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Farewell to a fallen angel

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by atrus, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. atrus

    atrus Guest

    I write this with great sadness. Today I was informed that a very special person on Napa Valley and Catskills has passed away in her sleep yesterday morning.

    For those of you who knew her you will know this is a great loss.

    Her Napa Valley characters are:

    I knew her best as Faith. We had many great adventures together. But the greatest adventure I had with Faith was just sitting in one of our houses talking for hours about our families. She was my oldest and best UO friend.

    I have so many memories of our time together. I remember how excited she was when I gave her my small house next to hers so she can place a Lg Marble when Trammel opened up. Then shortly after that she placed a Lg Tower in the same spot and again she was very excited. Though she eventually started to play Catskills more often, I always knew I could count on her for anything on Napa.

    Faith has many friends. She touched the hearts of everyone she met. She has many whispering roses and other gifts from her friends. So many players love her and will miss her greatly.

    Wherever you are Faith, I know you are in a better place now. The pain is gone and your soul is free. I know you'll be watching over all of us. You'll be in my thoughts and heart forever. You are a very special person and I'll miss you very much.

    This isnt goodbye, I'm sure I'll see you when it's my turn.

    We love you.

    Scott, Dawn, and Hunter
    aka Atrus II
  2. Kaeros

    Kaeros Guest

    I'm definitely going to miss her. We met hrm, I'd say early June of '98. I began playing at the end of April. Struck up an immediate friendship and have remained friends ever since.

    Was always talking to her about game matters and even things going on in real life.

    She was a wonderful woman and a great friend.

    One of my characters named Edgar Figaro was even husband to her character Brightstar for a time. Was fairly young when I began playing, and it was great to have someone to play with. As time went on, ended up playing with others and joining more guilds, but always remained close firends.

    Some great times talking to her and playing with her on the game.
    So yes she was a great friend and will definitely be missed.

    She looked upon my siblings and I as an extension of her own family. Always sending cards and such through mail. I talk to her granddaughter now and then when I see her online. Good to stay in touch.

    I know we'll see each other again someday, but until then, I know she'll be looking down upon me.

    Here's to you Candy! *raises a glass of wine in rememberance*