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Fencing to swords

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by mbecker4, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. mbecker4

    mbecker4 Guest

    I am in the process in switching from fencing to swords on my warrior and was wondering what the fastest way to raise swords was. For fencing I just let it go up through game play but I dont really feel like being that patient. Thanks.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The fastest would be to just use a UBWS sword with your existing fencing skill.

    Second fastest would be to buy an advanced character token, use it on an alt, soulstone the 85 swords over to your main, hit your 120 scroll, get your 100 poison resist golem out of the stable and beat on it with a 1.25 swing 100% poison weapon without a hit spell.

    Cheaper methods are predictably slow, but still not too bad.
  3. This is what I did with my latest character:

    First, I started the character with 50 skill. Starting at a bought 40 isn't much slower thanks to Haven's skill gain increases.

    Second, I spent an hour in New Haven killing skeletons. That brought my skill up to about 60.

    Third, I spent an hour in the Tokuno champion spawn killing lizardmen with a fast hitting, low damage weapon. I used a dagger, since I was working fencing, but a skinning knife would work well too. This brought my skill up to the low 70's.

    Fourth, I bought a ring/bracelet combination with about +27 weapon skill (+14 skill is a lot cheaper than +15 skill, and I was starting from nothing).

    That brought my skill to 100, and I feel comfortable enough at 100 skill to kill nearly anything. But for skill gains over 100, I choose one of three things to kill, all of which are just as or more effective than a golem. Those are cyclopses, troglodytes and fan dancers.

    So the total time from 0 to 100 skill is about 2 hours. I couldn't tell you how long it takes from 100 to 120, since I did that on my samurai/paladin with swords in the normal course of the game, and I did it on my sampire with maces against Miasma, which is a lot slower but more profitable than trogs or cyclopses or ogre lords or fan dancers.

    Golems have the advantage of taking less effort than any other method (once you have one).
  4. Either create a throw away character with 49 skill or buy up the skill to 40 in New Haven, then get the Swords quest from the NPC in New Haven so you can get the nifty reward once you hit 50. After that, go to Despise and beat on Lizard men up to about 80. This also gives you the advantage of getting artifact drops in Despise. Once you hit at or near 80, go to Trinsic and hire an 8g Paladin. Tell him to "all follow", then recall to your house, log out then back in, and he will be there with you. Put about 1k bandages in your backpack, get a store bought or newbie dagger with zero damage increase, tell the Pally to "all follow" then "all guard me", then attack him, healing him as you go so he doesn't die. Since he's guarding you, he won't attack, and he'll stay alive as long as you continue to heal. I set up a macro for a 1 button heal for him. I did find out that some of the Pally's are tougher than others, and it did seem that every female Pally was of the weaker variety, but that could have just been dumb luck. This will take you up to about 105 with fairly quick gains. Once you reach that point, head to the Yomotsu mines, go back to the second room where 2 warriors spawn, and go to town. They're almost instant respawn, so you'll never not be swinging. I took my char from 105 to 120 in 2 days there, and raked in quite a bit in gold and gems, along with several nice super slayer weapons.