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FAQ Builder Thread

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Flan, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Flan

    Flan Guest

    OK guys, we've got a lot of new information floating around, and a lot of changes have been made. So this thread is for you to post everything you know about pub 16 and warriors. That ranges from new formulas, info on powerscrolls, the GGS system, what to hit and when, etc.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well here are the mods I made to my Swordsman Warrior Post Pub16. I made a few adjustments to utilize Skill Scrolls in a manner i felt efficient but nothing major IMHO. I still need to complete a few of the skills I'm listing but only have roughly 15 skill points left to reach my listed goals. As you will see I opted for using several Skill Scrolls of 110 level and am attempting to "Balance Out" the additions.

    Here We Go:
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Resist
    110 Swordsmanship
    110 Parrying
    110 Tactics
    27.5 Magery (just enough to recall with decent results)
    25.8 Animal Taming (thats enough to supply NonFrenzied Ostards to ride)
    16.7 Arms Lore (yeah pretty low but I can check my Weapon status after the fightings done and before I go after my next kill, and we all know you can tell just from experience and time, as to the conditions of weapons i.e. Your kicking Dragon Arse and suddenly its taking you a lot more time than the last one, as well as you seem to be missing alot).

    Now I am using this "Template" mainly for Pl vs M but on occasion if you ever plan on hunting Champs you will need a char that is balanced to handle almost any type of assault. Also, if you havn't the need to Tame your own rides than there ya go, another 25.8 points you get to divy out to the others! If I personally ever decide to do that I will likley continue in my "Rounded Char Theory". Any opinions on my lil theory please don't hold back... if you think it sux say so!

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A Old Template that got better:
    100 Meele Skill
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Magery
    100 Med or Resist
    100 Eval
    -Now because "Anatomy + Eval = Wrestling" you can get spells off without too much trouble. I prefer Med over Resist since I know how to live without resist and med will help alot in longer battles.
  4. rileyrat

    rileyrat Guest

    This is the best plan of attack I have found for building swords, tactics, and anatomy past GM. First off once you get your powerscroll and apply it, you will want to hit the Jhelom dueling pit. This is good to get the skills to about 102.5-103. It is fairly easy to get to about 102.5 in the pits (took me about an hour or so). The next part is a lil more scary as you will need a rotting corpse. The best plan for attack at this level is to go to Illshnar, Humility to be exact. South and a lil east of the shrine is a dead city. You will want to drag all of the other spawn off,i.e. the bone mages, bone knights, bogles. It is acctually better if ou do not kill them, just drag them a safe distance away from the area, hit them to slow them down, and run as fast as you can back. Be careful not to drag the rotting corpse off. Once you got this done you can get one of the two rotting corpse to target you and follow you back to the shrine. Stand directly next to the ankh and attack the rotty. Every time he gets that Level 5 poison in, you simply double click the ankh and it cures you. Do not forget to run aids constantly as even if you cure the poison quickly he can do it again right away and this can get you very low on health. I get anywhere between .2-.6 gains per skill, per rotty, but I am useing a katana and it will kill the rotty faster than the other weapons. Don't forget to use the fastest weapon in your group. Swordsmen use the katana, same with l/jer's as swords is considered your attacking skill for axes. Macers will want to use a wand, these can be picked up at any mage shop for very lil gold. Fencers, the dagger will serve you best as it is lightening fast. I lightly clad myself in armor(anything you can wear that will allow you to keep yourself fully healed at all times) and bring along this list of items:
    700-1000 Bandages
    Spare weapons incase you break the one you are useing
    A good killing weapon to take life off the other spawn
    20 or so g-cure pots incase the rotty gets ahold of you before you get to the ankh
    15 or so g-heal pots to save your life incase of lag or crash
    Spare armor to replace the parts that get broken

    I have yet to die with this method and I am getting great gains as you can see.
  5. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    Not Pub16 specific, but still not in the FAQ :)

    Parry info:

    chance to block = skill - base AR * 2

    taken from buckler example: 87 = 100 - 7 * 2
    also from chaos example: 36 = 100 - 32 * 2

    amount absorbed = base AR * 1.5 * skill%

    taken from buckler example: 10.5 = 7 * 1.5 * 100%
    also from chaos example: 48 = 32 * 1.5 * 100%

    Ok, to recap:
    chance to block = skill - base AR * 2
    amount absorbed = base AR * 1.5 * skill%

