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Final help needed on template

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by drgmedia, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. drgmedia

    drgmedia Guest

    I have a necro mage that I use for champ spawning but I need to make him better at staying alive and not dying so often. My interest is in soloing champ spawns, mostly the rat's and I would like to know what mixture of skills is best. I have all of them at GM or higher between my two characters and can soulstone them on to my main character.

    spirit speak

    Or I could do something like:
    spirit speak

    If I had healing, I could use bandages, SS, and greater heal spells. The anatomy is suppose to help with defense I heard. Spellweaving would help me because I could cast the spell that auto heals, auto rez's, and use WOD on the baracoon.

    Any other ideas on template changes I am open too as well. Which do you think would be best?

    My suit is 100 LRC and has SDI and 70 resists.
  2. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    If you are just doing spawns, just do a standard peace necro mage built:thumbsup:

    To me, the resist is kind of a waste... especially if you just run your mana up to 180. You get mana vamp/drained for max of 120 mana. With med and decent mana regen, you should make up enough to go. PLUS, in spawn you would normally be in wraith form anyways;)

    Paralyzed... area peace.

    I ran this template at the tok spawn during the event and rarely died unless I was not paying attention or trying to "grab" too much spawn. Otherwise, it was running around EQing(huge area effect over wither) Zero med and I could chain EQ all day:coco:
  3. drgmedia

    drgmedia Guest

    So you would have the below?

    spirit speak

    And if so, what level would you keep each one, GM or higher on some? I can pick up about 30 skill points in armor and such. I have a repond slayer with plus 15 magery or so. If you area peace while you are withering (or EQ), what skill/spells do you kill the coon with? My hardest time is when the mage rats spawn and they all seem to cast on me.
  4. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    My template sits as follows:
    120 eval
    120 magery (100 w/crystal ring)
    120 spirit speak (105 w/15 on bracelet)
    105 necro (85 w/midnight bracers)
    110 medi
    100 music
    100 peace

    I just recently added med because I was eyeing spellweaving. The thing to keep in mind in champs is you will be running around in wraith form so you almost self maintain mana with no med. My template before this had maybe 40-60 med on it.

    My gear is basically what I call a max SDI suit. I think my total is 92 without a slayer book:
    wizards crystal
    spell woven
    mid brace
    runic made gloves (lrc, 2mr, 3hp)
    bracelet lrc, 7sdi, 15 spirit
    scrapers 1/1
    chaos shield 1/2
    totem of void

    Tactics on this build are different than standard. You do not stand in one place waiting to get hit. You get in wraith form and start moving. Cast an area spell and then keep moving.

    Once you think spell casters are going to pop up, you run out of the middle of stuff to the edges. Then you can run in and area effect things to death and do area peace if things get a little to harry.

    Me personally, I rely upon the scrapers for my fc/fcr so I don't swap it out at any time... champ or no. My raid/PvP mage does use slayer books:thumbsup:

    You can run a lesser version on skills than what I've got. To be honest, the only reason I've got 120 eval is I was getting raided when I got it so I ate it:coco: I recently added the 120 magery so I could do EQ without fail.

    You can also run this template with just a plain 100% lrc with good success. I just specialized my suit for max damage. It does sacrifice resists for max damage but I rarely die and usually it is a big time brain fart that causes it ;)

    I run a similar 110 version of this template on a shard I don't play normally. The equipment is little better than a 100% lrc suit.:next:
  5. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    I took a look at my huge run-on post and thought I'd address these particular concerns in a separate post:coco:
    I would highly recommend not tying skills onto a spell book. It forces you to find spellbooks that all have that same mod... rather than just finding a super slayer book. Also, related to that, I personally value mana AND inteligence bonuses on a book higher than I would mana regen, lrc, and lmc. Again, if you try to use lrc or lmc on a spellbook, you are forced to ensure all your books have the same mods.

    I use the area peace only when it looks like I am in trouble. Otherwise, you should be running around and casting. Everything but spell casters you can keep ahead of and have your spell go off before they can hit you.

    When you get spell casters, you do the same thing but you have to be MUCH further ahead. It takes work to get the timing down on this.

    NOTE: I do NOT run protection. When you cast long spells, you often will die before you finish them. Better to have a long spell broken than being dead before finishing it:coco:

    Usual rote for coon is:
    evil omen
    corpse skin
    fireball (or pick other firespell)

    To semi quote from my other reply. "Get to the edges of the spawn when you thing spell casters are coming."

    But more specifically... if mages pop up and you are a "long" way from the edge, start running toward the edge of the spawn. If you see a monster "target bar" light up, hit area peace and keep running. Once you are away from the edge, start working your way back.

