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February 2009 Chesapeake Regatta Results

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. The February 2009 Chesapeake Regatta was held Thursday evening with both sailors and spectactors meeting at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld. Notable in attendance, EM Tailspin also appeared to watch the event.

    After a brief review of the course route and wind and tide advisories, the assembled group moved to the southern tip of Ice Isle to begin the race. After a final wellwishing of fair seas and best of luck, the regatta began with a hearty shout.

    The racers quickly set upon their boats and the race was underway!

    The boats sailed up the east coast of the frozen wastes of Ice Isle, then made out for open sea, crossing the water to Fire Isle where equally harsh but hot, steamy jungles awaited. Once there, they headed up the east coast, rounding out over the northern end of the island before setting course for the return trip to Ice Isle. While no sea serpents or krakens were encountered, there was an incident with rocks being sighted!

    Fire and Ice course

    The racers soon made their way back to Ice Isle as the temperatures dropped once more and sailed down the western coast back towards the starting point.

    Admiral Roland Martin of the United Sosarian Navy[USN] soon came into view of the spectators and completed the course first. For his efforts, he claimed first place and a prize of 100,000 gold pieces. With a respectable course time of 17 minutes and 23 seconds, he was only a gust of wind or a tide or two from breaking the course record of 13:50 set way back in May of 2005.

    The aptly-named Sushi of the Fellowship Treasure Hunters[FTH] came in second and won the 50,000 gold purse. Perhaps due to the tides, rocks or a certain spawn underway in Ilshenar, no one came in third this month!

    Join us in March for the next exciting installment of the monthly Chesapeake Regatta! The course and date for next month's race will be announced within the next week or two!