    At GM parry:
    Shield Base AR % Chance to block Amount absorbed
    Buckler 7 86 10.5
    GM Buckler 8 84 12
    Wooden 8 84 12
    Bronze 10 80 15
    Metal 11 78 16.5
    Buckler of Defense 12 76 18
    GM Bronze 12 76 18
    Wooden Kite 12 76 18
    Wooden of Defense 13 74 19.5
    GM Metal 13 74 19.5
    GM Wooden Kite 14 72 21
    Metal Kite 16 68 24
    Buckler of Guarding 17 66 25.5
    Wooden Kite of Defense 17 66 25.5
    Wooden of Guarding 18 64 27
    GM Metal Kite 19 62 28.5
    Metal Kite of Defense 21 58 31.5
    Buckler of Hardening 22 56 33
    Wooden Kite of Guarding 22 56 33
    Wooden of Hardening 23 54 34.5
    Heater 23 54 34.5
    Metal Kite of Guarding 26 48 39
    Buckler of Fortification 27 46 40.5
    Wooden Kite of Hardening 27 46 40.5
    GM Heater 27 46 40.5
    Wooden of Fortification 28 44 42
    Order 30 40 45
    Metal Kite of Hardening 31 38 46.5
    Buckler of Invunlnerability 32 36 48
    Wooden Kite of Fortification 32 36 48
    Chaos 32 36 48
    Wooden of Invulnerability 33 34 49.5
    Metal Kite of Fortification 36 28 54
    Wooden Kite of Invulnerability 37 26 55.5
    Metal Kite of Invulnerability 41 18 61.5

    I have not done the research on colored shields, yet. Once I have base ARs for them, I'll add them to the chart.
  6. Beren

    Beren Guest

    Hi Flan,

    Well after 6 months I am back to playing UO. Sold my accounts when I quit and have had a great summer. Missed playing UO at times though so I decided to give it a try again.

    I can tell you more what NOT to do for a new player then what to do. I tried to make a warrior the old way and have wasted a lot of time. This is what I have found during the first week of play.

    New players
    [*]I started my Warrior with 50 Healing, 50 Resist. Be carefull where you set you stats. With the stat gain limitations you need to plan ahead. It took me 3 days before I could even use a War Axe since I set my strength too low, thinking I could just skill cap and ping pong like the old days
    [*]Dont waste your time/gold on skill capping to raise stats. Stats go up so easy every half hour, that it is a waste to get to 700 first. The 6 point stat gain limit per day is really annoying.
    [*]Anatomy, Parry, Healing gains seem very similar to before. I believe you can work those the same. I am at 80ish Anatomy and only 60ish Macing!
    [*]Weapon skill, Tactics. Still experimenting with these. I am figuring out what not to do, thats for sure. Don't fight the harder monsters. You will not get gains at the lower end. So far hinds gave gains till the 40s, Great Harts after that. In the 50's Brigands, Lizard Men, Rat Men seem to be giving decent gains. Although much slower than before. Its really strange to gain more hitting a Rat Man than an Earth Elemental.
    [*]You can make a lot of gold selling the stuff that people throw away

    I will add more as I progress.

    Beren (now of Sonoma)
  7. seas

    seas Guest

    i copied the info from vidala's post and added a bunch of creatures, as well as what to fight from 100 to 120(i'm not too sure which are best to gain though)

    0-30 (skill can be bought up to 28-32 if you find the right npc)
    Birds, mongbats, cats, boars, pigs, dogs, cows, goats, sheeps, rabbits, chickens, snakes, slimes
    Any forest almost anywhere, near minoc/yew moongate, outside delucia.

    Hinds, llamas, horses, great harts, ridgebacks, (tamed/released) bulls, eagles, gorillas, mountain goats, timber wolves, giant rats
    Moonglow (right outside of town on the South and Eastern sides). Delucia has lots of great harts and bulls north and east of town. Around minoc moongate there's a few great harts and bulls as well. If you find you're out of targets, bulls can be good for gaining, but you'll probably make a lot of tamers mad. Ridgebacks can be found in ilshenar's central area, the easiest way is the compassion gate, then south and through the cavey entrance and up. There's usually a lot of tamers busy with them though.

    Skeletons, liches
    Any graveyard, but I like Yew since it spawns *only* skeletons. Just beware of any bog things or plague beasts if you fight in Trammel. Yew crypts in Trammel is also good. You should only fight liches of course if you're just training another combat skill(and got high resist), but i found i gained pretty good on them at this level.

    You can go to a swamp, like the one beneath Compassion, the Trinsic swamps, or the Destard swamps, but you can also go to Lvl. 1 Despise (I prefer there). No need to worry about jukas, ratmen, plague beasts, and bog things. Also the cold blood title spawn(when it's at it's lowest level) in ilshenar/felucca/lost lands has tons of lizardmen.

