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Fast casting / fast cast recovery calculation

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by AvenWil, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. AvenWil

    AvenWil Guest

    I think that maximums are 2 fc (4 fc for chiv if mage is less than 70 I think) / 6 FCR but my question is how is it calculated. Seems easy but there is one pitfall.

    For FC: If you use an item with FC -1 then does it add up all your FC, reduce it to the maximum and then take the FC -1 penalty or does it add up all FC, including the FC -1, and give you the net result. I've cast protection with 4 FC and have felt a significant casting speed penalty casting mage spells. What would my FC be in this case? Are there any exceptions where it is calculated differently?

    For FCR: I ran into the problems with the FC but not with the FCR yet but since I was asking the FC question, I figured that I'd ask if there are any cases where FCR is reduced and how it is calculated. There are none I can think of offhand but would like to know.

  2. AvenWil

    AvenWil Guest

    I see that my question on protection is answered lower down, that fast casting is capped at 0 with protection on. Still need to know about the cap with FC -1?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you have a ring and bracelet with +1 FC and a scrappers (+1) you will have +3 FC, (capped for mages at +2 as you know), equip say a shield with FC -1 and you will be reduced just by that 1 to +2 FC.

    So it is the net of the total.
  4. AvenWil

    AvenWil Guest

    great thanks!