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[Fiction] The Art of the Steal

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Dudley, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. EM Dudley

    EM Dudley Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
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    The windows, lighted just moments ago, had now been enveloped by the stillness of the night. The time was now. She stealthily crept up to the heavy wooden door. She traced it's frame with her nimble fingers and settled on the lock. She gently inserted a single lock pick and with near little effort the door quietly creaked open. She paused for a moment and allowed her eyes time to adjust. Soon she could make out the outline of the room she'd just entered. Lavish furniture, decorated chandeliers. She had to admit to herself, she sure knew how to find a mark. She made careful steps, avoiding putting to much weight on a single floorboard. She stood now in front of what she'd come for. The frame was heavy bloodwood with intricate carvings accented by deep inlays. She slipped her fingers up underneath the entire piece and with great dexterity lifted it off the wall. She balanced it skillfully, shuffling her feet over the floorboards with nay a sound. It wasn't a moment too soon, just as she slid the last bit of the frame through the door the smell of freshly lit match stung her nostrils. From a distance she watched the window, sconces were now being lit in panic. She gazed in the darkness, eyes fixated on the window until they were met with those of Derrick Mornwok. The moment said everything, more than any combination of words could. She grinned, turned into the night and was gone...