    For this, I went to the Destard swamps on the North-West side, lured a few ratmen away and fought them 1 by 1. Some other monsters followed, so I blasted those guys first. North of sacrifice is a medium size rat fort, you'll probably have to drag a few away at a time there. You can also go into the cave where the spawn is smaller.

    The orc dungeon, lure a few of them away and attack them. Spawning orc camps around delucia or the orc fort near cove also work good.

    Covetous Lvl. 1 or lvl 2, just have to watch out for the occasional stone harpy, lvl2 doesn't have any stone harpys though. In ilshenar there's also a harpy nest north/east of the spirituality gate, be sure not to have negative karma or you'll be swarmed by pixies!

    Harpys, stone harpys
    As said above. Stone harpys can be found in the same place, they've got slightly higher combat skills but hit much harder, so they might not be a good choice.

    Blade spirits
    They always have 90 wrestle, no idea if it's better than the others, and the gain with fighting these might have been "nerfed".

    NPC warriors
    Either hire one or fight them in the jhelom fighting pit.

    Ogre lords
    Despise lvl3, some rune libraries have specific rune to this place. Best for archers though since they hit so hard.

    Earth elementals
    Shame Lvl. 1, or if it's camped there you can go to Lvl. 3 (and possibly Lvl. 2, I know there's an earthy spawn in Lvl. 2 now in Felucca so I'd assume it's in Trammel too). There's also some places in Ilshenar, in the desert outside the gargoyle city, around the rocky place north of gargoyle city(get there by honor shrine, walk up and into the cave entrance), the rocky place south of the gargoyle city(it no longer has ore elementals) and in the ratman cave which i mentioned above(3 tiny spawn spots with only 2 earthys each)

    Bone and skeleton knights
    City of the Dead, or if you can get a few friends you can head over to Deceit Lvl. 2, a.k.a. the BK room

    <pre>combat skill
    120 summoned energy vortex
    100-120 people in fel/peekays
    100 plague beast
    98-100 gm summoned daemon
    97-100 centaur
    96-99 juka lord
    97-100 ethereal warrior(they res you if you're positive karma)
    95-100 shadow wyrm
    90-97 phoenix
    97-100 skeletal dragon
    97-100 ancient wyrm
    93-100 orc brute
    92-98 rotting corpse
    92-99 terathan avenger
    92-99 balron
    91-100 betrayer
    91-100 gargoyle destroyer
    91-100 ogre lord
    91-98 zealot of khaldun, summoner
    90-100 ophidian knight errant/avenger
    ~90-100 fire gargoyle
    90-98 silver serpent
    91-95 blackthorn juggernaut
    92-93 tentacles of the harrower
    86-100 blood elemental
    91-93 dragon
    87-96 bone/skeletal knight
    85-93 snow elemental
    90 summoned blade spirit
    81-97 elder gazer</pre>

    I just listed all the creatures which have always near gm combat skills. Earthys variate between 60-100 in skills, while these have 90-100, so they should be better for gaining at above gm.

    They're all strong as hell, so the easiest(but most boring) is fighting rotting corpses(by x-healing, curing by ankh at humility shrine) and centaurs(with parry). Check the hunter's guide if you want to know where they all can be found.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have decided to make a character on Cats to kill Soam and put an end to his trash talking ( :p ). I know Soam is a lumberjack, so that means he will be able to deal out a lot of damage. This basically leaves me two options when fighting him; either have a lot of defense, or keep far enough away that he can't hit me with that axe. I either build a mage, or some hybrid of a mage, or a parry warrior. I opt for the parry warrior, since that is what I am most familiar with, and it will be the easiest to build, especially on a new shard where I can't rely on my other characters to keep me supplied. I slect maces for the melle skill. I could have taken fencing or swords, which could then be used to poison Soam and make him drop his axe. Maces offers the advantage of robbing Soam of his stamina, and breaking his armour. Plus I don't really have a dedicated mace fighter so that will be something new for me.

    My template will be,

    100 maces
    100 parry
    100 tactics
    100 anat
    100 heal
    100 resist
    100 magery

    I considered taking something other than reisist, since it won't really help me kill Soam, but it will round out the character a lot. I'll post my progress as I develop the character, which will tkae a while.

    If anyone has any other suggestions on how to kil Soam, please post them, and let me know.
  9. Wounded

    Wounded Guest

    about skill gains

    30-60: npcs in jhelom fighting pit with no weapons work great. just leave yourself fighting one and heal every 5 minutes or so.

