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Fighting Travesty

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by mbecker4, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. mbecker4

    mbecker4 Guest

    My character is a fencer with bushido and chiv. Im going to be fighting with several other players but I have never been to the Citadel before, so I was wondering what the best weapons were to bring. Thanks for the help.
  2. The one and only time I fought Travesty on my paladin/samurai, I brought two weapons. One was a fast weapon (Wind's Edge) with a little bit of mana leeching ability. I used it for when Travesty spammed mirror images. The other weapon was a slower weapon (diamond mace) which did large amounts of damage as well as hit lower defense and huge mana leeches. This was especially useful after Travesty called in her help.

    A weapon with whirlwind attack can also be useful.

    I didn't have one, but I would have loved a weapon with armor ignore.

    If you're going to be collecting the keys as well, whatever your favorite weapon is will be fine. Just be prepeared to use consecrate weapon a lot. Sometimes it makes a huge difference down there.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I use a fencer also. If you are soloing the keys, it helps to use a weapon that can disarm - like a war cleaver or a fork. I use a war cleaver that has 30 ssi on it for fast disarms, then switch to a twinkling scimitar that is UBWS and begin whirlwinding the crap out of everything. I don't bother disarming for the red key, most are mages. I just consecrate and whirlwind attack constantly with my twinkle scimitar - 40 mana leech, 40 life leech. I've not found a better weapon to use than that. Darkened Sky has whirlwind attack, but you will quickly run out of mana. My advice is to try to find a Scimitar that is UBWS for the keys and it goes much more quickly. Enemy of One is a bad idea for keys. Whirlwind eats durability on weapons, so check it often.

    For Travesty itself, I run in, honor the boss and drag it up to the far corner. I use the same twinkly scimitar mentioned above, and when perfection is achieved, can hit her for 180-220. Is always good to have a couple of mages in your party, or it will be hard to achieve perfection and even hit the dang thing since it takes on skills and attributes of those fighting it. I use Enemy of One, till it is almost dead, but want to make sure EoO is not in effect at the end when ninjas and other baddies spawn.