    You can either try your luck area spelling the mages/hounds. Or you can one ebolt kill the mages with a repond slayer.:thumbsup:
  6. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    A rat spawn is easy to finish solo with 0 deaths on a standard necro mage.

    You just have to be smart! Keep some pots as well for tight situations.

    Its as simple as laying down a few ev's towards the "fringe" of the spawn just before the level pops, retreating to this area, putting protection on and withering while the EV's work there way in. Then animating The mage corpses for Lichs and lay donw more ev's. You follow your ev's withering.

    Its so simple its ridiculous!!!

    The spawn that the peacer necro is good for is every other spawn, you run around area peacing and withering. Constantly.
  7. NickyDishes

    NickyDishes Guest

    Ok besides rat spawn....i dont see this temp running thru spawns.......ive tried it myself...not all spawn on every level has mana......and there is a delay to peacing and any other skill for that matter......if i was doin anything but rats id rather have the standard necro mage with resist, and use ele's, evs, and daemons to take my aggro so i can wither behind them....and this is only if i have no greater dragon with me.......try 3rd and fourth levels of every spawn other than rats with a necro peacer...different story
  8. RichDC

    RichDC Guest


    The difference is the necro peacer STOMPS through them!!!

    I was part of a 2man "team" doing ricky, all i did was sit at the altar mopping up spawn as the necro peacer smashed the whole spawn to ricky in under 10mins. Then i used the GD i was holding and we destroyed ricky.
  9. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Where do you not see my med version doing it? *confused*

    If you were trying it, you must not have been very proficient in it. Or just having bad luck.

    Rich sort of hit his tactics but I've restate my tactic: USE AREA PEACE WHEN IN TROUBLE. I think the abbreviation BFD comes into effect about the peace timer.

    I'd take the peace/music combo over resist everyday of the week while spawning. It'll save your butt more often than resist especially if you have tanked mana... ie if you are sporting 180 mana, mana vamp/drain will only drop you 100-120 mana... that still leave 60 to keep going.

    Resist prevents curses and mana drains. It will not prevent you from getting fireballed, energy bolted, and flamestriked by 18 monsters at once. Area peace will do that.

    If I were solo spawning, I'd reconsider my suit and run a heavy hp increase, mr, int increase, and mana increase bonus suit for those spawns that don't have wraithable monsters. With this template, resists aren't super critical. Not that a "perfect" suit wouldn't be nice but I wouldn't spend 100's of millions trying to get it for spawning:thumbsup:

    But related to the wraith issue, glad I saw the OP state "mostly the rat's".

    To the OP, on your suit, what type of mana regen, mana increase, and lower mana cost does it have on it? As I mentioned above, I'd sacrafice some resists(well, okay all) to ensure I had 40 lmc and high mana regen/inc.
  10. drgmedia

    drgmedia Guest

    My current suit is:

    FC 1
    FCR 4
    LRC 102
    LMC 10
    MR 3
    SDI 26

    Resists, with protection on is 59 - 68 - 70 - 58 - 65

    STR 125
    Dex 15
    Int 115

    As of now, my skills are:
    GM Anatomy (does this currently do anything except for healing skill modifier)
    GM Healing (I can easily do bandaids faster than SS or casting greater heal)
    GM Meditation
    110 Magery
    110 EV Int.
    105 Necro
    110 Spirit speak

    I seem pretty tough now but I am slow at level 3 rat spawn. I simply cast two EVs and hide... sometimes I can wither but when I do, other spawn targets me.

    I am slow killing the coon, I would like to speed the process up.

    I have a gm music/peace I can soulstone over but I do not know of 200 skills to get rid of above. I also could see spellweaving as being helpful because of self rez, self heal, and WOD type spells on the coon.

    What about pot chugging? I could have an empty hand fairly easy if I can chug heal pots without needing a skill, which would get rid of healing and perhaps anatomy.

    My ultimate goal... is to be able to solo rat spawns, easily and quickly... I would like to have a goal to solo them from start to finish in less than 1 hour... without having to die in the middle of nowhere, which is why spellweaving might be helpful (or not dying at all).

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  11. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    I'm not sure I said it in this thread but in another, the name of the game at champ spawns is LOTS OF FAST DAMAGE. You are there to kill x number of creatures in a certain amount of time. Running around individually killing monsters won't work. So wither and other area of effect spells are a must.

    Staying alive is a must also. But given heals and cures by magery along with spirit speak... add in pots and you have more than enough ways to heal. Anat and heal are 200 wasted skill points at a champ spawn aside from adding the ability not to be hit(anat + eval = defensive score).

    Anat and heal do not aid in preventing you from getting damage. Peace and music prevent you from getting damaged. To me, for a champ spawn solo template, these are a better choice than heal/anat.