    70-80: there is a lizardman camp south of ilshenar humility shrine. nothing but lizardmen in this area. i highly recommend.

    wrestlers should, even if they arent planning on keeping, raise healing as they are raising wrestling. ive found its MUCH cheaper than using regs for heals. also helps to have magery, or some other damage dealing skill to kill adds, as you only need one mob to gain skill from (since it will take you a very long time, if you actually can, to kill the mob).
  10. seas

    seas Guest

    bla, just copy &amp; pasted from vidala's post which already is on the 2:nd page.

    You never have to step foot out of Jhelom (well okay, maybe once to buy up your skill to 30). Here's a very simple guide to follow to get you gains from 30 all the way up to GM and above.

    Basically, there are 4 types of NPCs in the Jhelom pits. The 6gp and 8gp wrestlers (no weapon, though some have shields), and the 7gp and 8gp fighters. If you're at 30, you won't gain off the 8gp fighters for obvious reasons that they're too high above your skill, and with P16 you have to fight things at your skill level. Use this simple table:

    30-60: 6gp wrestlers
    60-75: 8gp wrestlers
    75-90: 7gp fighters
    90+: 8gp fighters

    It's all rounded, so if you stop getting gains off the wrestlers at 70, try switching to the fighters. Also, here's a few more tips.

    Since there's the notorious "griefers" that sometimes mass murder the poor NPCs, you can always hire it and gate it home. Simple as that.

    If you want to fight the fighters but are afraid of them constantly draining your stamina, simply hire them and tell them to guard you, then attack. Usually they'll swing at you once or twice, then just stand there while you hit (and can gain) off them. Don't forget to keep them healed if you're using a weapon that inflicts damage (I love wands ).

    If you're not getting gains, try to eat some food, switch weapons, and switch NPCs. If all else fails, just log out for a few hours and try again later.
  11. I got teh NPC to guard and not attack once, but everytime since the first one was killed I cant seem to do it again. Blah it sucks. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No it doesnt *sighs*


    Voila, happy hitting.
  13. bump (ineed this and finding it is annoying)
  14. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    The thread is locked on top, so bumping it will .. uh .. do nothing /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  15. oops i didnt know i was searching for it didnt see
  16. seas

    seas Guest

    <pre> best training weapons
    speed least damage skill

    katana skinning knife swords
    quarter staff wand macing
    hatchet hatchet lumber
    dagger dagger fencing
    bow bow archery</pre>

    remember to not use anything but store bought, exc/gm adds way too much damage. and at higher levels(at least), if with tactics/archery bonus on your weapon, you might not gain at all because the game thinks you've already gained as much as it's possible.

    also the more damaged the weapon is, the better, since it will do much less damage.

    although, if you just want to hit more, then use a new weapon when the last isn't unused/like new/fairly new, since at these durabilities, a weapon seems to hit more, so you should get more gains.
  17. seas

    seas Guest

    90+ parry gains, thanks to stoneduck

    GM val plate + bunch of bucklers + lots of bandages + agility pots = camp a square next to the teleporter in the tram bone knight room(2nd lvl of deciet, impossible to miss). use a weapon that you don't have any skill in, that way they have a better chance to hit you. hop the teleporter to heal.

    change buckler when the current one has lost 2 ar. if you got some friends to heal then try to buy a bunch of candles at provisioners and use those(i dunno if they'll break), since you parry more often with those but don't parry any damage at all.

    solo it works fast, bringing friends just speed it up cause you don't need to hop the teleporter to heal.

    60-90 parry gains

    harpys at covetous lvl1, lvl2 or the ilshenar harpy nest(far right from spirituality shrine). studded leather and buckler should be enough, you could lure them to the entrance to either lvl in covetous and just run out when low on health.
  18. ok I haven't been playing for almost 2 years and I'm just coming back, and I need some advice on my warrior template I'm about to start

    since my accounts age is 52 months I have 720 points to work with and was considering a 5x120GM 1xGM and 20 points into magery for runebook charges

    but I cant decide if I want that or to take out lumberjacking and switch to maces in favor of taking parry and cuting 20 points somewhere to take it to 120 which will give me a 66% chance to parry with a GM heather shield. I've had a GM parry char before and he'd often have to carry around several shield at a time the rate he went through them, but the axer while having higher damage will also have less AR and take more damage. Any input would be appriciated.
  19. seas

    seas Guest

    you could always get a second warrior, fixes everything ye know?
  20. I could but that would be the easy way /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    besides as it stands I have 1 mega mule, 1 resource gather, one PvP faction mage, one tamer so I can only have one war unless I wanna drop someone or remake the char completely almost /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  21. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    Hmmm... just wondering:


    chance to block = skill - base AR * 2

    Does that mean that I would block any melee damage with a legendary parrier and a buckler?

