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(Fiction) Dragon Vigilance

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by EM Malachi, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. EM Malachi

    EM Malachi UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Adelais searched the ruins of Cherisanth’s lair for some clue to where the Crimson dragon’s egg had gone. As he’d expected, the worried Platinum didn’t find more than cinders. Mirendel’s unpredictable, fledgling magic had sent the egg away, saving it from Cherisanth’s final spite.

    Adelais sensed danger, and swiftly took to the air. The Platinum’s eyes narrowed, scanning the ground below. Desert sands stretched for miles from the cliff lair. He circled a few times, but there was nothing to see. The immediate threat was gone.

    The Crimson who had replaced Crimex was not powerful enough to have defeated the elder alone. Whoever was involved was likely now searching for the egg as well. Adelais knew he must find it first.


    Aenvral looked on fondly as his small cousin slumbered. Mirendel slept on her treasures, a pile of worn coins and glittering trinkets. The hoard didn’t seem worthy of a dragon princess, but Mirendel was very proud of it. She had told him the stories behind each piece from “Not a moat fishy” to “The button Sherry found.” The castle would remain her home for now.

    There had been new debate. The response of his Platinum kin had ranged from worry to anger when Aenvral told them of the missing Crimson egg. Aenvral understood their fears, but he was more optimistic. Mirendel’s babble with the Crimson egg was probably the longest conversation between the rival wyrms in hundreds of years.

    The Synod had unanimously decided to send out search parties. The Torn Wings, elders who bore scars from conflicts with the Crimsons, remained silent in this debate. They quickly disappeared at the Synod’s adjournment. Aenvral knew what would happen if they found the egg first.


    Xylosma, the Silent Watcher, sat vigil on the Isle of the Divide. The scarred Platinum waited for Malas to crumble into the Void. Each small stone lost to the sea of stars was a grain of sand in that hourglass.

    A change in the wind warned her of a more immediate concern. She turned her head toward a faint blur, distant in the Void. Her great draconic eyes focused, seeing the first twinkling light of so many. The voices came next:

    “Xtvxy. Yly. Xxmp xvs kk ky r!”