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Finally the auction list winners

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by PuddyMae, May 31, 2010.

  1. PuddyMae

    PuddyMae Guest

    Hello all, Im sorry this took so long in getting out to you. There were some glitches along the way but I have them sorted out. Below is the list of things that everyone has won in the bidding. A couple of you have already picked them up by getting in touch with me in the game or me seeing that you are on. Pick up will be the Decoville house, in Gilfane, that is located north of Hansis Hostel in Malas. If you need my icq # it is 30937720, the name there is Ella. Again thank you for your patience. Sara Dale, Egwene, and Ivan.

    Bloody bowl 10k
    Swamp tile 50k
    Ruined tapestry 50k
    Sword display 10k
    Ossian grimore 20k
    Manix orders 10k
    Dread horns 20k
    Barrel with lid 10k
    Horseshoes hay 10k
    Christmas cactus 100k
    Garland sets 60k
    Black rock 190k
    Grizzled skulls 60k
    Dread horn mushrooms 90k
    Red sword display 30k
    Rubble 280k
    Wooden steed 10k
    Lampposts 120k
    Triangle sword display 20k
    Dojo fish 40k
    Message bottle sos 8k
    Cactus deco 150k
    Grizzled bones 20k
    House addons 200k
    Unknown chest of stuff 50k
    Total 988,000

    Trees 23+ 115k
    Dragon sect badges 12k
    Serpent badges 775ogp
    Tiger badges 5500gp
    Map of the world 2k
    Grobus fur 14k
    Candelabra 20k
    Tear 10k
    Horn of retreat 10k
    Shield of Recognition 30k
    Library token 30k
    Calling of Kronus 20k
    Books from Doom 20k
    Tome of Enlightenment 10k
    Various rune books 40k
    Book Sarcophaidae 5k
    Book Deceit 2k
    Sword of Anger 20k
    Millasndies Hatchet 20k
    Sleighs 80k
    Potted snowy trees 50k
    Blue deco rug 40k
    Hanging swords 60k
    Aquarium 60k
    Fish and bowls 60k
    Fish food 1l
    Mini house deeds 40k
    Yucca 40k
    Potted silver sapling 40k
    Book The Shattering 2k
    Flower deed south 10k
    Bamboo 60k
    Total 1,046,240

    Pumpkin Scarecrow 5k
    Snow piles 50k
    Candelabra 20k
    Gate res and invis scrolls 25k
    Holiday trees 30k
    Topiary 5k
    Bone boxes 25k
    Apple tree 60k
    Gift boxes 13k
    Total 293,000

    Just In Time
    Shadow tokens 40k
    Total 40,000

    Uncle Sham
    Ask/answer ball 50k
    Guard sash 50k
    12th ann ticket 25k
    Total 125,000

    Icy patches 100k
    Total 100,000

    Dirk Diggler
    Rose of Trinsic 20k
    Disguise kit 500gp
    Dried herbs 1k
    Total 21,500

    Holden Caulfield
    Holiday bells 160k
    Total 160,000
  2. Afterglow

    Afterglow Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 15, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Sturdy won the bid on the Potted snowy trees 50k, not Stardust...
    +50k & 11 Potted snowy trees for Sturdy in the bill, -50k for Stardust ;)
  3. PuddyMae

    PuddyMae Guest

    That can be fixed. Guess I read the wrong colum when putting things together. Thanks. :)
  4. PuddyMae

    PuddyMae Guest

    Since the Decoville house has been cleared out, the auction items have been moved to the Gilfane Auction House which is located across from the brigand camp south of Luna. Luka, Stardust TDO and Lorddog still need to pick up. Bring a packy or beetle.