    120 - 7*2 = 106!
  22. Flan

    Flan Guest

    It means you'll block every time, however a buckler only absorbs a small amount of damage.
  23. Flan

    Flan Guest

    Hey all,
    I've updated the skill gain part of the Faq, let me know what you think. If i missed your name for something you added let me know.

    More details on parry and resist would also be helpful.
  24. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    I have found that from 25-50 in any weapons skill or resist, Shadow Wisps are best. I get steady gains off of them, I gain in resist at the same time. The best part is I also gain in valor if I hunt them in Ilshenar at the Champion Spawn Altar near Blood.
  25. seas

    seas Guest

    you could add *best training weapons* and stoneducks 90+ parry gain way...
  26. seas

    seas Guest

    vidala updated the jhelom pit fighters way, to:

    0-65 - 6gp wrestlers
    65-85 - 8gp wrestlers
    85-110 - 7gp fighters
    110-120 - 8gp fighters
    85-120 - gm tinker crafted golems

    to make them stop hitting you, just say "all guard me" a couple of times untill they turn grey.

    golems spawn with variable wrestle skill, but it's in the range of 90-100, so if you stop getting gains on one train it on a rotting corpse. this also applies to the npcs, so if they stop giving gains kill/dismiss them and try another.

    the advantage of golems is that with a low damage weapon you can hit them the whole day without them getting hurt, as they've got much higher ar and hp compared to the fighters.

    to train on golems in tram you need to be guilded, otherwise just get to an unvisited spot(like a boat) in fel and fight away.
  27. seas

    seas Guest

    There are 3 ways to raise anatomy.

    Directly by using the Anatomy skill on Players/Creatures. Set up a macro and use it all the time on other players as well as monsters.

    advice for making a macro(can be made with ordinary uo client):

    use skill anatomy

    if you press down the key for it and are in a busy monster/player spot(brit bank, moongates, champion spawns) gains should be pretty good.
  28. seas

    seas Guest

    Stats FAQ

    What are Stats and how do they effect my skills?

    since quite a few people don't know this..

    there is NO cap on attack speed at 100, 110 dex or whatever, as npc's use the same formula as players(just that they use wrestlings base attack speed), and the creatures with 200+ dex(pixies, balrons, serpentine dragons) DO attack incredibly fast. also using an already fast weapon(katana, q-staff, dagger), it's very easy to notice the difference with a great agility/total refresh potion at 100+ dex.

    Dexterity is directly related to your stamina. Your Stamina determines your weapon swing speed. i.e. the higher your Dexterity/Stamina the faster you can swing a weapon.

    change to..

    dexterity is directly related to your max stamina. your stamina determines your weapon swing speed, for every one stamina point you swing about 1% faster.

    it also affects your bandage speed, at 10 dex it's about 16 seconds while at 100 around 10. please note that every single dex point helps, even though you don't bandage several seconds faster for every 10 dex points you'll bandage ~0.5 seconds faster, which might not be easily noticeable, but it does help.

    so all around dex is the most important stat for pure warriors, and the first i'd recommend to get to 125.

    Intelligence is directly related to your mana. Mana is needed to cast spells.

    Intelligence is directly related to your max mana and it also affects your chance to reflect spells(higher int=higher reflect chance) with a *magic reflect* spell activated. Mana is needed to cast spells.
  29. seas

    seas Guest

    *phew* heh, i hope i don't overload you with info /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    How do I raise my stats?
    if starting new, you buy an advanced character from osi(at the low price of $29.99) and then you'll get about 75 in each stat. if you don't want to do that, enter publish 16 stat gain nightmare:

    stat gains are capped at 6 per day and you can only gain one every 30 minutes, so when starting from scratch to reach your stat total will take several weeks.

    now for stat gaining, use the skill whenever you first log into the character for the day, and write down when you get a gain and work the same skill again 30 minutes after that.

    mace fighting

    snooping (pickpocket dummy works in tram, in fel just doubleclick anyones backpack(karma loss! eek!))
    stealth (you need the 80 required hiding for this skill to use it)
    remove trap

    spirit speak
    animal lore

    other skills which give you stat gains give gains in more than one stat, and if you gain in a stat which is locked or pointed down it'll still count as a gain and reset your gain timer. that you do not want, so only use these skills for gaining.

