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Fiona Pentell/University of Virtue

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Fluffhead32, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    I was originally from Napa when I stopped playing in 2000.
    I am going to start playing again soon and I've been posting on the Napa forums...Someone mentioned the Univerisity of Virtue and I asked if Fiona still owned it. They said she moved to this server...So Fiona, are you here?

  2. Fiona and I [Raeven Aurora] Play on Catskills now. I can let her know about your post. The university is now owned by someone else and we no longer have access to anything in it.
  3. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    Raeven Aurora....Where you also Moire Tregarde from Mith? No urgency to tell her, chances are if (if you are Moire) you dont remember me she wont. I just thought it was crazy that I heard the UoV still exsists and you guys still play. I just remember when all that went down with my account Fiona got someone else (their main char was Cassidy) to let me use their account and play as there characters. I remember the name Raeven Aurora though... Anyway i got an email saying I could reactive my OLD account..Nice to see you guys are around. If she doesnt remember my name, see if she remembers when someone wrote a pretty obscene book about her and left it in the University. I (William), deleted half the book, thus marking me the author...I then decided whoever wrote it should be reported, so I called a GM...They banned me because I was marked as the author. that was in 2000. Anyway.

  4. My character and Moire's were a couple for a while, before Moire left UO. Fiona and I are still active on Catskills, I personally moved all my things from Napa to Cats 3 years ago.
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    My character and Moire's were a couple for a while, before Moire left UO. Fiona and I are still active on Catskills, I personally moved all my things from Napa to Cats 3 years ago.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    And Dorien. Don't forget that silly old tailor/mayor lady.
  6. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    So did much of the Napa RP population transfer to this server? This one seems much more active as far as RP goes. Like does Dalen still play...Or Gabe? Its safe to say Shaar and Shaaria and long gone right? I think they quit before I had my issue. How about any of the other Mith/UoV regulars? I am in OSR back then. When you ask Fiona if she remembers me I'd be curious to know.

    Dorien...Was the the Barkeep at Mith too, right?..What was Miths tavern called...I forget these days. I only remember a handful of people from back that...
  7. Mith had the White Rose Tavern, I hadn't seen Gabe or Dalen in years before moving to Cats. Lord Deimos and Fiona were the first I knew of to move to Cats, I followed not long after Fiona, with Lord Arawn. Once here I met the Kinghts of Kithren Wood, they used to play on Napa also. Dorien has joined us on Cats recently. If you would like to find us on Catskills let me know I will direct you to where we are located now.
  8. Fluffhead32

    Fluffhead32 Guest

    Wow, I forgot about Arawn...Do you remember what that player run city just outside of Vesper was? PaxLair? That may've been a different server all together.

    How about Qan? He still around ranting about the apoclypse and the death date of UO? As for me coming back to UO, it will have to be in a few months...I am currently and student...and my finances are grim to be modest. As well as the fact that I have a mac with OS X tiger...so I cant dual boot unless I fork 100$ over for Leopard...Not happening, or 70$ for crossover. then I need the money for UOs monthly fee...!!! Whats the fee monthly for UO now anyway? Still 10$? In a few months I'll be returning...So until then I'll just be reading up on all thats changed since april y2k...Geez, I was only like 2 weeks into Trammel/Felluca...and t2a was still kinda new...I have a feeling I am in for a shock.