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FAQ Update Thread, please post additions to the FAQ here

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Grommit, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    There's still quite a bit of work to be done on the FAQ but I've added some information on Meditation, Faster Casting items and Eval Int/Inscription bonuses for spell damage in this portion of the FAQ.

    Here's some information that I'd like verified before it gets added:
    Mindblast damage: (Magery+Intelligence)/5 + (0-4)
    De-Buffing stat spells: 8 + Eval Int/10 - Resist /10 = Percentage reduction
    Buffing stat spells: Eval Int/10 +1 = Percentage increase

    Things that need work on:
    Listing of spells and what elemental damage they do
    Strengths of summoned creatures
    Effects of Reactive Armour, Protection and Magic Reflection.
    Effect of the Curse spell (Not sure this really needs much more than a passing comment).
  2. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    Curse is based off magery, according to UO.com, not eval. Furthermore, it also lowers the max resistance of a target player from 70 to 60, so they can go no higher than 60 while under the influence of a curse spell.

    Also, mana vampire works like this. Eval - resist = mana drained.

    Mana drain is Eval + 40 - resist = mana lost
  3. Mysticales

    Mysticales Guest

    Would like to comment a couple items.
    AI for water elm and air elm SUCK. (otherwords, dont cast, waste of mana)
    AI for Earth if fair but tends to need a re command every so often, good in sets of 2. Great in pvp when a warrior stays on your tail. Also good for DOOM when you fight bone deamons, just keep those summoned and your set. (Based on 110 mage/eval btw)
    AI for Fire elm. Basically the best summon around, fast, powerful and smart (Great ally to have in a summon) Hard to dispell too.
    Deamons, Also best but lack of mount makes you pvp food. But think we all know how good these are.

    Inscribe. My notes, Im GM, My resists are GREAT basically while using gm armor. I dont have numbers for you, but depends which spell you use, you can take on either side without the need for GM armor. As for damage. well with the bonus I belive even a GM scribe with 110 or 115 mage could prob take on a 120 and give a fair fight. So in a template, pure mage, this skill is really one of the best and rarest used. Just for the resists alone its great.

    Protection spell zaps 40 Magic resist and I think 20 points in phys ar. But NEVER get interupted.

    I should point out, use a mage weapon with spell channeling for 8x8, why cast EQ when you can cast less? =P meaning when your going for uber GM, use the -28 items and alla sudden your way below it gaining with 6-7th levels. Make sense? Works too for lower skills so saves you time, Also mention Lower reg suits.

    May sound stupid but you can live with 70 Magic resist saving the rest to beef up other skills. I know I use that and works well on my template.

    I can think of a couple items too but without a chart for you all its useless. =(
    Like INT gives slight bonus too now..
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Small additions:

    About inscription:

    1)115 Eval+GM scribe does not match 120 eval.Many duels and death robes taught me that those pricey scrolls cant be beaten by any combination of lesser eval scrolls+Inscription+high Intelligence.

    2)The GM scribe damage bonus,although noticeable,will rarely exceed 2-3Hp damage.A 115 Eval/GM scribe mage will cast 31 Hp damage flame strikes against 64 fire resist,where 110 eval will yield about 27Hp.

    3)Resistances.Probably the only reason to have inscription on your template,the damage bonus being almost negligible.A mix of barbed/horned parts,GM leather,can yield 60/57/59/60/59 resistances if correctly matched.

    4)Not sure if it still applys,but reactive armor/magic reflect,once cast with GM inscription,will still yield the same bonus if you completely drop inscription,assuming you dont cast those 2 spells again.
  5. Mysticales

    Mysticales Guest

    1: Well dont know, but on my studies in pvp base. I took on 120 mages and I think there was only 1-2 point diff between his and my spell.

    2: Yea Resists are fun, yet in my combo little less phys unless I reactivate ar, but otherwise im 2x70s

    4: Yea you do keep them, But who wants to stay stuck in one mode forever? =P
  6. Grommit

    Grommit Guest


    If you need this thread, bookmark it because it's been replaced by Chandalir's FAQ thread.
  7. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    That I got everything from this FAQ (except for the summon bit, of which I'm genuinely clueless as to what to look for; and with TC being a former shadow of its own self). I tried to put most the stuff in there *hopes he got all*