    also, some skills will make you gain a stat even if they're locked, or if you're at your stat total you can try locking all your skills and have the stat gaining skill turned up. this still needs more testing though.

    if you're going to train a stat with a fighting skill be sure to have the related ones locked(parry, fencing, anatomy, healing and swords) or else your gains will be messed up.

    it is still possible to gain through natural play although at a slower pace, but if you only use skills which for example give gains in dex and int and you need str you'll have to use this new gain method.

    and of course don't forget to set the new stat locks right.

    multiple and non stat gain skills:

    (some people might be interested in this, and you don't have to wade through stratics main page to find the info)

    primary means that stat will be gained more often than the secondary, so for every 10 stats gained with alchemy 8 might be in int and 2 in dex.

    (use the pre tags for correct formatting..)

    <pre> str int dex
    alchemy p s
    anatomy p s
    animal taming p s
    archery p s
    begging none
    bowcraft p s
    camping p s s
    carpentry p s
    cartography p s
    detect hidden p s
    discordance p p
    fencing p s
    fishing s p
    forensic eval p s
    healing s p s
    herding p s
    hiding s p
    inscription p s
    musicianship s p
    parrying p s
    peacemaking s p
    poisoning p s
    provocation s p
    magic resist none
    stealing s p
    swordsmanship p s
    tactics none
    tailoring s s p
    taste id s p
    tinkering p s s
    tracking s p
    veterinary p p s
    str int dex</pre>
  30. seas

    seas Guest

    If you are in a hurry to GM Parry the fastest method is to fight a group of Harpies at the same time.

    up to 90 that will work, but afterwards parry is one of the slowest to gain skills in the game! how'd you like to wait 20 mins for your ggs gain, with parry it's how it is! so change that to the *parry gain* post i made earlier(on page 1?) please please please /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    ooh btw i'm still trying to figure out all creatures needed for resist gains, i'll write up something in a few days.
  31. Flan

    Flan Guest

    Great seas.

    I hadn't edited the stats part yet so its all out of date there.

    I'll add Stoneduck's method...I must have missed it.

    I'll try and get all this in later today.
  32. Alchem

    Alchem Guest

    Ok we need to make this more apparent in the FAQ for dumbasses like myself who go to jhel pits hire a warrior in tram unguilded and want to gain...

  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thats pure bull**** Alchem.

    None of my chars have been guilded for months, and i am still gaining fine.
  34. seas

    seas Guest

    erh..if it's a (tame) you won't damage it and you won't gain either, kind of logical, no? if you're guilded your (tame)'s can hurt you in tram, that's the difference. since you can't tame the npcs, erh..more like you can damage them, you can also gain on them.
  35. seas

    seas Guest

    lol, all of that was wrong, even the swing speed formula is incorrect.
  36. StoneDuck

    StoneDuck Guest

    omgoshes... can you post the stats fr colored shields too?
  37. seas

    seas Guest

    no i won't since they're useless /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif store bought or indestructable metal kite is the only good ones!!

    hmm, i did have an average damage parry info thing somewhere..

    here's something i found in arjuna's test notes..


    No Shield at all (00) Average Damage Per Hit: 37.7

    Average Damage Absorbed Compared to No Shield:

    Valorite GM Heater (22): 8.4 &lt;- aka useless

    Valorite GM Metal (15): 12.9

    Verite GM Metal Shield (14): 13.5

    Bronze GM Buckler (08): 8.2

    Bronze GM Metal (11): 14.8

    Iron GM Metal (07): 14.7 (i think he meant metal kite?)

  38. StoneDuck

    StoneDuck Guest

    who the spoot dang is arjuna?? and are his notes diff from simonides who posted in this thread?

    based on his simonides notes omm... hrmmm... store boughts have a poopy absorb...

    in Simonides table up there a store bought kites have
    16.5 dmg absorb and 78% block rate

    at 120 parry (where im going to) ill have the same block rate with Metal Kite of Defense and absorb like 35 points of damage... which is equivlent to a Gold (?Gm?) metal kite.
  39. seas

    seas Guest

    stoneduck, what simonides wrote aren't "notes", it's things found on stratics. belive that if you want, bla.

    you block anyhow 150% of the shields ar, the real one that is. for metal kite it's 16, so at 120 you should block 29 damage, with the +20% ar except the base +50%. and you'll also block 95% of the time with that shield. that could be wrong of course, and you don't have to believe me.

