 3
    Swing Speed Increase 20%
    Damage Increase 60%
    Fire Damage 100%
    Weapon Damage 19-22
    Weapon Speed 27
    Range 10
    Strength Requirement 45
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Mischief Maker

    15 Boards
    1 Dread Horn Mane
    10 Corruption
    10 Putrefaction

    Undead Slayer
    Swing Speed Increase 35%
    Damage Increase 45%
    Cold Damage 100%
    Weapon Damage 14-16
    Weapon Speed 38
    Range 10
    Strength Requirement 45
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Silvani's Feywood Bow

    20 Boards
    1 Lard of Paroxysmus
    10 Scourge
    10 Muculent

    Spell Channelling
    Hit Chance Increase 12%
    Swing Speed Increase 30%
    Damage Increase 35%
    Energy Damage 100%
    Weapon speed 27
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    The Night Reaper

    10 Boards
    1 Dread Horn Mane
    10 Blight
    10 Scourge

    Demon Slayer
    Night Sight
    Swing Speed Increase 25%
    Damage Increase 55%
    Physical Damage 100%
    Weapon Damage 10-12
    Weapon Speed 41
    Range 7
    Strength Requirement 30
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Magic Items

    Assassin's Shortbow

    15 Boards
    1 Dark Sapphire

    Hit Chance Increase 3%
    Damage Increase 4%
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Barbed Longbow

    20 Boards
    1 Fire Ruby

    Reflect Physical Damage 12%
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Frozen Longbow

    20 Boards
    1 Turquoise

    Swing Speed Increase 5%
    Damage Increase 10%
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Lightweight Shortbow

    15 Boards
    1 White Pearl

    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Longbow of Might

    20 Boards
    1 Blue Diamond

    Damage Increase 5%
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Mystical Shortbow

    15 Boards
    1 Ecru Citrine

    Spell Channeling
    Faster Casting -1
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Ranger's Shortbow

    15 Boards
    1 Perfect Emerald

    Swing Speed Increase 5%
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.

    Slayer Longbow

    20 Boards
    1 Brilliant Amber

    Random Slayer.
    Double-Slayer is possible when crafted with a runic.
    Bowcrafting Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary.
  39. You must have 80 strength and 80 dexterity (real skill) to shoot a juka bow. Juka bows can be obtained from Juka Lords. They will appear as a brown bow marked simply "bow." You can have a GM bowyer modify it using gears to make the black, named Juka bow. After modification, you'll know which class of monsters it slays. The available Juka bow types are as follows:

    Repond slayer - Double damage against Ogres, Orcs, Trolls, Cyclopses and Titans
    Orc Slayer - Double damage against Orcs
    Troll Slayer - Double damage against Trolls
    Elemental Slayer - Double damage against all elementals
    Blood Elemental Slayer - Double damage against Blood Elementals
    Earth Elemental Slayer - Double damage against Earth Elementals
    Poison Elemental Slayer - Double damaga against Poison Elementals
    Fire Elemental Slayer - Double damage against Fire Elementals
    Snow Elemental Slayer - Doubled damage against Snow Elementals
    Air Elemental Slayer - Double damage against Air Elementals
    Water Elemental Slayer - Double damage against Water Elementals
    Demon Slayer - Double damage against Daemons, Gargoyles, Blarons, and Dark Fathers
    Gargoyle Slayer - Double damage against all types of Gargoyles
    Arachnid Slayer - Double damage against giant spiders and Terathans
    Scorpion Slayer - Double damage against Scorpions
    Spider Slayer - Double damage against giant spiders (Terathans excluded)
    Terathan Slayer - Double damage against Terathans
    Reptilian Slayer - Double damage against Alligators, Snakes, Lizardman, Dragons, Drakes, Wyrms and Ophidians
    Dragon Slayer - Double damage against Dragons
    Lizardman Slayer - Double damage against Lizardmen
    Snake Slayer - Double damage against Snakes,Sea Serpents, Deep Sea Serpents
    Ophidian Slayer - Double damage against Ophidians
  40. General information

    The name of the game here is 70. Most people are in a search to find a suit that has all 70 resists: physical, fire, cold, poison, and energy. You'll want to piece together a suit that comes as close to 70's as you can. You could also find out what type of damage a creature does, then wear items to become resistant to it. You can tell an items resistance qualities by mousing over it. You can find out your total suit resists by double clicking your healthbar and looking to the right of the display. You'll see symbols that stand for each resistance.

