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[Fiction] Yelena Reports

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mapper, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    Yelena Reports
    Dawn strolled through the castle's gardens. She nodded at Clainin's Memorial as she passed and entered the North/East wing of the castle. Dawn had setup a temporary office there, to escape the noise from the builders inside the Castle. On her desk the papers were piled at least a foot high. With a sigh she sat down.
    A quick rap on the door. The pattern was familiar.
    Nathan, what brings you here?
    Trinsic's senior watchman, Yelena Lockheart, handed me this report.
    Another report? That's just great. Thank you Nathan...
    Not on top of the pile M'lady. I think you should read it now.
    Very well...
    When Dawn looked up again Nathan Hawke had disappeared. The pattern was familiar.

    The Report:
    With the worrying effects of this war between the Bane Chosen and the Ophidians, I decided that it was time to at least find answers.

    When we got there, we arrived a little late, a battle had just finished with reports that the Ophidians had won that fight. We was shown to the Bane Chosen's camp which was all but obliterated, nothing remained so there for we hiked to the Ophidians camp site.

    The differences between the two sites... one reminds me of the Gyspy camps in Ilshaner, this would be the Bane Chosen.
    The Ophidians however had made base camp in what appears to be a Lords villa, definately a human structure deep in the desert north.

    Having spoken to the Ophidian's, They did not threatern us in anyway we got this information.

    "My name is Ophidian Delphi. I seek to reward those who help us.The Bane Chosen attack us. They seek our crystalline blackrock. The Ophidians want peace with the humans. They attack us unprovoked... again. This chest. It contains some of our most valuable treasure. If you help us drive away the Bane Chosen, we will pay you from it. Our alchemist trade for crystalline blackrock. But they will not trade with those who seek to hurt us.Those who are loyal to us would drive away the Bane Chosen. Help us on the front lines of the battle and you will be rewarded well. The shattering potion causes crystal and glass to shatter! We use it against the Bane Chosen. The fear potion causes those who are affected to be paralyzed with fear."

    After this We heard that the potions is one shot, but still as an alchemist I will endevour to get my hands on each of these potions and to study and see if they have anyother effects.

    After some time we heard that the Bane Chosen had began to remuster there forces for anyother offensive so we headed back down to there camp and to speak with them.

    After speaking to the Recruiter this is what he told us...

    "Lieutenant John of the Bane Chosen army. It is my duty to recruit new soldiers for the Bane Chosen cause. We seek to take back the land of Sosaria from the uncivilized races, such as the Ophidians. The Ophidians are a vile race. I lost several members of my family when they attacked Britannia. If you commit to our cause and help us drive out the Ophidians, I will pay you and the other soldiers from this chest. The bounty collector is collecting crystalline blackrock to keep it from the Ophidians but he will only discuss it with those who have proven their loyalty. If you want to prove yourself, go up to the front lines where the banners are and start killing Ophidians. Telling me you're loyal proves nothing. A hell hound trained by our hound masters bond to them supernaturally, the hound will defend its master to the death. We use the Bane Dragons because they are powerful and loyal mounts, our bane dragons cannot be stolen."

    The armour of these Bane Chosen are that of standard Dragon Scale armour, there mounts look like swamp dragons, are black but also are much stronger then the normal Swamp dragon that you will find in the wild. It is my belief that these Swamp Dragons or Bane Dragons as they are called have been eating this Black Rock stew and breed for this purpose... much like the dragons from the black rock mines, this could be a key.

    Other observations,

    Nither sides attack Neutral parties that haven't pleadged loyality to one side or another. The war seems to be localised to the northern deserts of the Lost Lands, While they don't seem willing to attack neutral parties it would be pruedent that the trammel sided enterances to the Lost Lands be Garrisoned and fortifited until one side wins or they decide to take a more drastic action plan. The exception to this would be the Second building to the left inside the Vesper Graveyard.
    When Battle began meny people was on the side of the Ophidians, maybe because the reward is this Crystalline Blackrock and these potions, but the Bane Chosen are definately human. (After examining the body on one of the fallen)

    Possible course of action...

    Sit and wait it out, keep an eye on the goings on and keep the enterances to the Lost Lands guarded.

    Yelena Lockheart, Senior Watchman of the Duchy of Trinsic

    Fiction from the EM Website.