    - = min value
    + = max value

    what it means is that the swing speed will be the same at these stamina levels(yeah yeah i wrote dex). weapon speed does not change at every stamina levels, but only at certain ones. for most weapons at 50+ stamina it only changes every 56 stamina, which is pretty insane, but hey.

    i didn't test at higher than 145 stamina for obvious reasons, as it's pretty hard to find many agility items to test out with.


    weapon secs between swings
    weapon speed dex dex swings over
    - + 1 min

    long spear 46 0 8 4,286 14
    9 22 3,529 17
    54 73 2,500 24
    74 95 2,000 30
    98 98 1,714 35
    131 145 1,500 40

  40. seas

    seas Guest

    for the katana and most other weapons, at ~50+ stamina the speed only changes every 56 stamina. so if it progresses linear, the next speed bump will be at 186 stamina for the katana. how fast it is that i have no idea of.

    weapon secs between swings
    weapon speed dex dex swings over
    - + 1 min
    katana 58 0 14 3,000 20
    15 22 2,500 24
    39 72 2,000 30
    73 129 1,500 40
    130 145 1,000 60

  41. seas

    seas Guest

    no i haven't checked all dex levels for the dagger. i probably won't bother either, and it'll change with aos anyway.

    weapon secs between swings
    weapon speed dex dex swings over
    - + 1 min
    dagger 55 7 19 3,000 20
    49 81 2,000 30
    82 138 1,500 40
    139 145 1,000 60

  42. seas

    seas Guest

    curing and
    ordinary bandaging
    are same speeds
    -veterinary &amp;
    bandage other-
    dex dex
    min max secs
    0 39 5
    40 99 4
    100 145 3

    dex dex
    min max secs
    0 39 10
    40 99 9
    100 145 8

    -bandage self-
    dex dex
    min max secs
    1 19 16
    20 39 15
    40 59 14
    60 79 13
    80 99 12
    108 119 11
    120 139 10
    140 159 9
    if progress is linear,
    which it logically
    looks like:
    160 179 8
    180 199 7
    200 219 6
    220 239 5
    240 259 4
    260 279 3
    280 299 2
    300 319 1
    320 339 0

  43. seas

    seas Guest

    with magic items of agility/bless/protection:

    125 dex

    20 g.agility

    10 hat
    10 ring
    10 necklace
    10 earring
    10 bracelet

    10 boots
    10 leather leggings
    4 plate legs
    10 female leather skirt

    10 body sash
    10 cloak

    10 gloves
    10 leather arms
    10 shield

    10 leather tunic
    2 plate tunic
    291 dex

    bandage speed should be close to 0 seconds, and you'll hit 2-3 times per second with any weapon.


    120 parry

    10 hat
    10 ring
    10 necklace
    10 earring
    10 bracelet

    10 boots
    10 leather leggings
    10 plate legs
    10 female leather skirt

    10 body sash
    10 cloak

    10 gloves
    10 leather arms
    10 shield

    10 leather tunic
    10 plate tunic
    280 parry

    at that level you can safely use a invulnerability metal kite and probably parry 100% of the time and reduce all damage to 1 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  44. I have a warrior mainly for mainly pvp but used a little for pvm just to get karma as a bonus for chiv, but i was wondering what I should choose.

    My Template currently is :

    115 macing
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing
    100 chivalry
    100 focus
    100 resist
    (715 cap)

    I am currently gm med and gm focus after gming chivalry and am going to decide between med, focus and parrying. Any advice would be very helpful.
  45. Magnetboy

    Magnetboy Guest

    How do you use special moves thingy a ma bober... I have been out of UO for about.. year and a half
  46. odd

    odd Guest

    Theres a little grey/silver book beside your backpack.
    Double click that.
    You will see two icons when you open the book.
    Drag those out when you have a weapon in your hand.
    Then to do a special attack, double click one of the icons.
    It will turn red, then the next time you hit youll do the move.

    It takes 70.0skill for the 1st icon &amp; 90.0skill in the 2nd icon.
    (70.0 &amp; 90.0 in whatever weapon skill you have)
    It also take 30mana to do a move.
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thats - a PURPLE book /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  48. mouldir

    mouldir Guest

    Reposted here cos might be handy for inclusion in FAQ:

    Forget damage increase, it means little after AoS, most weapons have 35% DI and thats enough. Go for hit chance increase (target is 40 total) and swing speed increase (target is 30 on a fast weapon like cleaver [for bleed] and/or katana [for armor ignore]).

    Dont worry about dismount - not gonna happen much in a few weeks after P21. Just grit ya teeth till then or carry a ball of pet summoning for a spare mount.