    Regarding staying alive. You do NOT want to run protection. If you start casting a long spell, you can be dead before you finish it. Cast a greater heal and get poisoned before it is finished and you wasted that time. Better to get interrupted out of a large spell than lose the speed of a small spell.

    Dying at a champ is usually the result of not watching what you are doing. If you think the spawn is going to level up, don't sit your butt in the middle of the spawn. RUN, don't walk, to the edge of the spawn just before or as the spawn levels up.

    With the peacemaking necro, you don't peace after you are getting overwhelmed nor do you need to peace spam. You need to anticipate. If a situation looks hairy, area peace and run to the edges of the spawn. Edges of the spawn are the safety zone.

    Also, for healing, try to get used to level 1 heal(aka small heal) rather than greater heal. You will more often get a small heal off than a greater heal.

    Getting a slayer book for the spawn you are doing is VERY helpful. Repond slayer will help with the coon. Fire based spells work good Also, don't forget to cast evil omen then corpse skill on the champ when you see your d

    Spellweaving, while nice in theory, are kind of wasted mana and skill points unless you get high level arcane focus.

    Lastly, your equipment is reasonable. I would try to get 2 fc and 5 or 6 fcr. If you are going to stress resists on the suit, for monsters it is usually physical and fire resists that are critical. Also, check your resists when you go into wraith mode.
  12. drgmedia

    drgmedia Guest

    Do you think joining a faction so I can wear an orni and a ring... along with better armors? I can get FC and FCR max with an orni on. My only concern is that blue's will attack me also, I get stat loss when killed, and only faction players can heal or rez me.
  13. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Ive just read your template and thats insane!

    Youve wasted 200 points!

    If your only goal is to solo rat spawns, pick up spellweaving and resist. Get yourself a high focus, dump natures furies and essence of wind! Youl storm through the first levels in a matter of minutes. the 3rd( so long as you remember to gift of renewal ,life, attunement, natures furies and animate glowing corpses for lichs) you will do in mayb 10-15mins depending on location. The latter level same thing but switch to ev's now, 100% poison damage against silver serps...not so good, and switch to wither. You may want to switch to wither on 3rd level to reduce the amount of targets.

    Pots are going to be pretty much essential to get of that clutch cure/heal giving you time to g-heal/invis.

    If you have a repond book you will take down coon solo in probs around 15-20mins, depending on how much spawn it throws at you, believe it or not you actually want alot of spawn! Lay down a poison field(at this point you should be out of Pro) and wither to regen mana. Then when coon is low WOD.

    Simple, easy and very effective solo rat spawn temp.
  14. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Not only that but you have to kill people to get points to enable the use of those items.

    And, unless you joined TB the Silver serps at the end will put you in stat as well.

    Id say for a solo spawner avoid factions. Once youve done a few spawns and made a bit of money you can always buy an orny crystaline and inquis anyways.
  15. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Good info rich.

    This is the biggest problem with spellweave. Getting the high focus. I've never had any luck outside my own guild and even then it was not always there.

    Without a high focus, SW sucks and is a waste of skill points. I've got three or four soul stones with 100-120 SW on them:cursing:
  16. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Not only that but you have to kill people to get points to enable the use of those items.

    And, unless you joined TB the Silver serps at the end will put you in stat as well.

    Id say for a solo spawner avoid factions. Once youve done a few spawns and made a bit of money you can always buy an orny crystaline and inquis anyways.
  17. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    You could always use one of those soulstoned skills, go get a joat level 6(alot easier to find) then put the skill back on and bang...you have 120sw with level 6.
  18. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Rich hit on some of it. But if you are a reasonable spawner, you shouldn't have a problem with the serps.

    I wouldn't avoid factions. But rich hit on one of three issues:
    1. points to wear items - depending upon the shard, this could be very high. Although I'm sure there are some faction people that would sell you some kill points;)
    2. silver - it takes a LOT of silver to get the equipment. As an example, an orni is 4-5k silver. At 30 silver a monster, the only fast way to get it is spawning. I was playing with it last night and so far, I am getting 2400 silver an hour doing non-champ gathering.
    3. abuse - joining factions for PvM gear is abuse of the faction system which was put in place to encourage PvP... not gimp out PvMers. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if the dev team doesn't do something because most factioners hate the tram abuse:cursing:
  19. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    I wouldnt consider a spawner in fel an abuse of the faction items, he is exposing himself to the element of factions(unrestricted PVP) that factioners want.
  20. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    That is true... but if you ask the true factioners, I'd say much more than 50% would disapprove ;) OTOH, it is 100% better than the current thread in there over "Trammel factions":next: