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Farewell to a dear Gypsy friend ...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Queen Mum, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Our beloved friend and sister, Gypsy Keja Mimi - "Kimmie", lost her battle with cancer today at 5:30pm MT. No official public announcement has been made about services, as soon as those details are available they will be posted to the board.

    Kim's family would like to say Thank You for all the prayers, expressions of love, and the concerned thoughts shown throughout this past year as well as during this hard time. "Kimmie knew how much she was loved and that she will be missed by all ... but now she is watching over us"

    Final Farewell From The Gypsy -- Posted on UO Sonoma Stratics 08/07/06 04:19 PM

    A Farewell from Gypsy ...

    "The gypsy pulled her shawl more tightly around her shoulders and coughed shallowly. Despite the intense heat from the summer she was often cold. She shivered with the chill of the air around her and hoped that she didnt have a fever yet again.

    Habitually she moved her hand to brush her hair back from her face and met only the damp coolness of her skin and the soft material of her shawl. It would never matter how long her hair was gone, she would never lose the habits of a lifetime. She could still remember the weight of her long red hair, could still remember how it felt tickling against her cheek or brushing against her shoulders as she moved. She could remember the feel of it curtaining her face as she bent forward to write. She missed her hair most of all.

    The healers could do little more against this horrible wasting sickness and she knew she had to write at last what she most dreaded for those who waited faithfully for word from her...."

    I would like to thank so many of you for being such a large part of my life for so long. I have held on to UO for far longer than I probably should have, hoping one day to be able to return but that day will never become a reality. Financially as well as physically I can no longer continue to hold on to UO, and I want to take care of things before my familly would have to worry about what to do and how to do it.

    I would like to thanks Stratics for, first of all, allowing me to become a reporter for their fine site. My times as a reporter for Stratics are among my most treasured memories of UO. It also allowed me to meet and become true friends with so many of the community. I thank Stratics for holding my position of reporter for me on leave of absence status for so long. I truly wished to return and I tried very hard to beat this cancer so that I could return. To my fellow reporters thank you for your support and well wishes always during this time. I know you will all continue to do a great job, and I regret that I will never be able to rejoin you.

    I would also like to send my love and thanks to my guild KVP. During the first part of my treatment last year I missed the SE expansion and you all were so sweet gathering things for me so I wouldnt miss them. I have seen very little of SE and even less to nothing of ML and I am so sorry that I was unable to spend any time with all of you during these expansions. I read of your hunts and I do keep up with what is going on in KVP, and I truly miss you all. I love you all and you are all in my hearts and thoughts always.

    I would also like to thank and send my love to the members of YAD. My time in YAD was wonderful and I enjoyed factions much more than I ever believed possible. My faction articles were my biggest claim to fame and you all made that possible. That true fighting spirit is what I call on when things get the hardest for me while fighting this illness.

    So many other friends, so many other memories. Lavendar, my very first best friend on the shard as well as being an amazing real life friend. The gifts and support have meant so much. More than you will ever know. I hope your own health continues to improve and you have all the best both UO and real life have to offer. I love you more than I can ever tell you.

    I would like to thank Queen Mum for her support and help. Taking care of the accounts would be a nightmare if not for her help. Also I would like to thank her for taking my stories from my website and adding them to a message board for me. I had always meant to build my own website but when I knew the cancer was incurable I knew it wasnt practical. More than losing my life it bothered me to lose those pieces of me that I wrote. Thank you Mum for placing them on that website for me and giving me peace that they at least will live on. No one may ever see them or want to read them, but it gives me peace to have them still exist somewhere in the hopes that those pieces of my soul will live on. Gypsy Keja Mimi Site

    So many other people close to my heart I know if I start naming names I will leave people out and hurt feelings but those of you who I love and who have been close and important to me, you know who you are. I love you all and you have meant more in my life than you could ever know. So many memories, great guilds, great events, my life has been full and happy and fun.

    The last of my accounts will be stripped and all things given away. Thank you to the people who have offered to help me and who have already helped me with some of it. I will leave only one account open, in case there is an event in the near future I might feel like attending.

    Now I know there are those out there wondering the details of everthing so for those people you can keep reading. For those who dont want to know you can quit now the important stuff is at the top.... this part will keep me from having to answer a dozen PMs to find out what is going on.

    As most of you know last year I was treated for cervical cancer but since I had had a hysterectomy it had gone to the scar. I had chemo, radiation and surgery (not for the cancer but for a football sized cyst in my abdomen in the way of radiation). The treatment seemed very effective and by June there was no sign of the cancer.

    In November they repeated tests to check the cancer was still gone, and ordered a pelvic and abdominal CT. My chemo doctor threw in a chest CT last minute to just have the whole thing done. They found 3 tiny tumors, one in each lung and one by my heart. We waited for a few months for them to get big enough to diagnose, I had a PET scan February and the diagnoses was confirmed. I began chemo again in June. They had delayed treatment because at that point the cancer was incurable and the treatment would make me very sick. They wanted to let me have as long as I could feeling as good as I could.

    After they checked the tumors a few weeks ago, it was found that the tumors have stopped growing or are growing so slow they cant be seen growing, but the cancer has moved into the top of my left arm bone. They wanted to change the type of chemo I was receiving but the research showed that the drug they wanted to use they can not use. The original radiation did so much damage to me that if they were to use this new drug, I would most likely die from side effects. They have no choice but to continue with the chemo I am already having, and hopefully it will keep the cancer growing slow enough that I will have a while longer. These drugs however are known to only extend your life for a few more months than normal, and its my understanding that they fail eventually. I am having the bone tumor radiated and they are checking my other bones for tumors as well. So far I have no pain from it and I feel fortunate for that and that they found it quickly.

    So I am not done fighting it as best I can, but the reality is this will kill me, its only a matter now of how fast. I still keep holding out for a miracle or a new hope in treatment. I have the very best doctors working for me and I have complete faith that they are doing their very best for me. Something could always come along to give me at least a little more time. Right now they havent given me an actual timeline and I dont want one. I shall be here as long as I have the upper hand. Right now I do.

    The chemo makes me very sick and tired. The side effects are miserable, but they could be much worse. Right now I have little symptoms from the actual cancer. As long as these drugs continue to slow it down and I dont feel too bad I should be okay. They do, however, have to break the chemo schedule to radiate the arm bone. That is scary for me, as in that time of trying to get rid of the bone tumor, the lung tumors and tumor near my heart could take off growing again. So I have to just trust God to keep that in check for me. Of the two, I am more afraid of the pain of the bone cancer than the other tumors. I didnt realize the reason bone cancer hurts so much is because it breaks your bones from the inside. I would rather get rid of the bone tumor if I can and take my chances with the other tumors.

    All of this information has led me to the conclusion that getting my things in order at this point is a very wise decision. So that is why I am posting this now. In case something happens and we really dont have all that long.

    So that is where I am for those who wished to know.

    Much Love, Happiness, Fortune and all good things to all of you!
    Gypsy Keja Mimi, Retired Stratics Reporter

  2. Malachite El'Ren

    Malachite El'Ren Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    At the moment I am to sad to really think what to say... So for now I am just going to post a few pics...

    Rest in peace Kim, I have and always will love you...

    This one is of Kim and I:

    This one is from many years ago, our KVP campout, Kim is center front:
  3. From the HELP guild and RESPECT alliance -- we are so very sorry for the passing of a good person from this horrible disease.

    While we didn't know Kimi we will hold her and her loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

    *bows head - throws flowers onto the sea in Kimi's memory*
  4. Braun

    Braun Guest

    Our lives go on without you
    But nothing is the same,
    We have to hide our heartaches
    When someone speaks your name.

    Sad are the hearts that love you
    Silent the tears that fall,
    Living our hearts without you
    Is the hardest part of all.

    You did so many things for us
    Your heart was kind and true,
    And when we needed someone
    We could always count on you.

    The special years will not return
    When we were all together,
    But with the love within our hearts
    You will walk with us forever.
  5. Polgara

    Polgara Visitor

    Feb 2, 2006
    Likes Received:
    My deepest condolences to Gypsy's loved ones. Infinite healing to you all.

    Much love.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We did not see this posting last night as Mindy, [aka Kimi Mori] was working and my wife and I were baby sitting. It was just by luck that we turn the PC on this morning, and saw a icq message from Queen Mum, before she had to leave as my dog had got us up early with his needs to be outside. Sadly she was shaken by the reading of the lost of a UO friend but did not have the time to sit and type a reply as she was crying, besides would have took forever for her to log in anyway as she forgot her Stratics password and did not wish to wake her children up searching for her notebook at her dresser. She will have to work tonight as well so ask that I post something till she has time to sit and type a message for Kimmie's family.