    Get the best armor you can. As a warrior you have a wider choice than mages. Items dont leave the game now and good armor is getting more common, though its still pretty expensive. Research the use of magic reflect and reactive armor. These spells will let you (permanently) redirect very high physical resist into the other resists, meaning you can get cheaper lower overall resist pieces with very high physical resist and make them work for you.

    Mages have a big advantage in cheap faster cast and faster cast recovery jewellery. There just isn't the same advantage available for warriors. The tactic is to interrupt them, thats where hit chance increase and swing speed increase and bleed attack comes in. Get in close and chop away!

    Regen items: Once you have a decent set of armor then you can carry on looking because the next aim is mana regen items. Yup, I aint gone mad, I said mana regen. The obvious seems hit point regen or perhaps stamina, however HP regen is too slow to make any practical difference and stamina regen you get with focus anyway. Mana regen means loads of specials, keeping a mage constantly bleeding is a really nasty tactic =)

    Use UOA to your advantage and swap weapons quickly. We all have our favorite weapon and want to use it all the time. However, no one weapon has all the specials you want for PvP. A classic for me is:
    1. Use best weapon skill lance and dismount them
    2. Switch to 30SSI cleaver and get a bleed in and a few hits to interrupt their healing
    3. Switch to katana and get an armor ignore in.
    4. Collect loot from dead mage.
    I think the best weapon bonus is hit mana leech. I have a 34 HML kat that means I get plenty of armor ignores in.

    Artifact: Unfortunately not really great for warriors compared to mages but a few stand out. Jackals Collar gives +15 dex, which means swing speed goes thru the roof and bandies happen quicker, its resists are OK too and you get +2 HP regen. I also use a ring of the vile, this gives another 8 dex, stam regen 6 and hit chance increase 15 and 20 poison resist. I dont really rate the artifact sword weapons, I've tried all the useful ones (except Zyronic Claw) and found them not great PvP. Axe Of Heavens is too slow, Blade of Insanity is OK but my kat with HML is better. Pity the Burserkers Maul is not a sword *sighs*.

    Healing: Personally I like bandies plus magery for small and big heal. Close wound or spirit speak works just as well. Bandies are (hopefully) gonna get a big buff with P21 making it a useful addition to the other heals as well. But you can definately not rely on bandies alone. A nice little UOA macro is: start a little heal spell, chug a greater heal pot, target self to let the heal spell finish. Similar for greater heal and cure.

    Using these tactics I can compete with any mage in the game. But it is about tactics and macros and practice and the right combo of gear. You just cannot load up with half-assed gear and go swing at mages with ya favorite axe while healing with bandies, unless you think grey is this year's black =)
  49. JingaJuju

    JingaJuju Guest

    Are you high? Ratmen? Harpys? Orcs? These are sucky, no loot giving noob monsters..... I'll name 4 creatures that will take you from 50 to 120 in no time flat, while also giving you good loot. These creatures will be in big areas with alot of spawn and alot of people around to rez you when needed. You will only need 2 to 3 runes for all the locations.

    I started with the warrior template they give u.... So I had like 50 Swords....

    I went to graveyards just to get the hang of fighting, then I went to Despise....

    50 - 70 Ettins - Decent Loot, All Physical Creature - Despise

    70 - 80 Earth Eles - Decent Loot, All Physical Creature - Despise or Shame

    80 - 110 Black Solen Infiltrators - Great Loot, All Physical Creature - Outside Wind

    110 - 120 Orge Lords - Great Loot, All Physical Creature - lvl 3 Despise

    All these monsters are that hard to beat, and the loot isnt the greatest but for a warrior in training, this loot will give you all the funds you need to repair armor and weapons and eventually but better armor and weapons. Ratmen, Harpys and what not, they have sucky loot and become to easy... Orcs have mages too, which will get you killed fast... At certain times these creatures will seem difficult, but as long as you hit and run, you should be ok and when you get to the point that these creatures are too easy and stop giving good gains, then go to the next listed monster... You don't need a big list of monsters to memorize to gain your skills you just need these four.
  50. Jasco_GL

    Jasco_GL Guest

    Since they changed skill gain a while back you no longer gain best by fighting something 'harder'. There is a sweet spot, a type of monster (difficulty level), that will give you the fastest gains. Too weak, or too hard will get gains, but at a much slower rate.

    Orcs, Skeletons and Harpies may not give as good of loot, but they will give you faster gains. Since the patch that changed skill gain, I have tried a spectrum of critters and settle on the one's with the fastest gain for my particular skill level.

    Personally, I will make the trade-off between gold and faster gains.