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Finally Finished up my template

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Chyna of Sonoma, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I had some decent jewelry laying around for a long time and finally decided to see what i could do with it and some good armor to finish out my tamer. Here is what i came up with...

    Skills Actual:
    Animal Lore 110
    Animal Taming 104
    Veterinary 110
    Discordance 120
    Musicianship 95
    Peacemaking 103
    Magery 78

    My jewelry includes:
    Ring Vet +10, Taming +11, Dex +6, Int +5, plus other stuff
    Bracelet Peace +12, Music +10, plus other stuff

    Other Equipment:
    Tome of Lost Knowledge Magery +15, Int +8
    Song Woven Mantle Music +10
    Ancient Farmer's Kasa Lore +5, Str +5
    Birds of Britania Talisman Taming +5, Lore +5, Bird Slayer
    Stormgrip Int +8
    Additional non-skill/stat armor

    Base Stats are: STR 125, INT 115, DEX 10
    Adjusted Stats are: STR 130, INT 136, DEX 16
    I'm an Elf so UOA Titlebar reads: STR 115, MANA 156, DEX 21

    Total Resists are: Phy 86, Fir 70, Cld 81, Poi 52, Eng 61
    Elf Adj. Final Stats are: Phy 70, Fir 70, Cld 70, Poi 52, Eng 61


    Skills Final:
    Animal Lore 120 (+10)
    Animal Taming 120 (+16)
    Veterinary 120 (+10)
    Discordance 120 (+0)
    Musicianship 115 (+20)
    Peacemaking 115 (+12)
    Magery 93 (+15) (for invis, mark, gate, rez if i have to)
    803 (+83)

    STR +5
    INT +21
    DEX +6

    This is a pretty darned effect PVM Character. I still need to work on my suit to max out resists and the luck is only 373 but i can live with it for now.

    I am wondering if it would benefit me to turn back to human since i am not really looking to be a mage tamer so can live without the mana bonus and I wear a Tunic of Fire which has Nightsight. That would allow me to carry more loot and regen HPs faster.

    The nice thing about this template is that i have that 120 Disco that I can stone and swap for Med if I go on a peerless or somewhere else where i cant vet effectively.

    I think it is going to work pretty well. If anyone has any thoughts on how to improve please let me know. thanks!
  2. I guess the song woven mante is elf only so i wont be able to convert to human anyway.