    Gypsy you will be missed by us, God Bless your family and know that Gypsy is a angel now with wings in heaven for she was an angel here on earth before.
  7. Wow Kim was such a good friend and had such a huge heart. I was Going through leaving an abusive marriage a few years ago and trying to find the strength , Kim was always there for me cheering me on and telling me how strong I was. Not sure if I could have made it without her support....on bad days we would talk and I would be the one reassuring her. She was even planing to come to PHX in Oct. God I am going to miss her....she smiled even when it hurt and had hope even when it was the hardest thing in the world to do. She is one of the strongest people I know and I will never forget the memories of her....In UO and YAD and her being a dealer at Wyrm's Wager Casino...hearing her laugh on Team speak. And in real life when we would talk on the phone...I will miss her alot.
    Good bye Gypsy...you were one hell of a woman!!!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bye, you will be missed by many in RL and UO. We'll see you again someday I hope.

    Mal, thanks for posting that pic of you both, it brings back many happy memories.
  9. Lady Lavendar

    Lady Lavendar Seasoned Veteran
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 19, 2004
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    My beloved friend has gone to join the Lord in his angel chorus. I hope her heart may truly sing with joy.

    Kimmie/Jade El Ren/Gypsy Keja Mimi, was one of my dearest friends in my whole life--a real life friend, a UO friend, a KVP Elder, our director of events when we did them. She had a heart and spirit that were as loving and generous as a person could be. I shall miss her greatly.
  10. DJ_Old_Hip

    DJ_Old_Hip Guest

    Hello all.
    This is DJoldhip, and I will extend the offer I have made for the past 3 players who have passed on, it would be my honor to record a memorial sounder on whispering rose radio and also take time to be there for the memorial. Please contact me ASAP and let me know how I can help.
    My heart goes out to you all, and her family. May she rest in peace.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sincere condolences to Kimmie and all of those who held her dear. Rest in peace sweet Lady.
  12. Kimmie will be very missed. I am glad we were able to get our thoughts and "I Love You's" through to her in the past weeks. She will be very missed..
  13. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
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    out of all the fond memories i have of from the old days in YAD, one of my fondest is her voice in TS.

    many of nights sitting by and doing 24 hour defences, talking, laughing and laughing even more.
    and many of nights out playing around the shard.

    they were good times with good people.

    i am truelly sorry to hear of her passing, but im happy i was able to talk with her just a little while ago and tell her 1v1 about the good times we had.
  14. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Malachite El'ren, that is one beautiful photograph of Kimmie!

    Remember her Gypsy Keja Mimi Theatre? She loved acting! She loved writing. She loved drama, art, music, people. She loved life!

    My Deepest Sympathy goes with love and hugs to every member of Kim's family, her relatives, all her friends, and all her cyber friends. Hugs to Lavendar and TorAnn! To all who were fortunate enough to know Kimberly, in the game and in real life, she will always be a beacon of light in our lives and memories.

    God Speed Kimberly!! BRAVO!!
  15. Malachite El'Ren

    Malachite El'Ren Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yes she looked so beautiful, that was for my step-brothers wedding, I have done alot of crying over the theater tonight... I told Tor the only thing I had with her name was my "Hotel" guest book and that I raced in game to make sure her entry was still there so I could seal it... I was able to tahnkfully... Thanks Flam for the words... I am really struggling right now that I didnt get to say goodbye, I had attempted to make contact with her a mear three days prior to seeing the note from her sister on MySpace... She never saw my note... I just really hate myself right now for not having tried harder to make contact with her again sooner...
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Greetings from another land. I don't play UO, but I do play over at Kingdom Of Loathing ( KoL herein ). Over at KoL I run the clan The Inconceivables, which Kipsy ( our nickname for her ) was a long-standing member of. I was notified of her passing today after I got home from a business trip, so I wanted to pop over and share in the grieving process. Kipsy obviously had many friends from all over, and while we may not know each other; we knew Kim. I didn't mean to invade anyone's privacy or personal space over here, I just wanted to share my thoughts and condolences with you all. As they say "to know her was to love her" and that's something anyone who knew Kim can attest to.