    The second popular type of suit is lower reagent cost. If you add each items lower reagent cost percentage, your goal is to get to at least 100%. This will allow a mage to cast spells without supplying his own reagents, saving lots of gold in the long run.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • The highest armor that can be worn and allows meditation is leather.
    • The highest full set of (non-magical) armor that can be worn with 0 Dex loss is studded leather.
    • Close Helms, etc. also are 0 Dex loss.
    • Armor should be maintained (repaired).
    For a more detailed list of item properties: go here.

    If you don't already have a tailor/smith character, get to know a friendly one. They should be able to arrange for a special combination of armor so you don't have to buy 300 sets to discover what ensemble fits you the best. Also, since metal and leather can be recycled, you might be appreciated for bringing in old armor or raw materials for your armor craftsperson, saving them a special trip to collect resources (Smiths and Tailors like to adventure too!).

    Note: There are literally thousands of armor combinations available. Only you can decide what is best for each of your characters.
  41. Why reinvent the wheel. A very good guide to all magical properties can be found on stratics. This includes items found on jewelry. Magic jewels can make the difference between GMing the skill in several weeks or several months. During training, it's always good to have on as much hit chance increase jewelry as possible. The more times you successfully hit a creature, the more times you have a possibility to gain in a skill. You might also want to boost up your archery through use of jewels so you're not stuck fighting lizardmen ad nauseum.

    Though I can't find the author to give proper credit, you can find the item properties here.
  42. For a bowyer to enhance a bow, he/she must have a fletching kit. These are avilable from any bowyer shop. The bowyer must also have the appropriate level of skill.

    Ordinary wood
    Necessary Bowcraft: 0
    Weapon Effects: N/A

    Necessary Bowcraft: 65
    Weapon Effects:
    +40 Luck
    Damage Increase 5%

    Necessary Bowcraft: 80
    Weapon Effects:
    Swing Speed Increase 10%
    Lower Requirements 20%

    Necessary Bowcraft: 95
    Weapon Effects:
    Hit Chance Increase 5%
    Damage Increase 10%

    Necessary Bowcraft: 100
    Weapon Effects:
    Random property:
    Swing Speed Increase 10%
    Damage Increase 10%
    Hit Chance Increase 5%
    Luck 40
    Lower Requirements 20%

    Necessary Bowcraft: 100
    Weapon Effects:
    Hit Life Leech 16%
    (dont add if the weapon already has HLL)
    Hit Point Regeneration +2

    Necessary Bowcraft: 100
    Damage Increase 12%
    Physical Damage 60%
    Cold Damage 40%
  43. I'm no expert on the subject, but I can give a few useful links to learn the information. UBB code is similar to HTML in that it formats your text for viewing on the screen. Note: I have replaced [ with { in these posts to show you the code. Some common commands:

    Adding a link to another webpage
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    The address should automatically be converted into a clickable link when posted.

    If it does not, or if the address does not begin with either http:// or www, then use the following codes:

    When you type the address, add the codes shown below in brackets, immediately before and after. There CANNOT be a space between the code and the address or it won't work.


    This will create: www.ILoveArchery.com in your post.

    If you want a word or group of words to be the link instead of the address, you must use a slightly different code, as shown in the example below:

    {url=http://www.ILoveArchery.com]A place for people who love archery.[/url}

    This will create: A place for people who love archery..

    Adding an email address link
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    [b]Quoting text from another message[/b]
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    Archery is a terrific skill to have.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    [b]Simple way to post a screenshot:[/b]

    Hit "printscreen" button on your keyboard (next to F12) at the proper moment. Then open paint program that most computers have standard. Point the mouse on the open white cavass, then go up to "edit" then "paste." You'll see your entire screen. Find the dotted rectangle shaped button for "select" and click it. This allows you to only select the screenshot you want without saving the contents of your backpack, ect. Right click once on the field you wish to save, then choose "copy to" from the popup menu. Save the file however you want it titled.

