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Finding Balance in the Force [Dev Blog 05/03/2010]

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Darth Derriphan, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Finding Balance in the Force [Dev Blog 05/03/2010]

    Those of you that have been following Star Wars: The Old Republic will know that Friday means a weekly update where we hear from the various members of the BioWare SW:TOR team about the ongoing development of the game.


    These updates sometimes take the guise of a Dev Dispatches where they show us a series of talking heads and much coveted glimpses of the game itself as it goes through varying stages of creation, other times we'll get Developer Blogs. Dev Blogs are normally written by one member of the BioWare team and concerns itself with one particular area of the Games development. This being what we got this week, a dev blog from Writer Joanna Berry on the Jedi Consular.

    In this dev blog Joanna goes on to give us a greater insight into the story behind the Jedi Consular class, and a pretty interesting insight it is too. If like myself your first thought was that playing a Consular would be the epitimy of dullness expecting a character more inline with Jocasta Nu than Mace Windu, then you maybe in for a bit of a shock.


    From the blog the Consular appears to have much deeper story behind it than of the Jedi knight. Whilst the Jedi knight seems keen to just run around protecting the Republic from the evil Sith, the Consular seems to actively seek to understand the Sith but more precisely the dark side of the Force. They see it that if they are to truly understand the greater will of the force, they must understand both side and by doing so they walk a thin line. The battle against the dark side plays just as much a part in the Consulars tale and is does the Jedi Knights. Though it seems rather than physically fighting it, you'll be battling it on a more cerebral plane.

    Maybe this will make the Consular the most challenging class to play, as you try to juggle the notions of wisdom and power without succumbing to darkness. I for one have a newfound respect for the Consular class and where their path might lead.

    The Full Dev Blog can be found on the Official SWTOR Website here

    For more information about the Jedi Consular or to discuss this class further please visit the Jedi Consular forums here on Stratics.