    For all of Kimmie's friends and family who might be reading this, please know that our thoughts ( all of us in The Inconceivables ) are with you and yours.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything we can help with.

    I can be reached at [email protected].

    - Greg aka Boofalo
    on behalf of The Inconceivables
  17. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest

    <center> A Final Farewell to a Gypsy </center>

    I first met Kimmie in OTE, she and Mal were transplants from another shard, and having heard of all the fun we had here on Sonoma they pop over for a visit and like what they saw and stay on, was fun to take trips with them in places I have never been before knowing that if we died we at least saw something few would see. When advance characters came out they both got advance tamers and it was funny to watch them training as I did so long ago. It was not long after this that OTE members got word of some inner problems and many members left and join KVP. At that time I was the recruiter for OTE and stay on trying to help with the two way split of OTE and KVP, but found that I could not take it and step down.

    Feeling the need for a break on Sonoma I saw an opening for a reporter job on Siege and applied for it, I was shocked to get it as I had tried in the past to get a job on Sonoma but those in charge back then felt they had enough folks on Sonoma. I was there on Siege for less then a year, but made a mistake and had to step down. Coming back to Sonoma I found old friends in THB and got my t hunter in the guild, Gypsy did a article for us showing THB guild house [old one] and the t hunts we did. When she had to return home [job related] she found out she was very ill then and took a break as a reporter, [she had high hopes of returning], others by now had also left, [Pluffina] and the stratics team was seeking more people.

    Another friend told me to apply again, so I did, thinking I never get another chance as Stratics has some very high standards, but the powers that be in charge at that time accepted me. So when it came time to make my reporter character I took a long look at three great ladies, and tried to copy all of them in someway. Those three were Pluffina, Lady Nest and Gypsy. This was during the birth of AoS, so my reporter had to be from Zento, and needed a name that look as if she was from the lands of east. Kimmie's name was the idea for Kimi Mori, she wore pink in honor of Pluffina and fought as a Paladin/warrior like Lady Nest. Little did I know that less then a year later I would be the only reporter on the shard, all the others had vanished leaving me alone. Over the years I have made several Kimi's on other shards, many equip like my Kimi on Sonoma. Later when advance tokens came out I made advance tamers on several shards to replace my Kimi's.

    Gypsy was still in UOS and help with a problem we had when the guild was hijacked, seem everyone got tossed from the guild except people that were listed as not active, Gypsy was one of those and when I asked for her help she came in game to do just that. Gypsy also help me with a faction problem, back when my tinker was in YAD and we put a tamer in faction also to help with resing the tinker's pets and one PC was down and my tinker was killed one day and I could not fine a tamer online anywhere, so she logged in on our other account to help res my pet. There are very few folks I would trust with account access, she was one.

    When she first enter the hospital we all gather and prayed for her at the theater, and when she was better I took steps to make her a special ingame gift using one of my vet rewards, deleting an old char I made a Gypsy, dressing her as Gypsy had always been dressed and used a vet reward to make a statue of her and pass it to her at the theater. She was very happy to receive such as gift from me as her accounts were to young for such a vet reward. I hope that those that take over her accounts realize what she has and take step to honor this very brave women.

    Kimmie we will always love you and you will be missed here on this earth, but we also know you are with God now for all the good you did in this world for all of us.


    I'm sorry it took so long to reply here, but I have been very busy with school, work and real life. Bye all.

    [/ QUOTE ]
  18. Lord Sir Scott

    Lord Sir Scott Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 15, 2006
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    just heard this news, my cond [​IMG]
  19. ironeagle19

    ironeagle19 Guest

    Rest well Gypsy, you like many others i called friends will be missed
  20. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    "I just really hate myself right now for not having tried harder to make contact with her again sooner... "

    Dear Malachite El'Ren,

    You know what Kimmie would say to you about that! [​IMG]

    You were so lucky to know her in real life which is a privilege not shared by many of her cyber friends. Cherish her memory! Cherish the time you had with her! You are lucky! No Regrets now! No guilt feelings. Be happy. Kimberly would be saying that to you right now. She would never want anyone to burden themselves with feelings of guilt or worry on her behalf. She Knows how you feel!