    Go to your web hosting site (mine is photobucket, so I'll use it for this example). Log into your account, then "browse." You should be able to find your screenshot. Click the appropriate image once, then choose "open." Back at your web hosting site, choose "submit." This adds it to your image collection. You should now have a choice of links to copy your image. Copy the link, put the {image] tag around it, and post it up. I did one for you here:

  44. There are three methods for obtaining arrows or bolts.

    Kill 'em - You can kill monsters that carry arrows and bolts. Ratman Archers can be found southeast of Compassion gate in Ilshenar and northwest of Sacrifice gate in Ilsh as well. Each ratman archer carries 60-70 arrows. Centuars can be found near the Serpentine Passage just north of the City of Mistas in Ilshenar. Eash Centaur carries 80-90 arrows. Juka Lords can be found in the City of Mistas, in Blackthorn's Castle, in Humility Jungle (all in Ilshenar), and in levels 1 and 2 of dungeon Wrong. Be careful with these guys, as they hit hard. Each Juka Lord carries 60-70 arrows.

    Meer Captains and changelings carry bolts. A Meer Captain carries 50-60 bolts. But BEWARE, you will lose fourth tier karma (5000 points) for each you kill. If you're a paladin and your skill is based on karma, you might want to try another source for bolts. Changelings in the Twisted Weald carry 25 bolts and 35 arrows (approximately) also. They are tough to kill. Be forewarned...they like to gang up on you. Running in the sand can also be a particular challenge.

    Make 'em - Kill some birds, chop some wood, and you're in business. The harpy cave north of Spirituality shrine is a good source for feathers. Each bird has 50. Any bird will do. Any person can lumberjack wood also. You do not need the lumberjack skill to chop wood. You'll need a fletching kit purchased from a bowcraft shop to craft your own. Don't bother using various woods like yew, oak, bloodwood, hearthwood, frostwood, or ash. You'll waste a valuable resource as the wood is expensive and does not effect performance.

    Buy 'em - Any provisioner shop or bowyer shop carries bolts and arrows. You'll pay top dollar doing it that way, but there will be a steady supply. Check the various player-run vendor shops. Often you'll get them cheaper. Also, check the gypsy camps around Ilshenar. Gypsy maidens sell bolts and arrows for low prices. Gypsies tend to move around a lot, so sometimes the camp won't be populated. You have to keep checking back.
  45. Two new bow properties were created from Mondain's Legacy:

    Velocity - Velocity is the speed that an arrow gains in air. Velocity is higher the farther away from your target you get. After a trial standing first one square away using a bow with 25% velocity, then standing 2-8 tiles away, I compiled the following results (damage per player varies):

    1 (square from target)-71,66,62,67,65,66,62,66,65,67=66 average
    2 squares-62,70,65,66,66,65,67,69,65,66=66 average
    3 squares-69,67,63,66,68,65,67,62,68,64=66 average
    4 squares-72,76,71,70,70,64,68,70,72,68=70 average
    5 squares-70,71,76,72,76,70,64,68,68,72=70 average
    6 squares-73,71,69,67,66,72,72,68,72,70=70 average
    7 squares-68,70,71,73,68,72,71,68,70,71=70 average
    8 squares-72,68,71,71,68,64,71,69,68,72=70 average

    Results: on average, standing at least 4 tiles away from a target increases your damage by 6%.

    Balance - A balanced bow allows the archer to drink potions without having to disarm his/her bow. The potion drinking will not be interrupted by offensive spells. This allows the archer to continue fighting without disarming or having to stop movement in order to heal himself/herself.

    A detailed list of every item property, what it does, ect. can be found here
  46. A great big thanks goes to Croaker, Versatile, Sigfried McGreed, mrwarpig, Jimmy Pop, Koris, amidala, and Xena Dragon for volunteering information used in the creation of this faq. Thanks for the update on mana/life leech, Bort of Atlantic.

    I'd also like to credit the highly knowledgeable people of the archery forum (I'd name names, but don't want to leave anyone out.) Thanks for keeping this place fun to visit and for being such a terrific source of knowledge. I see the way folks around here help out anyone with questions and it makes me smile. We archers are a fine bunch indeed.

    *Raises bow in salute*
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I noticed that i couldn't find what to cast to gain at what levels so when i trained my legendary ninja i made the chart below:

    Gaining in Ninjitsu

    Buy skill to 20
    Cast Rabbit Form 20-40
    Cast Mirror Image 40-70
    Cast Focus Attack 70-90
    Cast Death Strike 90-120

    took about 12 hours to GM from 20 and 18 hours to legendary from 20.
  48. Spart

    Spart Guest

    Do you still need to be on a ship in Trammel to gain higher levels?