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*FAQ UPDATE* Temporary thread for updated info.

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Chango Pelon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Chango Pelon

    Chango Pelon Guest

    OK, let's get together and update some info for the FAQ. What should be in it and how accurate is what we have? Training guide, potion/item properties/effects? That kind of thing. Thanks reagent grinders.

    Here is a list with the potions/items made by using the Alchemy skill.

    <font color=blue><font size=3> What skill/regeant is needed to make each potion? </font color=blue></font>



    Potion Min. Skill No. Regs needed

    Refresh 0.0 1 Black Pearl

    Total Refresh 25.0 5 Black Pearl

    Agility 15.0 1 Bloodmoss

    Greater Agililty 35.0 3 Bloodmoss

    Nightsight 0.0 1 Spider's Silk

    Lesser Heal 0.0 1 Ginseng

    Heal 15.0 3 Ginseng

    Greater Heal 55.0 7 Ginseng

    Strength 25.0 2 Mandrake Root

    Greater Strength 45.0 5 Mandrake Root

    Lesser Poison 0.0 1 Nightshade

    Poison 15.0 2 Nightshade

    Greater Poison 55.0 4 Nightshade

    Deadly Poison 90.0 8 Nightshade

    Lesser Cure 0.0 1 Garlic

    Cure 25.0 3 Garlic

    Greater Cure 65.0 6 Garlic

    Lesser Explosion 5.0 3 Sulphurous Ash

    Explosion 35.0 5 Sulphurous Ash

    Greater Explosion 65.0 10 Sulphurous Ash

    Smoke Bomb 90.0 1 Egg, 3 Ginseng

    Conflagration 55.0 5 Grave Dust

    Greater Conflagration 70.0 10 Grave Dust

    Confusion Blast 50.0 5 Pig Iron

    Greater Confusion Blast 65.0 10 Pig Iron

    Invisibility 65.0 4 Blood Moss, 3 Nightshade

    Parasitic 65.0 5 Parasitic Plant

    Dark Glow 65.0 5 Luminescent Fungi

    Hovering Wisp (decoration) 75.0 4 Captured Essence


    And I am sure that the training is pretty close to the mini FAQ but let's hear what you got.