    ..no wonder everyone who met her loved her so much!
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My, my so many I have known in Sonoma the last 9 years plus and have perished in real life. No one can avoid death anywhere, in real life and in even a fantasy game. One must always cherish their friends and the time spent with them. Always hold these memories as long as you can, Kimi,you were a bright golden light in our lives.
    God Bless
  22. Miri

    Miri Guest

    Sad news indeed. She is missed by all who knew her. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

    Rest in peace Gypsy.
  23. An email message from Kim's sister, Denise ...
    *posted with approval*

    "A service will be held Tuesday, August 21, at 11 AM (mountain time) at the Palisade Church of the Nazarene located at 3595 Highway 6, Palisade, CO for those who may live near by and wish to attend."

    Many friends have asked about sending flowers, cards, and if Memorial Contributions for 'Kimmie' can be made.
    "If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation, it will be used for the purchase of Kim's headstone."
    Contact Denise at ... nessyfred at hotmail.com ... with 'Kimmie' in the subject line. She will help you with your memorial gesture and answer any questions.

    "However that is just an idea, whatever anyone wants to do will be special, loved, and appreciated by all!!!! Once again, I can't thank everyone enough for everything!!!
    Love Denise"

    Links to notices and online guestbooks:

    GJSentinel Notice and the Legacy Tribute Guest Page

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Notice and the Kimberly Bryant's Living Tribute Guestbook
  24. My deepest condolences to the family, friends and many Sonoma lives who have been brightened by their relation to Gypsy Keja. May her strength and spirit never be forgotten.
  25. My condolences to Kimi's family and friends. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Kimi ingame. But from the messages here, I know she must have been a very kind hearted and fun loving person, and that kind of person will always be missed dearly.

    I noticed in this thread, posts by Miri and Nadia. I met them years ago, one time. And because of their kindness, I remember their names. The kind hearted will be remembered and loved forever.

    Rest in Peace Kimi. You must have been one of the great ones.
  26. I am surprised and saddened to learn of Kimmie's departure. The last time I spoke with her via telephone was just a few weeks ago - and it seemed to me that nothing could defeat her indomitable spirit. It wouldn't dare to! She had so much love within her (and was surrounded by so much more), that I honestly felt that she would emerge the eventual victor in any battle.

    BAH! Bah, I say.

    I am sorry that I was distracted from her last few weeks with my real life crap, and like Malachite, that I didn't think to call... I didn't manage to get my internet back until this very eve, and thus I even missed her ingame memorial. @#$%!

    Somewhere on my hard drive, I have a screenshot or two of one of Kimmie's last ingame appearances - at Lavendar's wedding, and at the YMCA (two different shards). I will try to dig them out and post them for posterity, if and when I finally manage to get unpacked.
  27. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest

    My deepest condolences to Kimmie's family and friends.
  28. Shawnsa

    Shawnsa Guest

    I must apologize for leaving this message so late, and possibly upsetting people again. I posted on the PAS forum, but it dawns on me that not all can see that forum.

    I met Kimmie when she joined YAD, we spent a lot of time standing in the back room of the base, being the two dedicated healers. silvermane due to lavish use of 120 scrolls and tediously searched for jewels, could rez with bandaids or noble sacrifice even in stat loss. It gave us much time to talk.

    She said of your split, that she did and always would love you, but that life had made it impossible for you to stay together.

    To Mum and Lavendar, thank you for all the hard work to bring together that memorial, I cried so much that I had to trust my log for the words spoken. Not for my loss, I did not know her as well as some, but for the loss of those around me.

    Lavendar I am also sorry that in the pain of my real life drama I let our friendship slip and was not there for you anymore, blessed be that Kimmie was.

    I miss many of you, not the arguments and drama but the team effort and laughter of which kimmie as well as mastica were a part. Still hard to believe they are gone.

    And Gunga, Bless your hard headed arrogent hide, was good to see you ingame as well, miss you my friend.

    Be well all
  29. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    Wow, I know I'm replying to this late, but I haven't logged onto UO in over a year to play

    I can't believe this... Gypsy gone. She's always been like a fixture on Sonoma.

    I did a search today of her name, and she's had quite an impact (not just UO, but across several other MMORPG games).

    I'm sorry to see her go, but I think she couldn't have been more luckier than to have such a great group of people who love her.